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Perpetrators as victims: Seumas Milne ignores Islamist-inspired antisemitism of Toulouse massacre

Mohammed Merah

As we reported, The Guardian’s two official editorials on the Islamist inspired murders of four innocent Jews in the French city of Toulouse by Mohammed Merah, in over 900 words of text, never once used the word “antisemitism”nor mentioned the names or Jewish identity of the victims, yet employed the phrase “anti-immigrant rhetoric” three times.

The second editorial, published after Merah’s identity, and Jihadist background, was known, warned not of Islamist inspired Jew hatred, but of the danger of French officials “alienating” the French Muslim community.

An analysis of the shootings by the Guardian’s Paris correspondent, , which attempted to locate root causes for Merah’s rampage, similarly never mentioned the word “antisemitism” yet included this possible explanation for his massacre:

 Merah had self-radicalised in prison, where he spent nearly two years as a teenager after stealing a handbag. Merah’s lawyer said he been a polite and tolerant teenager, but resentful about that prison sentence and angry at being rejected by the army.

And, Chrisais added this:

Merah’s background of petty crime and poor schooling on a housing estate in a drab neighbourhood of Toulouse has catapulted the question of social inequalities and the integration of minorities in France back onto centre stage….Some said the social alienation and discrimination felt by second and third generation, ethnic minority French youths must be addressed...

Not to be outdone, the Guardian’s Associate Editor Seumas Milne, in an essay on April 3 praising the dictator-loving George Galloway (whose political infatuations have included Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad, and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh) wrote the following:

Since last month’s atrocities in ToulousePresident Nicolas Sarkozy has improved his poll ratings a bit, pandering to xenophobes and Islamophobes and posturing as a security champion

Yes, clearly: The lesson of the Toulouse massacre is the danger of Islamophobia and xenophobia, but certainly NOT Islamist antisemitism!

Three official editorials, and a prominent feature report by their France correspondent, and not even a cursory attempt to address the disturbing dynamics of a malign Islamist ideology which would prompt a 23-year-old man, raised in France, to murder three innocent Jewish children.

In a refreshing bit of political lucidity French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, commenting on the recent arrests of 30 radical Muslims by French police, who were tracked on Islamist forums preparing to travel to areas including Afghanistan, Pakistan and West Africa to wage Jihad, said the following:

“There will be no respite in France’s pursuit of militants…The pressure on radical Islam and the threats it represents will not stop.”

That such an intuitive understanding of the moral and political lessons of the Toulouse massacre – the need to face the threats posed by radical Islam in Europe, and not the problem of Islamophobia, second generation immigrant “alienation”, poverty or poor schooling – is even remotely controversial at the Guardian is another commentary on their editors’ supreme political pathos.

The Guardian group continues to be defined by this morally perverse and intellectually unintelligible understanding of what a modern liberal political sensibility demands.

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  1. The poor schooling and a stint in prison may be fair points to be brought up as part of a profile, but to ignore other more prominent factors such as an Islamist bent and crude anti-Semitism is to be out of touch with reality and just plain repugnant. Also, not to mention the real victims and instead to cast Merah and other Muslims as the ‘real’ victims (and western society as the main culprit, for that matter) is just plain perverse. Islamophobia my foot. The Guardian is in deep denial living a sadomasochistic fantasy.

  2. Yes, clearly: The lesson of the Toulouse massacre is the danger of Islamophobia and xenophobia, but certainly NOT Islamist antisemitism!

    Yes. The Guardian gets it wrong so many times. Their sick dogma perverts any remnants of rational logic.

    The present Editorial Management at the Guardian are beyond ‘help’.

  3. Notice also that Merah’s cold-blooded execution of three French soldiers, one black, two of arab origins, is also ignored, because dealing with those particular incidents would inevitably involve facing up to the Islamist psychosis of the killer. Why did he kill four innocent Jews? Because they were Jews, and he was an Islamist to whom being Jewish was unacceptable per se. Why did he kill three innocent brown-skinned soldiers? Because being a French soldier was unacceptable to him per se, and because it REALLY kettled his swede that BROWN people, nay, even MUSLIM people, could turn “traitor” to his twisted separatist ideology and be proudly French. There is no doubt, those poor people at the school were executed for being “untermenschen”, and those poor soldiers were executed for being “traitors”.

    THAT is the mindset we are dealing with here. Society denies and ignores this at its peril. We can only racialize it and socioeconomicize it (yeah, I know, not a real word) for so long before we face the truth. It is an ideological gulf we are facing.

  4. Update
    More publishing politics of OD.

    The subtext is why the original suspicion that it was a right extremist terror is justified although this special one was committed by a lonely lunatic.
    “On the other hand, killers operating alone systematically prompt questions regarding their potential psychosis,..”

    And again, no naming of Jewish victims, they are shut away, already made forgotten
    “The Toulouse killer took the lives of four victims in the military, three of Arab origin, one Black Antillean, and had targeted a Jewish school”

    The cynical bias of OD.
    Publishing propaganda comments against Israel, defending Islamists and denying anti-Semitism.

    • Update II
      The disappearing of the Jewish victims
      From Toulouse to Grass

      A world free of Jews, and accordingly Anti-Semitism, secures peace.
      Interestingly this is something left and left liberal medias share, the Guardian, Die Sueddeutsche, Der Standard, Opendemocracy, .. all over Europe. Forget about Jews and World peace is secured.
      Something they have also in common with the Nazi propganda. No Jews, no war. That`s why they like Tony Judt and Günter Grass.
      Toulouse was instantly turned into a discussion not about the hate against Jews, but about poor Arab youths , living in French suburbs where it is self understanding to turn into a terrorist, Grass delivers the harassed German anti-Semit who goes public under live-threatening circumstances, because the Iranian Moolahs will seek revenge on poor Germany for delivering submarines to Israel.
      Lübeck is under threat, not Tel Aviv.
      A constant tune in German literature is that the German were the victims of Hitler, not the Jews, the Slavs and so on, – German suffered for Hitler, “the good German”.
      The post-nazi legitimising German fear, Walser, Grass, Hochhuth and so on, to be victims of Jews which legitimise to do something against, is not only common in Great Britain, David Irving, but globalised.
      How could it happened that post-nazi propaganda became comon in Great Britain??? Is the might of oil dollars and pounds prescribing politics, history, social developement and economics? And even philosophy?
      Since the coming of the Heideggerian left, aka barbarians, Derrida, Zizek, Foucault et alii, and their collaboration with colonial, Islamic and cultural “studies”, we shoukd know that the defend of logic, rationalism and cause is the basic for culture and civilization.
      If we abandone these standards, we are doomed.