Bigotry & justifications for terror as ‘progressive’ politics: Air Flotilla 2’s York PSC contingent

Along with the members from Greater Manchester, three members of the York branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign will also be taking part in the ‘Air Flotilla 2’ (or ‘Welcome to Palestine’) publicity stunt scheduled for Sunday, April 15th.

“Terry Gallogly, Mary Watson and Carol Pearman will be among visitors flying into Israel as part of the Welcome to Palestine campaign.”

Carol Pearman (left) and Terry Gallogly (centre)

Ms. Pearman appears to consider herself something of an expert on Israeli security needs:

“The Israeli government tries to make out that anyone wanting to visit Palestinian friends is a security risk, but that’s nonsense,” said Carol Pearman, 69, of Hull Road.

“We just want to visit friends who are kept like prisoners under this illegal occupation. Even prisoners are allowed visitors.”

Ms. Watson, however, somewhat spoils the ‘kept like prisoners’ meme by admitting:

“We have visited Palestine before”

York PSC is rather infamous for its extremism. Before it was removed following complaints, the FAQ section of its website included the following: (emphasis added)

1. Do we condemn the suicide bombers?

Yes, we condemn  ALL violence on all sides, but PSC seeks to understand causes and means of prevention. For example, Palestinians  do not have  the sophisticated weaponry of the occupying forces. Suicide bombing is their only weapon, it is a last resort of a desperate people who see no alternative way of defending their homeland. Extreme injustice breeds extreme responses.

2. Does PSC recognise the State of Israel?

Yes we recognize A State of Israel  with the borders that existed before the 1967 six day war. The continuous extension of those borders by war and occupation have been condemned by numerous UN Security council resolutions (beginning with number 242 in November 1967).  Individuals can comment on the right or otherwise of the land grab which created the state of Israel in the first place and its biblical justification,  but we must emphasize that PSC, like Arafat, accepts the inevitable presence of the Israelis and that pushing them all in to the Mediterranean is now not an option.


York PSC members prior to their departure on a 'Viva Palestina' convoy in 2009.
Carol Pearman in the centre.

Predictably, Ms. Pearman is keen to add her signature to campaigns against nefarious Zionist activities such as exhibiting Israeli scientific achievements in British museums. She also appears to have some business interests in the Middle East.

Terry Gallogly is a familiar name to many. Besides being Secretary (and former Chair) of the York PSC and a member of the Green Party, he is also an organizer of the ‘Stop the JNF’ campaign and accuses the JNF of attempting to “greenwash its ethnic cleansing”.

Gallogly also campaigned for a boycott by British unions of the Histadrut – Israel’s main labour union – describing it as “this appalling apparatus of the Zionist structure”. As a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s national executive committee, he was involved in 2007 in bringing a member of Neturei Karta to give a lecture entitled “Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism” at British universities during ‘Palestine Awareness Week’.

Gallogly’s main claim to fame, however, is his 2010 attempt to rig an online poll conducted by the Jewish Chronicle in order to create the impression that British Jews are racists. 

Amazingly, the MP for York Central, Hugh Bayley, is backing Gallogly et al in this attempt to interfere with the right of another country to exercise control over its own borders. That may or may not be connected to Gallogly’s additional activity as regional coordinator for a lobbying group known as Coordin8.

Members of several other PSC branches in the north of England are planning to accompany the ‘Air Flotilla 2’ delegates to Manchester airport, already in ‘spontaneous demonstration’ mode. 

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  1. pushing them all in to the Mediterranean is now not an option.

    Wow. Did they want a medal for that groundbreaking change of policy?

    And that JC poll rigging lark is utterly pathetic.

  2. “Suicide bombing is their only weapon, it is a last resort of a desperate people who see no alternative way of defending their homeland.”

    Oh dear! The misplaced ‘Compassion Politics’: looking for a reason to ‘understand’ the rationale of a killer and coming up with ‘desperation’. Which, if it were true, would see half the globe seeking so-called martyrdom. I also wonder how they view murderers in their own country.

    But unlike the families trawling landfill sites in the Phillipines, trying to find trash to sell in order to buy a meal for their families; unlike the railway children of India, risking their lives jumping off trains after begging for a few rupees; unlike little children begging on the streets of Cambodia and handing their takings over to the unscrupulous adults that put them there; unlike the women of Darfur, fleeing in front of machetes; raped and mutilated if they don’t run fast enough to escape….Unlike these – and so many more – for whom there is no alternative, the Palestinians could end their ‘desperation’ now but choose not to do so. True desperation rarely has so easy an answer.

