‘Air Flotilla 2’ Participants – the trailer (Anti-Zionist ‘activists’ consumed by hate)

If, by any chance, you’ve been wondering what sort of people will be taking part in next Sunday’s Air Flotilla 2, then here’s an opportunity to meet three of the delegation from Greater Manchester. All three are connected to the Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

This is also an opportunity to record the number of typical anti-Israel campaigner buzz words such as ‘ghettoised’, ‘ethnic cleansing’, ‘apartheid wall’ or ‘total siege’, along with the number of downright lies such as ‘Israel steals Palestinian water and sells it back to them’ or ‘no access to health-care’  which can be squeezed into just under 12 minutes.

Norma Turner is an advocate of the right of return , a campaigner for Stop the JNF and a promoter of BDS, having apparently attended the 2009 ‘Gaza Freedom March’ meeting which produced the Cairo Declaration. She is on record as agreeing with Ken O’Keefe’s claim that Israel was behind the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni and was one of the Manchester PSC members who showed up to bat for Caryl Churchill’s anti-Semitic play ‘7 Jewish Children’ at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton in 2009.

Despite the claims by the ‘Air Flotilla 2’ organisers and participants that Palestinians cannot receive visitors, Turner appears to have travelled to Palestinian-controlled areas on at least three separate occasions, including a visit to Gaza as a member of a ‘Viva Palestina’ convoy.  

 The Manchester PSC organized a ‘Naqba Day’ demonstration outside the BBC building on Oxford Road last year.

“The group members said that that there was no particular reason why they held the rally outside the BBC, but they felt that the BBC did not present the Palestinian side of the debate as often as the Israeli side.

Criticisms of Nakba Day claim that it is marked by Palestinians to celebrate their alleged wishes for the dismantling of the Israeli state and the Jewish population.

Linda Clare, chair of the MPSC, claimed that this was not true at all.

She said: “What we want to see the end of is the Zionist state – you can’t be democratic and then say the country is for one group of people only.”

Norma Turner, 60, who is also a member, said: “We are not calling for the destruction of the Israeli people. People should live together and there should be peace and justice.”

The same BBC studios were also targeted by the Manchester PSC  – and Norma Turner – in 2010 following the Mavi Marmara incident.  

“Police were forced to secure the entrance to the BBC building on Oxford Road as anti-Israeli protesters tried to storm their way inside. Several arrests were made and windows were smashed. One protester attached a Palestinian flag to a BBC flagpole on the reception area’s roof during the demonstration. He was later led away by police. Oxford Road was closed and police dogs were brought in to control huge crowds. Protesters surged forward and attempted to smash through glass doors leading into the building. They were kept back by lines of police officers inside.

Palestinian support groups marched through the streets carrying placards and banners reading ‘Stop the massacre’ and ‘Free Gaza’. Norma Turner, from the Manchester Palestine Solidarity Committee, said: “This was an act of piracy. They went in to kill people and they know they can get away with it. “It’s time Israel was brought to book.”

Sandy Broadhurst from Stockport is a former member of the Labour party who quit due to being “enraged by the Iraq war”.

“It’s left quite a big hole in my life,” she says. “I go to [George Galloway’s] Respect Coalition meetings now, but I’m not a member. I’m not sure they even have members. And I belong to groups such as Palestinian Solidarity, the anti-fascist people, stuff like that. But it’s not really filling the gap. “

Naturally, Broadhurst is also a supporter of BDS in its variety of forms and locations.

Pia Feig put her name to the ‘who’s who’ list of anti-Zionist British Jews who wrote to the Guardian in 2008 protesting Israel’s 60th anniversary. She is, of course, a member of ‘Jews for Justice for Palestinians’.

Commiserations to anyone who happens to be scheduled to fly from Manchester to Tel Aviv on Jet2 flight LS907 at 10 a.m. next Sunday morning. 

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  1. If one of those three activists shown in the video reads this I would like to ask her why she thinks that the Palestinians are so adamant about not signing any peace agreement that doesn’t accord 100% with their demands.

