A Passover question: Why is this rocket different from all other rockets?

 A guest post by AKUS

Since it is Passover, and organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, and a country like Iran, have thousands of rockets which they launch into Israel with great regularity, you may have been wondering why this single North Korean rocket is different from all other rockets.

If you’ve been able to avoid the endless repetition on US TV of the Trayvon saga, you have probably been watching the media obsessing over the North Korean rocket launch.

For example, this is the headline in the Washington Post:


Our friends at the Guardian also reported the launch, pointing out that the North Korean have defied “international warnings” about this “provocation”:

 This is what Time Magazine had to say about it in the build-up to the “scarier than you think” launch:

North Korea’s Space Threat Is Scarier Than You Think

But just the idea of North Korea aiming for space — and having the missile muscle to get there — led to hair-on-fire panic in east Asia and a more measured but very real angst in the rest of the world. A loonytoons country with nuclear weapons and global reach is no one’s idea of a good thing. The key questions — still unanswerable — are whether North Korea may soon have the technical chops to reach orbit and if they do, does that mean anything?

But, for example, this blasé mention of 300 Israeli casualties is how Guardian ace reporter Harriet Sherwood reported on the threat Hezbollah’s thousands of Iranian-supplied rockets represent to Israel:

So why is one rocket from North Korea creating such panic, while thousands aimed at Israel are not?

Well, you see, it turns out that Hezbollah’s rockets cannot reach Europe or the USA.

But North Korea’s rockets, eventually, will be able to.

It’s funny how attitudes change when the possibility of a rocket crashing through your roof becomes more real.

Lest I forget – the issue being hyped up now that the rocket launch failed is that in the past this kind of show-piece has been the lead-up to an underground nuclear test by North Korea.

It’s also funny how upset some countries seem to be about this, while being rather complacent about Iran’s nuclear program and assistance from North Korea to various Islamic countries. But perhaps they feel that Iran’s nuclear threat is, shall we say, more local at this time. It will be interesting to see if that changes when Iran launches its first intercontinental ballistic rocket and conducts its first underground (we hope) nuclear test.

And that, dear reader, is why a North Korean rocket, launched coincidentally during Passover, is different from all other rockets.

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  1. No doubt you want Trayvon obsession to end so TV news can get back to the really important stuff. Non existent Iran threat( it’s Israel that’s doing the threatning). Also Islam bashing( a staple of CNN, FOX) and thats what I just c from UK. I hate to imagine what the American public have rammed into them. Bias, Bias, all day=everyday

    • If it’s bias your looking for you need not look all the way across the pond, there’s plenty of bias in U.K. and European media which supports your bigoted, ignorant views. Of course if it’s a slow news day you could just spend your time looking in the mirror. I don’t have to imagine what the European public is having rammed into them, I can see it.
      “Non existent Iran threat [sic]…” Iran has been threatening Israel with
      extinction for quite a long time now, both rhetorically and with proxy armies on her border armed to the teeth and dug in illegally amongst the civilian populations. Trying to rationalize this away is motivated by your own European brand of far left marching far right irrationality.
      You, your ilk, and the European media bash Israel every day in disgusting ways which wouldn’t be allowed by a media culture that was really after objective truth and reality.
      Any objective observer of American cable news would recognize that the most political bias comes from Fox (right) and MSNBC (left) and that CNN is not bashing Muslims all day every day and that CNN tilts more left than it does right.
      “I hate to imagine”, but imagine is what you’re doing. As for the American public, it has now spent it’s treasure thrice and shed its blood twice in the past century to save your sunken chests and pink arses from your own apparent inability to get along with each other.
      As I see it, you’re in no position to condescend to us. Oh, and do be careful not to let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  2. There are some important differences between the N Korean rocket, Hamas and Hezbollah rockets and the Iranian situation:

    1) N Korea is preparing to launch nuclear warheads and its government seems to be irrational.

    2) Hamas and Hezbollah rockets are infinitesmally puny by comparison. Moreover both organisations have rational leaders who would negotiate with Israel and have maintained ceasefires in the past. It is Israel that won’t talk to them, preferring periodic outbreaks of mass slaughter on their peoples.

    3)There is still some doubt as to whether Iran has a nuclear weapons programme. Even if it does we are assured by an ex- Mossad chief and a senior US General that its government is rationa land hence open to pressure/persuasion.

    • “It is Israel that won’t talk to them, preferring periodic outbreaks of mass slaughter on their peoples.” Your views on what is rational or not are somewhat undermined by such statements.

      • I refer to the two Lebanese wars and to Cast Lead in particular. Anyone with knowledge of these is aware of the mass civilian casualties iinflicted by Israel (with a callous disregard for human life to put it at its best).

        • “Cast Lead in particular…(with a callous disregard of the mass civilian casualties…) Sencar, anyone who is really aware knows that this isn’t the case at all. According to Colonel Richard Kemp, who has real expertise in these matters, Israel did more to safeguard civilians than any modern army. Furthermore, I’d like to ask you if you would allow your gov’t. to place rocket launchers next to the school your child goes to, munitions in the church where your family members pray, or in the hospital where your grandmother is being treated? Would you allow your gov’t. to booby trap some of these same public institutions?

    • “1) N Korea is preparing to launch nuclear warheads and its government seems to be irrational.” Says who? And why are you so prepared to believe them?
      “2) Hamas and Hesbollah rockets are infinitesmally [sic] puny by comparison.” You mean they’re not carrying nuclear warheads. Well, gee, then there must not be a real threat there, huh? “Moreover both organisations have rational leaders who would negotiate with Israel…” Sencar, you forgot to put the obligatory ” ; )” or” lol” after that one. But of course I know just what you mean. Hassan Nasrallah (or what ever his f___g name is) has said that he wishes the Jews would all gather in Israel so he won’t have to go after them world-wide. Of course he’s rational. Getting them all into one spot makes far it easier to kill them efficiently: saves time, money and manpower! Rational. I’ll guaranty you this Sencar, if Hezbollah lays down its weapons and dismantles its “infinitesmally puny by comparison” rocket arsenal (a bigger arsenal than most actual states have, with missiles that can now reach any part of Israel), and stops trying to kill Jews, we can completely avoid anymore of the “mass slaughter” that you, a real bigot, say that Israelis (let’s face it, you mean Jews) prefer.
      “3)” You found two (count ’em) people to agree with you. What do the ‘rational’ Iranians (see #2) need to be pressured/persuaded of?

      rational – the new popular buzzword to give homophobic, misogynist, anti-Semitic killers a pass, as long as they’re considered “non-white.”

  3. One of the reasons I am a regular reader of Cifwatch comments is that, until now, most of the threads have been composed mainly of comments from people who are fairly well-informed, insightful and usually polite (unless provoked by anti-Jewish or nursery rants).

    It seems to me that since the arrival of some recent posters that Cifwatch threads are rapidly degenerating into something one might see in the Guardian’s very own Cif. Which is a pity. This isn’t just another forum for discussing the ME: it is a crucial means of monitoring and exposing the mendacity and danger of the anti-Jewish and pro-Islamic agenda of the Guardian.

    Everyone who cares about the Guardian’s mainstream media threat to the Jewish people and to Israel needs to remember why Cifwatch exists. Once again I say a huge ‘Thank you’ to Adam Levick and all those who help Cifwatch in its vital task.

    • Moshe, I do apologize and thank you for the reminder. In the future, I’ll try sticking to the facts sans insults.

      • Thanks, Jeff, actually I wasn’t thinking of you as your post above appeared after I had begun composing my comment but I appreciate your message.