    I suppose what surprises me the most is that these PSC-types seem completely unable to see that, by their actions, they are perpetuating the ‘desperation’. They also insist on believing myths.

    I’d like to say that I wish surprise had also overtaken me to see an MP for the Left involved in this……sadly, even as I checked his political affiliation, I somehow already knew.

    • Penny, you are so right that the PSC-types are perpetuating what they claim to be opposing! That is the awful irony of their wrong-headedness!

    To all those who are new to blogs , posts, replying to comments etc..( I’ve only been on Internet for a month). Yesterday was 1st time I’d joined in a “comment section”.. I made a rookie mistake of saying I’m NOT all knowledgeable / know everything and was immediately jumped on by other txters. DO NOT admit this. You are up against giants of intellect & know everythings.. There isn’t anything there’re not xperts on concerning I/P issues. They know Quran inside out but sideways as well. Also don’t make minor spelling mistake as will jump on u 4 this , so desperate r they 2 rubbish ur opinions..
    However, they’ll forgive u for this as long your onside.

    • This is not Youtube or some debating forum for teenagers. Do yourself a favour and write proper sentences without text-message-style abbreviations.

    • actually layddavs, you didn’t have to admit it at all. It became evident when you began parroting nonsense you probably heard/read on anti-Israel websites (note I don’t say pro-Palestinian, since these people, like you, do Palestinians more harm than good) without obvious capability to think
      critically about it.

      It’s a great mistake to act as if your opinions are facts without providing unimpeachable sources to back them up.

      You keep on doing it, which shows, what? A singular lack of insightfulness and intelligence, but you are good laugh, I’ll give you that. It’s a pity that you do so much harm to the cause you’ve adopted so mindlessly

  4. REF: suicide bombers( martyrs)
    since when did the “white man” decide what the rules of war are. Maybe same time they decided who can or cannot have nukes.

    • Suicide bombers who murder children are “martyrs”? Which sick kind of universe is that in?

      And what on earth is this “white man” bollocks supposed to mean? Is everything just skin-deep to you?

    • Would you prefer that the “non-white” Hamas and PA- type lunatics/men decide which children should be so schooled in hatred that they want to die painfully and achieve nothing, or which women can be “encouraged” to explode themselves among Israelis for alleged honour crimes?

      What’s that? You don’t know what I am talking about? Well permit me to try to educate you. It’ll probably be like casting pearls before swine, but here goes anyway: (in any civilised society people who encouraged this would be slung into prison and the keys thrown away) (note particularly how violence is promoted for children).

      Medusa wrote here a while ago about how little children are brainwashed from kindergarten age to “love death” and hate Jews

      Medusa’s article:

      An example of starting Jew-killers young. Again in any civilised society the people who promote this sort of barbarism would be locked up for the rest of their lives, but people like you support them, which makes your sanity questionable too. Even you must admit that this is child abuse of the most heinous sort. Why aren’t you protesting it?


      And yet more child abuse

      These are the people whose “rights” you support, without ever asking them to behave as civilised people do, ie keep their children safe and get along with their neighbours. Instead you bog them down in cloying pity and stick them in their adopted victim status.

      Do you really believe, however naive you may be, that this will achieve the end they want?

  5. layddavs

    I’m sure you weren’t brought up to walk into a stranger’s home and rant and abuse those in it. Don’t do it here. Ask a question; try to have some manners. Someone will answer you. Try to listen to your own advice about “my country right or wrong” – learn about the other side because you may be wrong.

  6. oops, forgot link to Medusa’s article about the deliberate planting of the death wish into Palestinian children, thereby ensuring that the Palestinian madness is transmitted through the generations and there will never be peace. How sick must a society be to do this deliberately and how little love can parents have for their children to allow this to happen?

    Protest this layddavs. If you don’t and continue to support it by colluding with Palestinian lies, whatever is left of Palestinian society is doomed. A society which does not care about the safety of its children is doomed.

  7. layddavs the “White Man” has decided that you can have a nuke,in a place that would cause you a lot of discomfort.(Or pleasure)………..

  8. It really is not that important what these “activists” do.It’s how we react to their provactations, that Is what matters.Threat them the same way that Israeli’s would be treated if they were stupid enough to land in a Muslim or Arab airport for the sole purpose of disrupting and causing mayham.
    And spreading palestinian propaganda………….Time to yank the chain…..HARD………….dewhiteman………………………………………

  9. LAYDDAVS, what is this skin color business? It’s a red herring in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Do you think that Arabs hate Jews because of skin color?, In fact, there is a broad range of skin colors among both Jews &Arabs. Arab-Muslims oppressed Jews for more than 1000 years, thereby carrying out Muslim law [shari’ah].