    You can’t say that the opportunity hasn’t been offered to them. I know that if my people were suffering a quarter of the trials that you claim they are I would abandon my pride and beg for peace.

    Why don’t the Palestinians? Can it be that they are concealing something from you? Can it be that their motives
    are not what they say they are? Can it be that conditions are not as advertised?

  2. Its fascinating to hear that they think someone needs their “skills”!!

    Completely brainwashed.

    “I’ve been an active trade unionist” – no trade unions in Gaza, I’m afraid.

  3. “I come from a Jewish background and that makes me particularly responsible – fight for human rights all over the world – (but actually, only when she can attack Israel).

    • Exactly–if she’s really so concerned about “human rights”, why aren’t we hearing anything from her or her likes about say, a few thousands murdered recently in Syria? Or Iran’s almost daily public hangings? or of the brutal human rights abuses esp. WOMEN in many Islamic theocracies?

      This absurd hypocrisy really gives the lie to what people like her are really about–either moronic antiSemities, or self-hating Jews–or both.

  4. The woman from a Jewish background just after 4 minutes refers to Gaza as Gaza and the West Bank as Palestine. Does that mean Gaza could finally be going back to Egypt? Anyway i hope that unlike those on the Mavi Marmara this time any medication they take with them for the Palestinians will not be out of date!

  5. “here’s an opportunity to meet three of the delegation from Greater Manchester”

    It seems to me that these are admirable women. They have spent their lives working for others in hospitals and schools as well as taking on voluntary work in trade unions, local politics and elsewhere. Their honesty and dedication is apparent even if you disagree with their support for the Palestinian cause.

    • They are ignorant, brainwashed fools. There are hospitals in Gaza and the WB and they are not in any way needed nor capable of building additonal ones. There is no way these three idiots can do anything about water treatment in Gaza or the WB the Arabs couldn’t do for themselves if they wanted to.

      The flytilla is a striking example of mass hysteria.

    • “Their honesty and dedication is apparent….”

      Which is more than can be said for their brains.

      If you’re going to play to an audience, the very least you can do is to know the instrument.

    • They’d be much more admirable if they didn’t either lie or blindly repeat what they are told. Credulous fools who spread lies increase the hatred and lessen the possibility of a resolution.

    • sencar, what is admirable about these women going public about the bees in their bonnets? Those bees are not the products of logic or any amount of reality testing. These women are incapable of reality testing anyway or of incorporating into their limited view of the world anything which contradicts their unhealthily dichotomous thinking. They are obsessed and in a fair and responsible society they would be encouraged by people like you to present themselves regularly for therapy, rather than being encouraged by those with similar “bent” logic and allowed to roam free and make thoroughoing fools of themselves when one compares them to really honest and admirable people.

      And note, too, that I have said how limited their cognitive scope is. They
      may “honestly” believe that what they are doing is right, that what they are being told is true, but that does not make them “honest” people per se, nor does it make their actions admirable in any way.

      They are like caricatures from Bedlam, and people like you gawp at them and cheer them on. You should be ashamed of yourself for reinforcing their behaviour.

      • I note that you don’t challenge any of their specific statements. Hurling general abuse is typical of CifWatchers but really is not good enough.

        • Why should I, sencar?

          They read from a badly designed and very over-used script which is lacking in true factual content, and it’s evident from her own mouth that

          Sandy Broadhurst, if not all of them, is doing this not for the “poor, oppressed Palestinians” but to fill a void in her own life! I would imagine that her ignorance, like yours, is typical of all of them. Perhaps you could enlighten us how supporting and stoking hatred as a hobby could possibly help the “poor, oppressed Palestinians”?

          This imperviousness to reality is evidence of mental illness.

          This woman would do better, as I said, to get therapy for her need to rescue and take up a different more socially enriching hobby.

  6. “but they felt that the BBC did not present the Palestinian side of the debate as often as the Israeli side…”

    If Cif Watch had a virtual aisle, I’d be rolling in it

    ““What we want to see the end of is the Zionist state – you can’t be democratic and then say the country is for one group of people only.”

