Israeli Jews characterized as Nazis on the ‘Air Flotilla 2’ Facebook account

A guest post by Hadar Sela

As mentioned in the recent CiF Watch report on the upcoming ‘Air Flotilla 2’ – otherwise known as ‘Welcome to Palestine’ – the initiative is supported by a plethora of groups from the United Kingdom, all of which are defined by their supposed ‘solidarity’ with the Palestinian cause as a raison d’etre. One of those groups is the Swansea Palestine Community Linkfrom South Wales.  

Members of that group are no strangers to the ‘flytilla’ concept, with several of them having taken part in the abortive 2011 provocation. As reported by CiF Watch at the time:

Joyce Irene Giblin of Newport represented (unsuccessfully) the Socialist Labour Party in the 2011 elections to the Welsh Assembly.  She is a member of ‘Swansea Action for Palestine’ and appears to support just about every anti-Israel outfit going, including ‘Jews against the Occupation’, Viva Palestina, the ECESG and the ISM. Here she is with her fellow flag-loving Newport resident. 

Joyce Giblin (left) and Pippa Bartolotti (right).

Also from Wales come the last two members of the British delegation to the ‘flytilla’: 46 year-old Swansea council worker Fiona Williams from Mumbles who is also involved in Swansea Action for Palestine and 56 year-old book-keeper Dee Murphy from Swansea who is a founder of the Swansea-Palestine Community Link.

Dee Murphy (left) and Fiona Williams (right)

Ms. Murphy seems to make quite a hobby out of getting herself arrested; she is half of what is apparently known as ‘the Tesco two’ and spent eight days in custody following a January 2009 incident in a local supermarket.

“The Tesco 2 are Dee Murphy and Greg Wilkinson who kicked off a campaign to boycott Israeli goods by going into their local Tesco store, filling a trolley with dates produced on illegal Zionist settlements on the West Bank, taking them out without paying, tipping the dates on the ground and spraying them with red dye, then waiting for the police to arrest them.”

Here is Dee Murphy explaining her actions at the time, prior to being arrested: 

Less than a month before that incident, Dee Murphy had super-glued herself to the entrance barriers at BBC Wales in Cardiff. Her fellow ‘flytilla’ memberFiona Williams told the press at the time that the reason for the action was that the BBC’s coverage of Operation Cast Lead was “pro-Israeli”.

“Hamas is referred to as a militant organisation, rather than the democratically elected government, having been elected by a huge majority.”

“The settlements in the West Bank should be referred to as illegal, the Israeli Defence Force as the Israeli Army, and the separation barrier as the apartheid wall.”

Here is Dee Murphy once again.

“So yes, they are shooting rockets into Israel, but these are an occupied people! And we all have the right to defend ourselves.” 

There is, however, a less quaintly eccentric side to these women, as can be seen in the casual (and apparently unremarkable) use of Nazi analogies on the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ Facebook wall. 

Whilst the majority of people might find it distinctly worrying that those who inhabit this echo-chamber can apparently see no fault in invoking antisemitic Nazi analogies as “legitimate criticism” and yet in the next breath declare themselves to be the victims of “spurious smear campaigns”, it is also worth remembering that they apparently have no criticism of their revered co-activist and local minor celeb  who sees nothing wrong in posing with of an existing Nazi party or withwho clearly state their genocidal aspirations.  

Pippa Bartolotti in Syria – posing with the flag of the SSNP

Pippa Bartolotti in Gaza – posing with Hamas’ Mahmoud al Zahar

Finally, a clue as to why Ms. Giblin sprang to the defense of Bartolotti in the above thread can be found on her list of friends displayed on her Facebook page:

(Note to Ms. Giblin: You may want to change your Facebook security settings!)

What the ladies of the Swansea Palestine Action Link obviously do not appreciate is that there is neither need nor intention to “smear” them. That, they are doing very effectively by themselves. 

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  1. Great post, Hadar. It’s amazing how easy it is to provoke such “activists” into saying what they truly feel about Jews. They’re walking parodies of the anti-Zionist left.

    • Alex I’m interested that you cite the Gospel according to Matthew as a source of wisdom.
      So you will also agree with the wise words in Matthew 2:6,
      “And you, O Bethlehem, in the land of Judah.”, and agree that Bethlehem rightly belongs in Israel.

      • It did at the time. But that’s not Israel anymore, even though you wish it was. That’s like saying London is part of Italy because it used to be in Roman territory.

        I assume you focus on that because you have nothing to say about the links I was asked to supply.

        • Alex your assumption is wrong, and your knowledge of history is abysmal.
          Frankly I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at your reply, not only is it devoid of logic it displays a knowledge of history that is shameful.

    • The most important link that I posted from electronicintifada dated 30th March showing that they covered this story has been deleted from my post, and my remarks to that effect have also been removed. Why would you want to censor a simple link to the same story if it wasn’t that you don’t want your readers to know. I notice that you pulled the post from the reader who responded to my earlier post (also removed) stating that the pro zionist sites are not afraid to criticize their own leaders.

      I could understand censoring antisemitic comments but not a factual link

      Lucky I took a screenshot.

      I was naive enough to think this site was honest. [sigh!]

      • Now is the time to eat humble pie! My assumptions were incorrect, the post was not censored, I was responding to the wrong post. The fault is mine and I humbly apologise.

      • How about being honest you self? This what you say is a lot of imaginary fantasy, and this frustrated middle age women should get involved in some charity like helping to get reed cancer in children instead looking for some fame supporting terrorists in Palestine, and accusing Jews of being Nazi? before they say this bull from Arabs they should read up on it and find out what the Nazism is all about, it only showed how stupid they are and low intelligence brain.

      • Mondoweiss is irrelevant. That’s just where I saw the story. It was the Jewish Chronicle that made the comment and that was the point I was making. I’ll try and use fewer words next time. Thirteen seems to much for you to be able to understand.

  2. The fundamental dishonesty and deviations from reality from types like these 2 makes it only too obvious what their real motivation is–racist antiSemitism.

    The most telling observation about their obsessive Israel-bashing is the concomitant startling ignoring of the REAL human rights abuses in the region, coming from many if not most, of the Islamofascist theocracies which otherwise dominate that neighborhood, not the least among them the brutally murderous Syrian regime.

    “Res ipse loquitur”, as the lawyers are fond of saying. And when one sees photos of these 2 charming women and how grossly ugly both of them are physically, it gives one new faith that there is indeed an all-knowing (and seeing) God!

  3. The fact that two of the six posts above make reference to the physical appearance of women who happen to disagree with the CifWatch line says a lot about the mentality of posters on this site. Are there no Zionist women prepared to condemn this mysogeny?

  4. Are these garrulous biddys so consumed with hate that they have lost all perspective of what really is happening in the ME..or more likely they are consumed with hate of self.Whatever it is.

    I just wish that they would just STFU……….

  5. Yes indeed, these anti-Zionists just don’t get it do they? Do they know how hurtful they are being insulting millions of people descended from Judeans?