Ben White BDS letter published on Guardian letters page.

Guardian contributor Ben White is well known for having built a career based upon his dedication to promoting anti-Israel falsehoods in print and through his activities in almost any and every organisation devoted to the anti-Israel cause, including the BDS movement for which he actively campaigns. 

On April 22nd the Guardian rather curiously published a letter from Ben White on its letters page, apparently indicating that the particular section is not only a forum for the general public’s expression of opinions and ideas, but also yet another venue for self-promotion by Guardian writers. 

 “The four MPs who criticise the call for a boycott of Israel‘s National Theatre were poorly briefed (Letters, 21 April). To say that Habima is a “non-government affiliated theatre group” is an odd claim, given it is state-financed and has received £10,000 from Israel’s foreign ministry specifically for the planned performance at the Globe. It meets perfectly the criteria for boycott, following the Palestinians’ call for international support in achieving decolonisation.”
Ben White

Anyone not versed in the world of anti-Israel campaigning (and let’s be honest – that includes the majority of the public) coming across that letter might reasonably presume that Ben White is just an ordinary person from Cambridge. No mention is made of his Guardian affiliations, his personal involvement in the BDS campaign or his employment by the Amos Trust

Neither is it made clear that whilst wearing his ‘electronic Intifada’ and ‘New Statesman’ hats, White has been busy promoting the campaign to boycott Habima to which he now lends supposedly disinterested and objective support.  

The publication of White’s letter does, however, underscore two points. 

One is the fact that the Guardian shows itself once again to be perfectly at ease with its role as enabler of those (including the BDS movement) who call for the dissolution of the Jewish State – exclusively among all sovereign countries. 

The second is that the BDS movement may already be hearing the usual collective public yawn in response to its campaigns yet again if it has to resort to self-promoting sock-puppet style letters from Ben White on home echo-chamber territory. 

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  1. “Guardian contributor Ben White,” Shouldn’t that be “Guardian political activist Ben White?”

  2. “…we’re in the end game and I want to be here to see it.”
    And who would that Jewish Israeli be? Atzmon perhaps? Curious that he didn’t want t give a name, doncha think?

    Listening to White, the impression is that butter wouldn’t melt. Like Eichmann, the evil that is White comes in such a bland form.

    Hard to believe that his persona cloaks someone who is working towards a Jew free Israel. Hard also, to believe he is not an antiSemite, even though, ‘he can understand why some people are’.

  3. The BBC is state-funded but at the same time non-government affiliated – as applies to countless theatres and arts bodies in the UK.
    It’s a phenomenon seen all over the world!

    Normally it’s a case of disagreeing with Ben White’s views – but here he’s simply talking bollocks.

    And what on earth is the G. doing publishing a letter by a contributor anyway? What next – Rusbridger’s daughter winning the G. prize quiz?

    • Maybe she’ll get the chance to work as a moderator on CIF. Oh, wait a minute …

    • Don’t knock it, pretzelberg. The Guardian is so distanced from reality and good sense that even that might happen and it wouldn’t be as a joke either 🙂

  4. Is it just me, or does everytime I see Ben White’s name I think of hoods and burning crosses?

    It could just be me as everytime I see the term BDS movement, I think of Bowel Definciency Syndrome, which, I am guessing, is a disease that forces shit out of ones mouth (as opposed to throught a tuchus).

    Then again, I’m a Zionist, which means I’m a racist, because I believe in multi-culturalism that includes Jewish autonomy in the Middle East.

  5. “… the BDS movement may already be hearing the usual collective public yawn in response to its campaigns yet again if it has to resort to self-promoting sock-puppet style letters from Ben White on home echo-chamber territory. ” Brilliantly put, as usual, by Hadar.

  6. I was shocked – even by the Guardian’s “standards” – to see that letter yesterday. Then this morning I found yet another bombardment against Israel in the letters page – this time about the proposed boycott of Habima. They don’t let the subject go, even though the boycott has been rejected. They are like a dog with a bone and will worry it to death. There were only 2 pro-Israel letters on the whole page.

    • How odd that on a forum where the Guardian editors have total contol, i.e. the Printed Letters page, the balance is pro Palestinian, yet on “Comment is Free,” the posts are usually much more even, (until they start dissapearing.)

  7. What happened to the Nazi Look that this Ben White character was trying to project…….The Closely cropped blond hair the steely blue eyes and the smirk.

    Ben White makes a very good living from pretending to bat for the palestinians,in fact so does the Racist Guardian………

  8. We shouldn’t give a rats whether Ben White likes us or not,he is a big fat zero……He might be someone for the Guardian to promote and admire.
    They are made for each other……