    Actually, Linda, you can. The definition of democracy is simply
    ‘government by the people’. Power is vested in the people and exercised by them or by elected agents via a free electoral system. Whether it’s mandadorty bongo playing on Wednesdays or equality for all – it’s about majority rule. Which reminds me: how are those Palestinian elections coming along? Oh, and that policy of welcoming Israelis into a future Palestinian state?

    “We are not calling for the destruction of the Israeli people.

    Now, you can’t say Norma isn’t generous, Hadar. She stops short of genocide.

    Is it just the UK that has this particular type of lady; aching for a cause but – apparently – without any real understanding of what it stands for?

    • No – they have these types of ladies here too. I guess you either become the cat lady or the Palestinian lady at a certain time of life.

      • Oh, don’t, Akus! The mere mention of the word ‘cat lady’ brings to mind a certain red leotard-clad Scot, currently pretending to be an MP in Bradford.


      • Careful, AKUS, about ageism.

        Lunacy is not the sole preserve of women and men “of a certain age.”

        After all, think, if you can bear to, of the editorial staff of the Guardian and most of those above and below the line at CiF

  7. Maybe their plane should take a detour north and drop them off in Syria. On their way back to Britain, they can chat with Asma Assad who may be on the same plane since she can still go shopping on the high streets in Britain. After all, I’m sure I detected a smile on Norma Turner’s face when she mentioned the Arab spring so I’m assuming she and the other two “things” on this video would just love to be right in the thick of it. If, and it’s a huge “IF”, they get in, (which they won’t) I wonder which luxury hotel in the West Bank they’ll be staying in? Lots of super restaurants and a great night life too. They’ll have lots to do in between helping the poor Pals. What a joke !!!

  8. I watched the video.

    Seems that they were all active trade unionists. It is ‘nice’ to hear them trot out the usual narrative about human rights but are only concerned with perceived human right abuses of Israel to Palestinians and completely ignore human rights abuses of Palestinians to Palestinians and Palestinians to Israelis.

    You have to wonder how rational people around them view their shenanigans.

    • Also, I assume they are unaware of human rights abuses any where in the world except “Palestine”.

    • Like tends to attract like, NobblyStick. Do you think that there are any rational people around them?

  9. 3 good and decent people actually getting of their butts and doing something. Vast majority of people hold Israel and its apologists in contempt. When do u c zionists marching 4 peace?? NEVER (apart from some who actually LIVE in Israel)..

    • Well. It would be interesting to see their activities about Darfur for instance where children are dying every day and the BBC estimated 350,000 civilian deaths over a 7 year period in Muslim killing Muslim violence.

      Have they for instance, tried to organise a ‘flytilla’ to Sudan?

      Thought not. Only Israel gets their ‘juices flowing’.

    • “Vast majority of people hold Israel and its apologists in contempt.”

      And when did you commission the poll that informs you?

      When do you see Palestinian supporters marching for peace? I must have missed them amid the frothing, swivel-eyed haters I’ve seen.

    • Oh do give over with the “good and decent people” shtick!

      Exactly how many comprises this “vast majority” which according to your fevered imagination allegedly holds Israel in contempt?

      Come back here with numbers (and Islamists and those from Arab countries don’t count, remember – they are even more brainwashed into hatred than these challenged ones) or shut up!

  10. Make an example of these terrorist supporters. Arrest them and keep them in jail at hard labor for a minimum of 5 years!

    • A more entertaining option would be five years having to negotiate themselves and their suitcases the wrong way through an airport security door.

  11. Very interesting that 3 middle-aged women — seemingly gentle, benign, do-gooders — are used to lend credibility to the ‘humanitarian’ nature of their mission. Who could possibly fear such worthy nurses, school teachers, counselors?

    • ‘Who could possibly fear such worthy nurses, school teachers, counselors?’

      Yes. I was thinking the same thing.

      It will be interesting to see who actually turns up at the UK airports to fly to Israel. I suspect that there will be a lot of ‘stuffing’ with names that we already know.

