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‘Comment is Free’ reader Zionism = Nazism comment of the day

When reading the following comment advancing the Israel – Nazi analogy I was also struck by the attempt to refute Ahmadinejad’s calls to annihilate Israel – an apologia remarkably similar to what was advanced by Guardian columnist Marina Hyde in her recent polemical assault on those supporting military intervention to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Indeed, the comment was posted under Hyde’s commentary. 

Such rhetorical obfuscations about the malevolent intentions towards the Jewish state by the Islamic Republic of Iran have become an increasingly popular political leitmotif for the anti-Zionist left – aimed at undermining Israeli and Western fears of Iran’s aspirations for regional hegemony.

What’s particularly interesting about this comment is that it defends Iran, denies that the country’s leaders ever expressed desire to annihilate Israel, while simultaneously comparing Israel to an ideology so offensive that its elimination is not only acceptable, but a moral necessity. 

To this Guardian reader, the tragically misunderstood nation of Iran merely seeks the end of the only sovereign Jewish state in the world.

Finally, its impossible not to read this comment without understanding the greater context: Guardian readers are routinely exposed to commentary at ‘Comment is Free’ from contributors who implicitly, or explicitly, similarly call for an end to the Jewish state.

If you find such hideous propositions within the realm of acceptable liberal opinion, then its quite likely you’d be more predisposed to run interference for Islamist regimes like Iran which promote such aims.

The terms “useful idiocy” or “anti-imperialism of fools” doesn’t begin to do justice to the morally odious logic of such Guardian Left anti-Israel advocacy. 

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  1. Actually, the aim of National Socialism was to create a racially pure “fatherland”, not motherland, as this twit suggests, and that which made it “impure” was mainly the presence of Jews. This his has nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism, or the Jewish State where citizens of many religions and ethnic groups thrive in a democratic environment, but it does have a lot to do with the anti-Zionism and rabidly grotesque and racist anti-Semitic conspiracy theories disseminated and advanced each and every day in schools, Mosques, and official government (& other) media throughout the Arab & Islamic countries without challenge, for decade after poisonous decade. If the Guardian, its readership, and other western media outlets don’t recognize this it’s because they quite willfully and unforgivably haven’t even bothered to look.

  2. It’s rather remarkable that given the steady beat of Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred emanating from the Guardian that any commenters (those that read the Guardian regularly) have anything critical to say about the hateful Guardian articles, such as Finduskeepus’ criticism of the Guardian’s coverage of the Toulouse massacre.

  3. Sorry – having problems with WordPress – trying again. Sorry this is off topic but I’m interested in deletions following Jonathan Freedland’s recent piece – does anyone have any observations/screenshots?

  4. Here is some flowery English – lock up Guardian editors for sedition and throw away the keys for good.