Live Blogging from Ben Gurion Airport for ‘Flytilla 2’: latest extremist inspired Anti-Zionism PR stunt

Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

Ben Gurion Airport

I just witnessed the first arrests of Flytilla extremists, a quick orderly affair, handled efficiently by Israel Police, without any violence.  As usual, the media outnumbered “activists” by like 20 to 1. Here’s a somewhat blurry photo of the media chasing the scene to the point where those detained were taken.

Here are a few of the Zionist activists meeting the flytilla folks with an Israeli flag, inquiring during the incident why there is not a flytilla to Syria or other nations where real human rights abuses are taking place.

Israel Police foreign press spokesperson Mickey Rosenfeld told me that, so far, most of the flytilla “activists” have arrived from Geneva and Paris, and that most never got on the flight after the background of those attempting to enter Israel were revealed to airline officials. He added that, among the passengers who made it to Israel, there are have been nearly 40 arrests so far, including 4 arrests of Israelis who came to the airport to cause a disturbance in support of the flytilla “activists”.

In all, he’s expecting the event to go on well into the night, with a total of 20 planes involved in the event.

Israel, in a gesture to the overwhelming majority of the travelers from Geneva and Paris who weren’t involved in flytilla 2, offered passengers roses for any delays or inconvenience the disturbances caused them.

Here are two travelers from Geneva who received the roses talking to the media, clearly happy and moved by the gesture.


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  1. Thank you CW team for the epic work in covering the ‘flytilla’s epic failure. You led the way throughout with objective fact based reporting and remain a beacon to us all.,

  2. The Floptilla is a failure. Anti-Israel activists tried to undermine Israel’s sovereignty and received a firm rebuff! There are more anti-Israel events coming up on the calendar this year but Israel has demonstrated its capability to deal with hostile provocations mounted by its enemies. Israel is too strong to be overwhelmed by them.

  3. Fortunately, these transparent clowns and their predictable antics are getting practically no news coverage here in the US. They’ve been eclipsed by the true problems of the region and beyond. Really, if they wanted attention Damascus or Kabul would have been a much better (but far riskier) choice. I hope they spend a substantial period of time laying over before their return flights in a hot, crowded Arab block of an Israeli prison as a souvenir of their delusional, narcissistic and anti-Semitic (head)trip.

    • If you read the report at the BBC, you will notice that there are a number of quotes from a Mick Napier. Mr. Napier is also described as ‘the UK co-ordinator of the event’.
      For those of you who have not heard of Mr. Napier before this is how he was described at Harry’s Place on October 20th 2010;

      “After all it was Mick Napier who – for Holocaust Memorial Day – staged a reading of the discredited play “Perdition” which argues that the Holocaust was in effect a joint venture between the Nazis and Zionist Jews. Who followed that up at the next year’s HMD by putting on an event with the Hamas spokesman, Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi. And it was also Mick Napier who put on a SPSC event with the antisemite, Gilad Atzmon. Finally, Napier defended the terrorist murder of boys in a yeshiva, which he regarded as a legitimate target, again using far Right and racist websites to back up his arguments.”

      • With Napier to speak up for them the Palestinians are on the road to perdition. And that poor Stockport woman who seemed to be saying that protesting against Israel’s existence fills a gaping void in her life will be SO disappointed!

        Mayhap she should take up a safer hobby and choose the company she keeps more carefully

  4. Well done for keeping us informed Adam.

    Also well done to the Israeli police for keeping the peace and the Israeli PR department for giving roses to the inconvenienced passengers; especially those pretty girls in the photo.

  5. Napier is the epitome of a Jew hater using the open day on Jew hatred prevalent in the current political climate. In another guise he would be arrested to inciting race hate.