  12. Let’s just review the history here. The WB was claimed as part of the state of Jordan after 1948. The WBers were considered Jordanians. After capturing the WB in a defensive war in 1967 the Israelis offered to negotiate with Jordan over these territories and set permanent and secure borders, as per 242, but Jordan said no, no, and no, an dumped the responsibility for administering the WB on Israel. Prior to this the Pals had not claimed this territory for themselves (quite explicitly). Now these “ladies” want Israel to incorporate these same former Jordanian citizens into Israel or Israel isn’t a ‘real’ democracy? Or is it just the hamsters in their heads telling them this?

    • To Israelis: where were your ancestors from/born ?? IE great grandparents& older. I’ll guess not Israel , anyway what r the borders of Israel. It grows every second like a volcanic island (no we steal bits from our neighbours)..

      • and it’s a huge “IF”, they get in, (which they won’t) I wonder which luxury hotel in the West Bank they’ll be staying in? Lots of super restaurants and a great night life too. They’ll have lots to do in between helping the poor Pals. What a joke !!!

        Above is section of Merles reply……
        I’ll have a guess and say when the foreigners( Israelis) stop stealing their land, harassing natives etc, etc.. And still people love & support palestinians and go there. I think u r jealous of this.

        • layddavs, I think the opposite is the case and that you are co-dependent with Palestinian “oppression”, which people like you need to make you feel good. If the Palestinians told people like you to leave, as they should, so that they can begin to recover from the sort of “help” you lot give them which keeps them stuck rather than encourages them to move on and build and grow, then you people would fade away and they would be cheering your departure from airports rather than welcoming you in.

          The Palestinian animus comes from a combination of pernicious envy of the most pathological kind – the sort of envy which desires what the other has, and if they can’t have it, by magic, aggression or just because they feel entitled to it, they would rather it was destroyed than Jews get it – and the products of intellectual and moral bankruptcy and corruption which, combined with the co-dependency you lot encourage kills all realistic hopes of statehood and will eventually lead to their demise.

          And what will you do then, layddavs, without them to pity?

          Will you start on the poor people of Darfur?

          Heaven save the Palestinians from hobby “activists” who do more harm than good!

        • I am afraid that you aren’t as smart as you think.

          Hotel rates in Ramallah are similar to those in Israel, say $130 double room a night B&B. I added just one of several websites below.

          There are also some top class restaurants there, well patronised by the PA officials.

        • Well you’re right about 1 thing “layddavs”–u certainly don’t have a lot of knowledge.

          The Jews have been in Palestine for oh, only a couple thousand years, FAR LONGER than any Arabs. Remember Jesus of Nazareth? Yes, he was Jewish! What was he and his family doing there I wonder?
          They lived there, you moron!

          • Long,long vacation wasn’t it. Let’s all go back to Africa with your thinking .it’s were we’re from.

            • Hey, that’s an excellent idea layddavs!

              Take a flytilla and flotillas galore to Darfur! There you can really help the starving and oppressed, but they aren’t oppressed by Israel/Jews so it won’t be as much fun for you.

              Nevertheless you can get intense satisfaction from screwing them up as much as you have screwed up Palestinian hopes for peace by reinforcing their “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude to life.

              On second thoughts, I would not wish you or others with attitudes like yours on the starving of Darfur or anyone else.

      • Do you have a problem with migration and immigration in general, layddavs?

        Unless you’ve got money and time to research, I doubt anyone knows for sure where the generations older than your great-grandparents come from.

        Volcanic islands take tens of thousands of years to grow, so you are probably right about Israel growing at that rate. Unless you’re referring to volcanic lava which moves rather more rapidly. If so, then if Israel will be right under your window in about 10 days time.

        Look – do yourself a favour: go and learn a bit about this issue before you parrot silly stuff here. Don’t just repeat what you’re told.

        • To Penn
          1: son of immigrants so no problems
          2: the question was about Israeli roots; by avoiding answering I’ll take it as their not Israeli maybe Poland, Russia..
          3: I’ve never claimed to have a lot of knowledge but i’m smart enough to know what’s right what’s wrong . You and fellow fanatics never talk in terms of right and wrong , only right or wrong for Israel . Not same as universal ” right and wrong” just ” my country right or wrong”
          3: so what r israels borders? U must know as u r so knowledgeable..

