Is there really any difference between Jenny Tonge and Salma Yaqoob?

A couple of months ago Jenny Tonge caused a firestorm after she publicly stated during an anti-Israel diatribe “Israel is not going to be there forever in its present performance”.  Rejecting an ultimatum from Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, to apologize for her remarks Tonge was forced to resign from the Liberal Democrats and give up the party whip.

Commenting on Tonge’s remarks, Robert Halfon, MP opined

“Baroness Tonge has an appalling record of strong anti-Israel rhetoric. Too often, these remarks carry an offensive anti-Semitic tone. The Liberal Democrat whip should be withdrawn immediately, and she should withdraw her remarks.”

Enter Salma Yaqoob, hailed by the Guardian as “the most prominent Muslim woman in British public life”.

Yaqoob, leader of the Respect Party and former Birmingham city councilor, is known for her Islamist leanings having called the 7/7 London bombings “reprisal attacks”. According to Harry’s Place:

[H]er connections with Islamist extremism go back far further than her association with RESPECT. She was part of the campaign team which supported the family of Abu Hamza, who were caught while taking part in jihadist training in Yemen. Most disgracefully, she wrote an article in Inayat Bunglawala’s “Trends” magazine, which imagined Britain becoming an Islamic Republic, from which Salman Rushdie was depicted fleeing for his life.

Salma Yaqoob (right) endorsing Ben "I can understand why some are antisemitic" White's book Israel Apartheid for Beginners

It should come as no surprise then that Yaqoob holds a special place in her heart for Israel. She attended a protest together with Richard Burden, MP, in which the Israeli flag was burnt. On her personal blog, she lovingly refers to the IHH terrorists on board the Mavi Marmara as martyrs, campaigned for the release of Sheikh Raed Salah, endorsed the closure of the Israeli embassy in London, and supported the pro-Hamas Viva Palestina convoy while on Twitter she participated in the campaign to release Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesperson, Khader Adnan.

In the spirit of Norman Finkelstein, in an article published in the Guardian (but where else!) she accused “Zionists [of abusing] the memory of the Holocaust to bolster support for today’s Israeli state.” And as can be seen from this article she is a staunch supporter of the BDS movement and the antisemitic Israel apartheid trope.

Which is all by way of introduction to this video filmed in 2010 that places everything neatly in context.

Around the 1 minute mark you can hear Yaqoob saying the following:

“[J]ust as South Africa now is liberated. Just as the bankrupt apartheid regime was exposed, was exposed to a world of the solidarity of world citizens [sic] was dismantled, so too the days of this racist apartheid regime are numbered.” [emphasis added]

Calling into question the existence of and willing the end of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people is abhorrent, offensive and yes antisemitic.

So I ask the question: is there really any difference between what Jenny Tonge  and Salma Yaqoob said?

Perhaps Yaqoob should ponder this next time she openly threatens CiF Watch on twitter for expressing our First Amendment rights of free speech.

Update 1

On Twitter, Yaqoob is claiming that she referred to the fact that 7/7 bomber claimed it as a reprisal attack and that she condemned the bombings unreservedly.

Update 2

On Twitter, Yaqoob claims that the Trends article was a satirical parody. She’s strangely silent about the substance of the post – namely the similarity of her statement to that of Jenny Tonge!

Update 3

More hate speech from Salma Yaqoob, this time on Twitter:

Salma Yaqoob Hate Speech Tweet

Update 4

Yaqoob is resolute about standing behind her comments a la Jenny Tonge as evidenced by this retweet:


Update 5

This retweet from Salma Yaqoob is priceless:

Update 6

Note how Salma Yaqoob accuses us of trolling and smearing in the following two tweets:

And then she retweets this:

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  1. Well, like Gunter Grass, I think the truth should be spoken openly: The genocidal Ms. Yaqoob is doing no more than expressing the true Islamic weltanschauung, under which the Jews must remain suboridnate or be annihilated.

    Ms. Yaqoob is living proof that exposure to the more civilised West will not change Islam.

    • If you had bothered to view the clip you would have heard the “genocidal Ms. Yaqoob” make it clear that she is opposed to all violence.

      • Sencar you are 200% right! A non-violent genocide. Didn’t think of that. That will be a first.

        • You must have thought this was funny when you wrote it, Another Joshua. Unfortunately it’s just silly.

          • Funny, was not the word I had in mind in trying to expose your stupid apology for this woman. It’s beyond funny.The point is Sencar, Yaqoob is not opposed to violence. The opposite .She is an advocate of violence. The IHH was not a peace mission was it? She says it was. She justifies 7/7 as a reprisal attack. If that isn’t justifying violence, what is. Sencar?

            Because she didn’t show her naked aggression full frontal, doesn’t mean we are being deprived of a long hard stare at her (and your) big behind!

  2. Hailed by the Racist Guardian as the most prominent Muslim woman in British public life.A seal of approval from the Racist Guardian,would have the same value as a seal of approval from any other nasty Leftist racist organization……..

    These people are clutching at straws,the palestinian issue has bored most people to death,most normal people have their very own personal every day problems, and have tuned out.Let these idiots bang away at empty drums…….That Ben White the Guardian’s darling received a thrashing in one of his anti-Israel articles in Aljazeera.

  3. The genocidal Ms Yaqoob is opposed to all violence,she makes a special exception for Jews and Israeli’s then It’s open season on Jews and Israeli’s.

