Classic anti-Zionist PR strategy employed by ‘Flytilla 2’ activists: Fail Miserably, Claim Victory

This passage from a Jerusalem Post update on the flytilla event just made me laugh, as it represents a perfect illustration of how, per the astonishingly unsuccessful Global March to Jerusalem, (and not unlike the continuing BDS faux “victories”) extremist anti-Zionists can spin even the most embarrassing failure in a positive way.

Despite only two activists making it past security at Ben-Gurion Airport, the “flytilla” protest was a success, an event organizer said during a Sunday press conference in Bethlehem.

The event was a media success and showed that Israel was not a democracy, the organizer said.

For those wishing to read the hate and inanity parading as “progressive” activism, follow the Twitter feed: #Fly2Palestine.

I’ll leave you with the following video, a glimpse into the (WILDLY SUCCESSFUL!) media event.

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  1. The event was a media success and showed that Israel was not a democracy, the organizer said.

    One has to feel sorry for these jokers. The above statement actually exposes one of the ‘hate Israel’ movements main strategies. Try to persuade gullible and ill informed people that Israel is not a democracy.

    It would be much better for them if they tried to persuade gullible and ill informed people that Israel just doesn’t fit into the Middle East mindset. That at least would be true.

    • I would feel sorry for them if they showed themselves capable of learning from this experience. But what are the odds that they’ll be back next year or the year after because, as the poor soul from Manchester implied, identifying with hatred fills a void in their otherwise useless and empty lives.

  2. I just made my wife and myself some coffee. The event was a household success and proves that Israel is not a democracy.

  3. The usual empty boast from the world’s greatest losers.

    Thus it always was

    1948 – War of Independence
    1956 – Suez Campaign
    1967 – 6 Day War
    1973 – Yom Kippur War
    1982 – Lebanese War
    2006 – Second Lebanese War
    2010 – Mavi Marmara Flotilla
    2011 – First fly in and other flotillas
    2012 – Second fly in

    And this it always will be.

    Practice makes perfect.

  4. These pathetic losers,never cease to amaze with their dopey antics.Their relevance sinks lower with each new doltish stunt…………..

    The million twits to nowhere,and now the flytilla that looks more like a shitilla……

  5. If nothing else is proof positive that these poor fools are enmeshed in their victims’ narrative then this is. Islamists are known for boasting and big talk which bears no relation to reality and then falling for their own rhetoric. Remember Comical Ali? It’s very cognitively immature.

    I have said elsewhere that the flytilla people exhibit all the symptoms of co-dependency and this spells big trouble for their Palestinian targets.

  6. Most people admire a nation that stands up to provocation and bullying.

    Each time these juvenile over-hyped stunts go tits-up, Israel’s reputation is enhanced.

    Israel’s ‘welcome letter’ was also a stroke of genius. Many ordinary people will be left wondering why the flytilla activists were so upset about Israel while a prolonged and bloody massacre is taking place in Syria.

  7. The last line was perfect for American audiences: “Have nice flight”!

    Just like the lady at the check out line inthe supermarket!

  8. Arabs and Muslims are known to indulge in fantisizies and live in a make beleive fantasy world….With no sembelence to reality…..Losing is winnig,black can be white when needed.They fantisized a whole people and nation that never existed before.

    • benorr, well-adjusted people can distinguish between fantasy and reality. Most well-adjusted people are flexible enough to “roll with the punches” and accept the disappointment, shock even, which comes from finding out that what they had believed to be true has been proven not to be so. Also, they
      are able, after that initial discomfort, to incorporate the new reality-based knowledge into their perceptions and behave accordingly rather than deny the self-evident, proveable truth and insist that, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, their perception is the only correct one.

      Not so these chumps and their fellow travellers, who not only cannot but dare not admit that what they “bigged up” as true is patently not. These people’s sense of themselves is extremely fragile and for them recognise that new reality would involve a massive mental and emotional readjustment which would cause them to question everything they previously believed in and threaten to disintegrate them.

      So they lie, and liars have to keep on lying in order to cover up their original lie.

      Sometimes they even contradict themselves blatantly, as if they have no memory of what they have argued previously, according to what seems to be expedient to them at any one time. The following is one such example from supremacist Hamas, champions of the “Palestinian” people, which boggles the mind and beggars belief, but is typical of the mindset.

      Note Fathi Hamad’s argument that Palestinians are Saudis or Egyptians so as to emotionally blackmail the Egyptians and “prove” Gazan’s entitlement to Egyptian oil. Hamad, who, you may remember, is infamous for his pride in using the elderly, women and children as human shields during Cast Lead, seems not to realise that he has just sold out the “Palestinian people” as a people, so carried away is he with his own bombast. Were he to be pulled up about it he would probably deny he said it although the proof is there for all to see. Note also the aggressive, ranting tone of voice. He’s obviously unsure that he will get what he wants but he is going entirely the wrong way about getting that:

  9. Part of me loves the entire “Israel is not a democracy” argument because it makes me laugh out loud at how little the people making it really know about what a democracy is. And part of me wants to take out a detailed definition of democracy as it applies to 21st-century nation states and slap the arguers in the head with it, because Israel fits this description and isn’t going to stop doing so because it doesn’t accept every damn thing the BDS-cheerleader crowd takes as gospel truth.