          • “…I’ve never claimed to have a lot of knowledge but i’m smart enough to know what’s right what’s wrong…”

            I am glad that you admit that you don’t really know what’s going on in the Middle East (yes, Mitnaged, the poor Palestinians if this one is typical of their rescuers).

            And it must follow that you cannot distinguish right from wrong as regards the situation in the Middle East either. You have certainly proved this again and again here.

            So take Penny’s advice, why don’t you?

            • No , I said I know right from wrong u seemed to picked a bit of what I wrote . So what are you then a” my country right or wrong” type or common and basic right or wrong. I’ll answer 4 u like all rabid zionists nothing is truth apart the Zionist truth. If 99% of world held a different view you’ll come out trusty faces : there anti Semites or my personal fave ‘ everyone hates the Jews ‘.. The new mantra of the zionists.

              • layddavs, you didn’t. You haven’t a clue, for example, about the outrages perpetrated by Islamists in Gaza and the West Bank against their own people (if you have, then why haven’t I seen you protesting those?) and you are being selective and highly simplistic in your reasoning (if that is what it is) about why you support Palestine, with its terror agenda and wilful obstructiveness towards any peace settlement – in fact I don’t think you know why you do and whatever support you offer is emotional rather than reasoned.

                The emotional reasoning and lack of intelligence in debate shows itself, for example, in your “rabid” Zionist remark above and what follows it.

                Your “oppressed Palestinian” mates don’t distinguish between Jews and Israelis and Zionists and hate all equally. I would lay odds that their supporters feel (note NOT think) likewise. If you really want what is best for them you can begin by educating them about how not to come across as murderously inclined to all Jews.

                Your usefulness, even as an idiot, is in grave doubt.

                And what on earth is “trusty faces?” Do you ever think about what you are writing and what it says about you?

          • I like someone willing to learn.

            Israel and Egypt fixed their border with the Peace Treaty signed by Begin and Sadat and Israel and Jordan fixed their border in the Peace Treaty signed by Rabin and King Hussein- all under the auspices of resolutions 242 and 338. The border with a Palestine state will be fixed when these resolutions are applied again and a Peace Treaty is signed.

          • You are obviously young, laydavvs, so I’ll bear that in mind in this reply.

            By your own admission you don’t claim to have a lot of knowledge, so you can’t know what is right and what is wrong about this issue of Israel/Palestine. You’re probably just repeating what others have told you or what sites you visit have claimed.

            I can’t give you that missing knowledge within the confines of a blog. You can continue to hold onto myth and misinformation, or you can do the wise thing and learn. If you are not interested in doing that then it isn’t really me who is ‘my country right or wrong’. but you who will not even consider that your beliefs are misinformed.

            Let me point you in one direction to kick start your quest: Firstly – I am not Israeli, but some of my husband’s family are. They hailed from Egypt and Syria. From around 1943 onwards the Arab lands began either mistreating or expelling their Jewish population. My husband was among those kicked out for no reason other than that he – and his family – were Jewish. In total there were around 860,000 Jews expelled or having to flee from the Arab lands. All of them lost their homes, possessions, bank accounts, none of which were returned. They have never been compensated for this. Their passports were stamped with ‘No Return’. They could never go back to the countries they’d lived in for centuries. Not even for a holiday. Most of these Jewish refugees went to Israel and so several generations of Israelis are not, as you might think, all Europeans. Some lived there for centuries; some are native to the Middle East.

            This isn’t quite as one-sided as you think. You have also to understand about land acquired in a defensive war. Israel did not seek land; it acquired it when the arab armies attacked. This is legal until such time as the two parties agree to peace. Egypt agreed to peace which is why Israel handed back the Sinai (along with billion dollar oilfields). The Palestinians seem unable to reach an agreement with Israel. Until they do, the land you mention is not ‘occupied’, but ‘disputed’.

            If you are open-minded you now have some knowledge to take forward. Good luck.