    One things that is in our favor,we are dealing with the likes of Jenny Tonge and this Salma Yaqoob.Every time that these two talk,their feet fall out of their distorted mouths…….

  4. “she makes a special exception for Jews”

    Errm, have you any evidence at all for this statement? Perhaps it’s just your irrational paranoia showing.

    • I will always treasure the day when Yaqoob and Livingstone were taken apart in the Clash of Civilizations debate in 2007 when they took on Daniel Pipes and Douglas Murray .

  5. “It should come as no surprise then that Yaqoob holds a special place in her heart for Israel.”

    Yaqoob has a heart? You’re kidding me!

  6. “(Yaqoob) campaigned for the release of Sheikh Raed Salah”

    Interestingly the UK Immigration Tribunal has just found in favour of Salah and against Home Secretary May. As The Guardian rerports today:

    “The home secretary was “misled” when she moved to throw a leading Palestinian activist out of the UK, according to an immigration tribunal ruling that strongly criticised her decision and found in favour of his appeal against the government’s attempts to deport him.”

    It seems that Yaqoob had it right.

    • Interestingly the UK Immigration Tribunal has just found in favour of Salah and against Home Secretary May. As The Guardian rerports today:

      The British justice system proved again that for them preaching the medieval bloodlibel is not antisemitic.
      The Nazi blood judge Roland Freisler would be happy with this judgement – exactly as you and the Guardian.

    • Really sencar?

      Why do you think that, a couple of years back, the Free Movement blog written by Barristers who work on immigration and asylum law wrote this about the Judge who chaired the Tribunal (which in case you’d forgotten overturned an earlier decision of a different Tribunal) in this case;
      “While Mark Ockelton is clearly a clever man and can be a pleasure to appear before, there are undoubtedly criticisms to be made of him. The most important, though, given this development, is that he would likely reinforce rather than resolve the problems that many would perceive in the tribunal: incivility, the institutional adoption and then defence of legal positions as if the tribunal was a party to proceedings, the dysfunctional approach to expert evidence and the astoundingly high level of successful appeal of tribunal decisions to the higher courts.”

      I would advise you and Yaqoob not to start handing out the sweets just yet, who knows what an appeal against this decision might decide.

      • “The immigration tribunal had been told that the home secretary acted on information provided to the government by the CST and the Jewish Board of Deputies”

        Honourable bodies, no doubt, but a little one-sided don’t you think, Gerald. The tribunal noted that “it is of concern” that May apparently did not consult any Muslim or Palestinian organisations”

        As ever the Home Office mentioned the possibility of appeal but seemed far from confident of success in this instance. My money is on the case being quietly dropped.

  7. I have the strangest feeling that Salam Yacoob is really Selma Jacobs in drag … just another self-hating Jew …

  8. The UK can keep this Sheikh Raid Salah permentantly,and hopefully all the other Raid Salahs that are living in Israel.Britain is wellcome to them.These people can join Selma Yakoob,Jenny Tonge,Ben White.Harriet Sherwood will give them a very warm welcome when they arrive in the UK…..

  9. Akus…..Selma Yakoob in drag,brilliant……There seems to be something really very very strange, in fact quite weird about this woman (she is a woman right???).

    • Its funny to see Raymond Delauney (AKA – “Dotty” for those who still remember that weird multi-personality from CIF of a few years ago) still tweeting away after being banned from the Guardian – no doubt he and Yacoob (or, as I prefer to think of her, Selma Jacobs) would claim by its Zionist editorial board in order to stifle dissent!!

  10. You would have to be illiterate or deliberately obtuse to think that calling for the end of a “regime” equates to calling for the dismantling of the state of Israel.But then Israeli apologists (who are past masters at this form of hasbara) go to any lengths to twist the truth.As for the cretinous labelling by @benorr & @An Observer of Salma Yaqoob as “genocidal”; that more than sums up the zealotry of Israeli apologists who have done more to damage Israel sitting in the comfort of their armchairs in the West encouraging/covering up every Israeli excess & cruelty on the Palestinian people,than the Netanyahu regime itself.

    The recent posts from @benorr making ad hominem sexist attacks on Salma Yaqoob is beneath contempt, but for people like him/her Muslims and Palestinians are untermensch.

    You dishonour Israel and the victims of the holocaust with your hateful outpourings!

    • What is the Israeli regime? Their leadership is voted in. Nobody stole an election. The military isn’t used to keep the Israeli leadership in place. Are you simply unable to associate Israel with her democractic nature? In which case, can I just call you a hate mongering idiot and be done it?

      If the pro-Palestinian side wants to come to the table for negotiations, they are welcome to do so. Unfortunately, pro-Palestine equates anti-Israel to the point that you charming turds can’t seem to legitimize an Israeli, either citizen or official, long enough to have a conversation.

      As for your last line about how pro-Israel supporters shame the memory of the Holocaust, we are reminded of the Holocaust everytime one of you hollow commentators decide to rewrite history in order to legitimize your hatred and nauseating behavior.


      • @Koufaxmitzvah
        It would take too long to explain and with your limited and blinkered intelligence it still not get through.So hear is the reality of occupation at the hands of a brutal & evil occupying force.By the way in case you thought that the soldiers were Nazis, you would be wrong, they are noble soldiers of the “most moral army in the world” sic……..