The relative relevance of a search on the Guardian website

A CiF Watch reader has alerted us to the fact that on the Guardian website’s search page, entering the word ‘Israel’ brings up the following. 

First, we get the “Editor’s picks”, the second of which is a series of five year old films made for the Guardian – about Gaza – and over two years after the Israeli withdrawal from  the Strip. 

Next come the “Most recent” articles. 

After that, the “Most relevant articles matching your search”.

The “most relevant” that the Guardian search facility can come up with is a series of four to six year-old articles? 

At the bottom of the search page it says:

“Our search has changed. Let us know what you think.”

Over to you, dear readers. 

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  1. Perhaps CiFWatch could donate some more relevant and up-to-date articles to the Guardian, seemingly as impoverished as it is in this aspect as it is in others.

  2. A search for “Egypt” likewise delivers a bunch of articles from 2005 under “Most relevant articles matching your search”.

    What is the point of this piece? Guardian conspiracy alert?!?

    Come off it.

  3. The relative relevance to Duvidl is that perhaps moderator Bella’s back in town (cue canned laughter).