            • Penny: Very good post, but only 1 problem: these “Flotilla” characters aren’t at all interested in history, fact or truth. They’re antiSemitic haters and bigots, pure and simple.
              There’s no other explanation for what otherwise would be completely incomprehensible hostility toward Israel, in fact the Mideast’s ONLY human rights-observing and religiously tolerant country. It’s a conscious
              Goebbels-type strategy against Israel (and Jews in general), involving “telling the Big Lie, then just keep telling it”, with the knowledge that some ill-informed or naive people will believe it.
              Also serves as an effective rallying cry for the world’s antiSemites. The only consolation is that research shows most racists like them are stupid and have very low self-esteem–hence their scapegoating of successful people like many Jews (and of course Israel!).
              BTW, although i’ve been to the Mideast several times, i’m not Jewish either, just honest.

      • “It grows every second like a volcanic island…” Really? Where did it grow 1 second ago? 1 minute ago? How about 1 minute ago last Tuesday?

          • Forget above??
            POST: somewhere in OCCUPIED Palestine, some hill top , olive grove and yes I bet If looked around some article that it happened last Tuesday .

            • Again, layddavs, have you ever had an original thought about any of this, ever? If so, do share it with the rest of us!

              • There r no more original ideas. After 45 yrs of occupation all reasonable ideas have been rejected by Israel . U know ‘ get off our land, stop stealing our land etc..

                • “There r no more original ideas….”

                  Well, I knew that you were as thick as planks and that phrase and what followed it proves that you have the understanding of a gnat.

                  It sums all of you up and is a gift to those who argue against your “activism” and your continued collusion in the “oppression” of Palestinians.

                  Keep ’em coming Einstein. You are providing a lot of entertainment to the readership here.

              • The palestinians do have a”gimme gimme”YES.. Gimme my land back:..Gimme my dignity.etc… And what is this love & worry for DARFUR. It’s classic deflection. Do u really care. It’s really about “look its not just Israel that terrorizes , murders etc”. Very desperate that u have to stoop to this. Yes I do care, same reason I support Palestinians and all badly treated people ( same 4 Jews in Nazi run Europe

                • How “dignified” is the celebration of the murder of Jews?

                  And are you aware that you have come perilously close to comparing Israel to Nazi Germany – which is a big no-no even for a philosopher
                  manque like yourself?

                  Not that I have to justify anything to you, but I care about Muslim slaughter of Muslims anywhere in the world, not only in Darfur, because it provides a pointer and an indication of things to come even for idiots like you.

                  The point you so resolutely miss is that every single silly post of yours here indicates an overriding obsession with and animus towards Israel which smacks of more than several screws loose rather than a genuine and intelligently thought out wish on your part to improve the lot of Palestinians whose cause you claim to support. What bothers me that you are no longer part of a rare species – we are hearing about more and more ignoramuses with lives as empty as yours and with as little sense and even less critical thinking ability, piling aboard this grisly bandwagon.

                  How exactly is the blind hatred of Israel you exhibit here going to help Palestinians get their state? How could you and they do things differently so that everyone wins?

                  • Where Exactly have I compared Naziis to Israel . I don’t c it . So your unhappy someones posting pro – Palestine stuff, if u want all pro Israel stuff phone ur mates I’m sure they’ll oblige. Answer my main point” where ” is the comparison. To cheer u up I’m gonna post all .day

                    • ” not plainly expressed”.. Again where have I come ” periously close comparing Israel to Nazi Germany” . Which bit ?. So by criticising Israeli actions ,what I’m really trying to say is ‘ Israel is like Nazi Germany ‘. I think you imply to much .. Again which post has broken the self-imposed BIG NO NO

                    • If you’re going to post all day might I make a suggestion?

                      Don’t throw out generalisations and stop chucking wild accusations around (such as Israelis coming from Polish/Russian origins, which I have proven to be untrue by virtue of my own, first-hand knowledge and by pointing out that the Arab world created hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees and stole all their assets )

                      Just ask one question at a time. Or, make one point at a time.

