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  1. One thing that distinguishes Israel from Syria or Iran is that internationals are invited to join the IDF. And it’s also possible to create 501(c)(3) groups that raise donations for the soldiers.

    Are there any such galas thrown for the Syrian army or the IRG? Probably not. Of course it’s flat-out illegal to support any Iranian entity in the US. If only the same was true for Israel, there wouldn’t need to be any BDS or Flytilla movement.

    This is what’s lost in the ‘Israel is singled out’ crowing – The disproportionate attention to Israel is a protest against the international support for its human rights abuses as much as the abuses themselves.

    • What human rights abuses? Putting terorists in jail? Eliminating heads of terrorist oranizations? Defending itself against rocket attacks and suicde bombers?

      Name a country in the world that isn’t doing, hasn’t done, or wouldn’t do the same.

      • When a country holds people in jail without charging them with a crime, it’s generally considered a hr abuse.

        “Administrative detainees are not told the reason for their detention or the specific allegations against them. Although detainees are brought before a judge to approve the detention order, most of the material submitted by the prosecution is classified and not shown to the detainee or his attorney. ”

        Hint hint.

        • I take it you also aim this criticism at Islamist countries.

          A word to the wise. Btselem probably means well but you know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

          And you should be asking yourself whether these people would get any better treatment from the PA or Hamas. If not, then go pick on them.

        • A PS: One question, do you not agree that the lumpen and misguided fools of protestors are indeed hypocrites and for the reason implied in the poster on the left of the photo?

          • If and only if they support another regime.

            Also, there are lots of ways to “single out”. IIRC, Iraq is the only state to ever face a UNSC resolution demanding unconditional withdrawal and urging all states to take any action necessary to force it to comply.
            How many Zionists were calling the UNSC hypocrites over 660 and 678? Israel has never faced the language used in 678 which implicitly calls for military action against Iraq.

            “And you should be asking yourself whether these people would get any better treatment from the PA or Hamas. If not, then go pick on them.”

            See, this is especially cute (That is to say, clueless) because Israel has the last word on anybody entering Gaza and the West Bank. That’s what the Flytilla is there to protest.

            • What on earth has your last sentence do with anything? Are you actually denying that Hamas runs a dictatorship in Gaza in which anyone who has the temerity to speak out about their corruption and other miscarriages of justice is held without trial (if they are held at all) and often people are summarily executed if they even mention making a lasting peace with Israel. Perhaps you would call that “cute” too.

              The indigenous Christian population in Gaza (what is left of it) and on the West Bank are in danger also. Israel is the only state in the ME where religious minorities are accepted fully. It has the highest and growing population of Christians in the Middle East.

              The Flytilla is there because it is literally lacking per se, and many on it are lacking any sensible purpose in life.

        • and you blaming Israel for this??? you are a hypocrite!! turn around and look than you will see how much are the so couled Palestinians are guilty of it and most of the Arab country’s but what Israel is doing is protecting the Israelis and the tourists that come in peace to celebrate they religion in Holy Land no mater witch one.That’s a freedom!

          • Hana Shalabi was so dangerous she was deported to Gaza. Israel just can’t win the moral argument here: Either Shalabi was never dangerous to begin with, or she is a danger and this is sufficient action because Gaza really is a prison. Either way, the act of deporting her validated at least one typical critique of Israel.

  2. “When a country holds people in jail without charging them with a crime, it’s generally considered a hr abuse.”
    It is also considered as a justified response to stop further terrorist outrages and has/is being used in a number of other democratic countries as well as Israel, including my own the U.K.

    Not that those with a biased anti-Israel agenda have noticed ‘andrew r’

    Hint hint.

    • I know CIFWatch likes its background checks but did it occur to you many if not all of the Flytilla activists hardly need you to tell them that? And they probably have protested as much in their own countries.

      • andrew r, so you confirm that the ‘Flytilla activists’, or more accurately ‘useful idiots’, protest against measures to stop terrorist outrages in their own countries as well.
        Yes, it had occurred to me and no I am not surprised.

        • *ahem* You mean measures advertised to the general public (if they’re discussed at all) as such.

          • No that is not what I mean.
            Now if you have no more stupid questions or ridiculous comments, I’ll take it as read that you and the other ‘useful idiots’ are opposed to measures that protect the people against further murderous terrorist attacks and outrages, wherever they occur.

            • Which leads to another problem — Some of us consider invading other countries, drone attacks and so on murderous outrages, and we think there should be measures against those.

              A great philosopher said: Kill 100 people in the subway and you’re a terrorist. KIll 1000 people from a B52 and you can tell everyone back home they were terrorists. Yeah, I remember that pearl of wisdom when it was called “shoot ’em all and let God sort ’em out”.

              Oh yeah, getting back to the “measures” don’t you think governments that throw out habeas corpus deserve more scrutiny than wheeee, they’re saving us from terrorism. You might not have spent your whole adolescent years at Gitmo, but someone did.


              “The U.S. has agreed to release from Guantanamo Bay an Afghan prisoner who claims he was captured at the age of 12. Mohammed Jawad was held in the camp for nearly seven years for allegedly throwing a grenade at American soldiers. Earlier this month officials admitted that there was no military case for Mr Jawad’s continued detention.”

              There’s a reason useful idiots protest this stuff. Because stuff like this happens.

              • Oh dear me.
                andrew r, a wise man also said “Be careful of what you wish for”
                I am more than happy to see ‘habeas corpus’ for every terrorist.
                Are you sure it is what you and the rest of the useful idiots want?

                For the benefit of those who did not study Latin at school the literal meaning of ‘habeas corpus’ is ‘deliver up the body’
                Yes I am more than happy for that for every terrorist.

                • So you think the two young adults who have been in jail since they were kids and were released by a judge should have been killed because they were “terrorists”? If that’s the case your position is either indefensible or we’re all little Genghis Khans aching at the bit for an orgy of bloodletting. In which case what we call terrorism becomes, what was the invasion of Iraq called, a preemptive strike.

              • I am glad that you agree, andrew r that these are useful idiots.
                Myself, I question their “usefulness”. The Palestinians need them like they need the plague

        • They probably did need to be told, andrew r, given their woeful lack of awareness/self-awareness. Had they known it already this would mean that they actively support terrorism against Israelis/Jews but am not surprised about that.

          I doubt, however, that any of them have the smarts to realise fully what they have become involved in. They are like cult members who swallow whole the garbage they are told without questioning its sources.

          And you seem only marginally to be better than they.

  3. The placards should read ‘Go to Syria & Iran As Well’ but then again the UN are already on their case.

    • Reilly??? so far UN with the pockets full of oil money is making resolutions against Israel, just like they payers like it, and when it comes to Arab-Islam countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Gaza it’s just a bag full of air, well got to say something for the luxury they all live in.

    • And of course the other placard should read ‘We are hypocrites’ or ‘Whatabout all the other occupiers & oppressors why pick just on us?’

    • Did you read what you wrote, moistly, before you posted it? In what way has or will the UN’s being “on their case” be at all effective? Has it been effective hitherto anywhere in the Middle East?