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Guardian again defends Islamist antisemite Raed Salah, attacks Community Security Trust

We’ll have much more to say about this tomorrow, but here’s a press release by Community Security Trust on recent news that Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the northern branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement, has won his appeal against the decision of Home Secretary to exclude him from the UK.

It is being reported that Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the northern branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement, has won his appeal against the decision of the Home Secretary to exclude him from the UK.

CST is disappointed that Salah’s exclusion has been overturned, but we have not yet seen a copy of the judgement of the Immigration Tribunal and therefore we cannot make a general comment on the ruling or the reasons for the decision. However, there is one aspect of the media coverage of this ruling which cannot pass without immediate comment from CST.

The tribunal is being quoted as stating that the Home Secretary was “misled” and “acted as to a misapprehension as to the facts” in deciding to exclude Salah. This appears to relate to the government’s use of a poem that Salah wrote in 2002, an inaccurate version of which was reported in the Jerusalem Post in 2009. Some of the media coverage (for example in the Guardian) has noted that CST provided several pieces of evidence to the Home Office regarding Salah’s previous statements and activities, and carries the implication that CST is responsible for misleading the Home Secretary by providing her with inaccurate information.

Read the rest of the CST press release here.

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  1. Dear oh dear the CST is getting into a right muddle. It should stick to what it’s best at – putting the frighteners on the UK’s Jewish community and operating a network of Mossad trained militia.

    • Yes mostly clueless they have been trained by the Mossad together wit the sharks of Sharm-el Sheikh.
      Putting the frighteners? Like in Toulouse where your friend killed four Jews who were unprotected?

      • Peter, don’t be silly.. everyone knows the sharks were MI6, moistly is referring to the vultures in Saudi Arabia and the rocks in Lebanon.

        • “mostly harmless” is a pseudonym for “harmful if swallowed: induce vomiting and call a physician.”

        • itsik you are mistaken. I have very reliable inside info directly from the Elders of Zion inner cabinet – the CST operatives have been sent to frighten the British Jewry and trained tohether with the sharks, and the rats delegated to Gaza.
          Do you really believe that the atrocity in Kiev is not one of their false flag operation?

      • For all mostly harmless’s faults, referring to the Toulouse killer as their “friend” is both childish and offensive.

        Interesting that you don’t seem interested in the non-Jewish victims – nor do any of the people recommending your juvenile post. I wonder why.

        • ‘nteresting that you don’t seem interested in the non-Jewish victims – nor do any of the people recommending your juvenile post. I wonder why.’

          Petertheidiot is a racist, pure and simple, but I think you already knew that.

        • Pretzel are you pretending to be dumb in order to win your new harmless friend sympathy?

          I mentioned the Jewish victims only because your fellow traveller accused the CST with “putting frightener” into Jews. Before your next inane reaction to a post please consider the context of it first. Maybe it could help…

  2. The Guardian are trying hard to discredit the CST because they identified “Comment is Free” as one of the main purveyors of antisemitic hate in the British mainstream media in its 2007 and 2008 reports.

      • Now I know that you are less than stupid, moistly.

        This may put some sense into your head: Go away and bang your head on the nearest stone wall, and repeat each of the following at least thirty times for each thud:

        “Islamists hate Jews”
        “Islamists hate Israelis”
        “Islamists hate Christians”
        “Islamists hate other Muslims and don’t hesitate to kill them too”
        “This is a proveable fact from their literature and they (and I) excuse their barbarism, they because they are emulating their prophet, I because I am a complete ignoramus”
        “I am almost a complete numbskull for not admitting this”
        “The label of numbskull is deserved because I never seem to learn from the well-sourced material written here on Cif Watch”
        “I am even more of a numbskull because I haven’t the sense to change my tune.”

        Come back again when your head’s recovered

  3. Hey moistly

    Are you sitting with ashes on your head and rent garments because the Hamza the Hook is about to get his just desserts?

  4. ‘sitting with ashes on your head and rent garments’ sorry you’ve completely lost me

    • You are right, Snigger. This mostly harmless thing is a complete ignoramus with less imagination than a schnitzel

  5. The odd feature of this judgment is that it strongly implies that information was made up regarding Mr. Salah–but the material that it’s referring to (blood libel poems, Hamas’ standing as a terrorist organization in the UK, etc.)–are documented parts of the factual record. So, either the decision was NOT based on factual material and came about from a very particular interpretation of what those facts “really meant”, or it simply decided that no one would ever combine the three steps of 1. Read this judgment, 2. Found it appallingly wrong and 3. Used greater than 5th-grade research skills to find, you know, the facts that it ignored. Curious to say the least.

  6. The community trust like the board of deputies REAL and ONLY agenda is to protect the interests fo WEALTHY and powerful jews…….they couldn’t care less what happens to the rest anymore than the rich ones did in the nazi era when they could have easily financed arming and defending european jews BEFORE they were transported to the camps,etc ! The fallacy and myths about jews sticking close together and helping each other is utter nonesense !