                      If this is one of your first ventures into the world of commenting on blogs you should also know that the stuff you’ve thrown about to date is enough to get you banned from many, many sites. Try Harry’s Place and see how long you last.

                      You’d be banned not because you’re cleverly illustrating known truths, but because you’re quite rude and – although you clearly don’t know it – dealing in myths that most people have heard – and answered – a zillion times before. There’s only so many times people can take others by the hand, go back to the beginning and lead them through the facts.

                      So calm down. Don’t assume that you know all there is to know. You clearly, demostrably do not. Ask your questions. Perhaps people will be kind enough to answer them.

                    • Yes am new to this. And open to learning ” rules” . 1: please answer this ; what have I posted or done that would justify a ban. This is important to me as I haven’t a clue. Hope it isn’t because of my views as thought all views could be expressed. Maybe way I write but that my style. 2: Rude, your opinion fair enough but I have been Patronised by many on here. 3: it can’t be words I use ie. Rabid, martyrs as others use words like savages, evil Islam , she’s fat and ugly, backwards etc 4: in same blog I’m accused of big NO NO of Israel = Nazi , ask him where in my posts I have and now it’s I ” IMPLIED” it . Where? .. It’s a paranoids way of saying ” I know what you really want to say. Mostly I’m peed off with ur BAN talk : want reasons, examples..

                    • Bans are very much down to whoever runs the blog, Layddavs. Most blogs state the rules, but some don’t. Adam has laid out his rules and if you look just under the title of CifWatch articles, you’ll find them.

                      Decent blogs won’t have racism, threats, behaviour that seems to be attacking the person, rather than arguing the subject, aggression, de-railing, trolling – that kind of thing.

                      Many serious blogs are made up of people who just want to discuss the issues. They don’t want to have threads derailed by people who aren’t discussing the article as such, but are more sort of ‘shouty’. If you get my drift. If that happens, people get fed up. In the same sort of way that someone might get fed up if they were trying to watch a TV program and their small brother/sister kept changing the channel.

                      It’s because you’re new to this that the rules may take some time to understand. I’d suggest you just look around at a few serious blogs to see how they discuss stuff. But simply getting on and have a rant about Israel isn’t going to cut it on quite a few blogs I know.

                      Being pro-Palestinian on a blog supportive of Israel isn’t likely to get you banned – although the patience of some will wear a bit thin if all you do is rant angrily. You have to understand that the issues are much wider and deeper than you appear to know and, as I said above, people don’t have time or inclination to keep going over and over the basics. Some of your comments are such that to answer them really does mean writing half a book just to explain the background. They’re impossible to answer in a few short sentences because you’re missing too much information for our replies to make sense.

                      It may interest you to know that most people who are supportive of Israel are not ‘against’ the Palestinian people. Many – like me – simply don’t believe that encouraging them to keep waging war is in the best interests of the ordinary, everyday, Palestinian man, woman – and especially child. Many of the people who seem so willing for the Palestinians to fight aren’t anywhere near harms way. I don’t think they see them as *people* – more as weapons against Israel or for whatever bee they’ve got in their bonnet that they’re transferring onto Israel. The people in this article are – in my view – these types.

                      Peace and a chance to live a happy future is what is best for everyone. That it hasn’t happened yet really isn’t all down to Israel. If you want the best for the Palestinians then you could do no better than to really try to understand why this conflict goes on rather than assume you know.

                      Anyway – have a look around a few blogs and get a feel for things. I’d say that commenting is no different from how you deal with people you know in real life: if you’re polite when you put your point or when you ask a question, people will respond politely. But if you aren’t, well – you’ll get a negative experience.


                    • Thanks for advice, informative and polite. Am open learning posting ‘etiquette’. Agree that my scatter-gun approach isn’t best way. Let’s say a ‘newbies’ got carried away. [ FYI : I’m not a kid ]. Also hard not to text-speak when only ‘writing’ I’ve done last 15 years. Pen & paper and no computer my school.
                      DO> xpress views better
                      DON’T > rant( try)
                      LEARNING . Apologies to all for my style not views.
                      Post later on why interest in I / P issues, nothing ” earth-shattering or deep “..

