An episode of “Guess the Twitterer”: An ‘Air Flotilla 2’ #EpicFailure Production

As I was Tweeting last night at Ben Gurion Airport while covering the extremist organized Anti-Zionist provocation known as ‘Air Flotilla 2‘, I came across these Tweets on the Fly2Palestine hash tag.  They were so over the top they could have almost been sent by a Zionist troll, or one of those intentionally fake Twitter accounts which parody well-known Twitterers.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

This Twitterer is?

Yes, Ali Abunimah: co-founder of Electronic Intifada, bold onestate solution proponent, and CiF contributor through 2009.  

Abunimah is the man who The Jewish Forward characterized as a “rock star” in the title of a complimentary profile.  Interestingly, The Forward subsequently changed the title to “Lightening Rod of the BDS Movement” but evidently forgot to wipe clean the original title from its Facebook page.

It looks like the Forward’s social media manager isn’t quite on top of things!

Oh, and one last thing. The most risible line from the progressive Jewish paper’s piece on the advocate of the Jewish state’s demise, was this:

[Abunimah] speaks out frequently against anti-Semitism, partly, he says, because he’s often accused of it. Zionism, he claims, is itself form of anti-Semitism — the idea that all Jews should live, and can only be safe, in Israel.

Well, that’s not quite fair. Here’s exactly how he’s framed it.

“supporting Zionism is not atonement for the Holocaust, but its continuation in spirit.”

 I simply can’t imagine why he’d be accused of antisemitism. 

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  1. A total failure for Pallywood like the GMJ.
    So with each decade and more outrageous tactic, the Palestinians have proven themselves less and less worthy of trust. Kidnapping Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics, hijacking jets, bombing civilians on buses, shopping malls, pizzeria’s, disco’s etc. Then naming streets after these mass murderers which is why they cannot ever be allowed to control Jerusalem.
    The Pals leadership has truly been twisted.
    Teaching their kids to strap bombs on them for 72 virgins shows how sick they have been.
    I dont see how peace is possible with child abusers like PA and Hamas.

  2. To understand how the Arabs and their propaganda work, read this great article.
    “Israel did it!”
    Omar Dakhane Blog
    April 13, 2012
    This is the quickest and easiest answer you will always get in the Arab world when asking the reason any problem happens to them. Who created poverty in the Arab world? Israel. Who caused diseases to spread in the Arab world? Israel. Who created natural disasters in the Arab world? Well, it’s nature but Israel certainly had something to do with it.

    By blaming Israel for everything wrong, the Arabs feel more relaxed about their lives, since it’s not their problem anymore and they don’t have to do anything about it, except blame Israel for “causing” it.

    In some Arab countries, you can question anything except faith and conspiracy theories related to Israel and the Jews, and this comes mainly from the anti-Semitic idea that Jews are always conspiring against the Muslim and Arab world, an idea proven false many times.

    This idea goes on against the United States as well. Some Arab countries won’t publicly call the United States the “Great Satan” like Iran does, but they do teach this ideology to their kids in school and they build their whole educational system to revolve around the idea of blaming others.

    This is why we have generations of Arab youth who aren’t angry at their parents or at themselves for not doing anything to improve their lives and societies. Instead, they are angry at the United States and Israel and blame these two countries for almost every problem on earth, and to them, that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

    Blaming others for your own faults means that you will never be able to fix them, especially when you play the blame game for hundreds of years without ever even trying to fix anything. It’s always easy to accuse others as the cause of your own problems, but that won’t make them go away. Wearing the label of victim is glorified in the Arab world, where everyone is crying morning and evening on how the rest of the world isn’t fair to us, while forgetting – or ignoring – the real reasons for why the rest of the world is moving forward, and we keep crawling backward.

  3. It has been fun to see the supporters of the flytilla so spectacularly humiliated.

    Numpties like Ali Abunimah are now making themselves an even bigger object of ridicule by tweeting like they’re on helium.

    • Further to that story, and possibly (probably) related; Foreign activist draws swastika on BG Airport wall

      The activist responsible for the drawing was deported back to his country of origin on Monday. “This was the gift the ‘peace activists’ left Israel,” a source at the Immigration Authority said.

      The swastica was discovered by the detention facility employees after two foreign activists – citizens of France and Spain – were removed from the building.

      The Immigration Authority said that a photograph of the defiled holding facility wall will be distributed to foreign media by the Foreign Ministry.

  4. What a bad month for communist Ronnie Kasrils“
    His Pallywood stunts failed miserably.
    Kasrils whose been supporting the genocidal atrocities Assad has been committing.
    Infact Kasrils should use his own words to to describe Assad and Syria.
    [Regarding Assad and Syria] we must call baby killers “baby killers” and declare that those using methods reminiscent of the Nazis be told that they are behaving like Nazis. May Syrians wake up and see reason, as happened in South Africa, and negotiate peace. And finally, yes, let us learn from what helped open white South African eyes: the combination of a just struggle reinforced by international solidarity utilising the weapons of boycott and sanctions.”

  5. May all their “Victories” be like that Hilarious One Million March to Jerusalem.
    And their Latest “Victory” the flytilla that nose dived and crashed……….
    We couldn’t ask for better ‘enemies’ than these clowns…………
    About time that they realized they are flogging a hopeless cause…….

  6. ‘African refugees’, Ali? Would these be the same African refugees fleeing conflict zones like Darfur? The same African refugees who tend to get raped and murdered by police and border-guards when they cross into Egypt? The same African refugees that can only find shelter and humanitarian aid from the evil Nazi Zionists, rather than their Arab neighbours?

    Would you care to think that one through a little bit more, Ali?

  7. Is there anyway the Israelis or even the Paloestinians can keep these activist’s? I am sick and tired of them in the west.

  8. “Babies, tourists and African refugees all deemed existential threats”

    How cheap and pathetic can you get?

    “supporting Zionism is not atonement for the Holocaust, but its continuation in spirit.”

    A comment so utterly ludicrous I laughed instead of crying.
    What is wrong with these people?

  9. Ali Abunimah is financially backed by the British government; his day job is something called the Social Research Unit.
    Why is the UK supporting this terrorist sympathiser and professional Jew-basher?