                    • Sounds fair enough, laydavvs.

                      I’d also suggest that you don’t assume hostility until you meet it. People reacted to your comments because they were mostly hostile.

                      I’ve not met any supporters of Israel who wish any harm to the Palestinian people so it’s not wise to believe that from the get-go. It’s in Israel’s interest – and that of the Israeli people – for this to end so that they, too, can lead normal lives. No one wants this conflict. It’s a dreadful waste of life for both sides.

                      It’s my view that some supporters of the Palestinians have lost sight of what matters most: the lives of the ordinary people or their version of *justice*. So many of those who support the Palestinian cause urge them to fight – but, as I said, they are sometimes thousands of miles away where it isn’t them who will be physically hurt or will grieve for those who are caught up in conflict.

                      This site monitors aspects of the Guardian’s reporting and, as you may come to see, this newspaper is often less than honest about Israel. It’s not just misinforming the public, though, but misinforming supporters of the Palestinian people. If this goes unchecked it doesn’t just harm Israel; it perpetuates a conflict that is about real people – not virtual folk in a computer game. I don’t think we should forgot those very real people and that’s why it’s important to know what is true and what is not.

                      Anyway – there are a few sites you can browse around. There’s even one run by the IDF who, if you post a question, will answer it. They are very polite and try to explain their point of view. But best not to assume – as I think you do – that they trot about killing children!

                      One thing to bear in mind is that Israel has a 20% Arab population. So roughly one in five Israelis are Arabs. They had an Arab president a few years ago, and one of their respected journalists, Khaled Abu Toameh, is Palestinian. When the rest of the Arab world rose up in the Arab Spring, the Arabs of Israel did not join them. That in itself should tell you that Israel isn’t all bad!

                      Hope that helps.

    • Jeff: Please don’t confuse these ignorant racist haters who constitute the latest “flotilla” cast of characters with any truth.

  13. Gee, it’s funny that racist antiSemites like “Linda Clare” don’t seem to notice that only about 100 different Islamic theocracies don’t tolerate ANY non-Islamic religions!
    But wait–she said they’re upset because you can’t have a country that’s just for “one group of people”–wonder if she’s thinking about say, “The Islamic Republic of Iran”!? Or the mass murderers currently running Syria?
    Gee, that seems to have escaped her insights…

    The only consolation is to realize that not only are these people hateful and ignorant, but i’ve seen photos of Linda Clare–wow, is she ugly!

  14. These idiots need to feel the full brunt of the Israeli law,why do we tolerate these idiots.They are given a slap on the wrist,only to do it again and again and again.If we were to do the same in the countries that these idiots come from we would be in deep shit……..Hit them hard where it really hurts. In their pockets……..

  15. According to one of these Bidys “people should live togather” Like the people in the UK “live togather” Where riots and burning down shops muggings,murders of teens,blatant racism from one of their foremost news papers,teen gangs kiling each other,are order of the day……..Living to gather UK style…….Coming togather British style……..

    • Agree with the sentiment, but we’re not as bad as all that 😉

      Come visit London, I promise you it’s a nicer place than you imagine and people generally get on pretty well.

  16. I’ve been looking at ladydav’s posts here, and the more she writes I agree the more she comes across as a not even useful idiot for the PSC.

    Ladydav, you have been sold a pup here. How you who surely considers yourself remotely aware could fail to realise that they’re using you would be amusing if it were not so tragic.

    Yes, I think you should book a flight – straight to Gaza, and you should present yourself at the door of the nearest Hamas headquarters and put yourself at their disposal. Better still, like other misguided souls before you, you should let it be known to Islamic Jihad and their Salafist friends that you’re at their disposal, too. You’re obviously not aware that they’re fond of beheading their Western “admirers”. Go on, ladydav I dare you. This way, at least you’d be doing something useful for your poor Palestinians instead of babbling on about who should and who should not entitled to be in Israel. I look forward to hearing the news that you’ve got a ticket and will be on your way soon.

    So you’re going to post all day… well, bully for you! You’re typical material for Palestine Solidarity – a dyed in the wool masochist!