Video: BDS leader Omar Barghouti making blatantly racist remark

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Gilad Atzmon found this video of Omar Barghouti (who you probably know from his boycott work) putting his foot squarely in his mouth:

The video is only a minute long but there is oh so much information packed into it. For example Barghouti declares that he won’t be lectured on violence by a “white person” why? Because “the white race is the most violent in history of mankind.” Isn’t that special.

Atzmon found the video from Deliberation, which is a left-wing site. Deliberation had some uncomfortable questions as well:

“But there is also another acute question that deserves our immediate attention. Why exactly the ‘socialist’ crowd in Chicago is so exited by Barghouti’s Racist remark? Is it possible that our so-called ‘progressive’ panthers have changed their spots, are they now in favour if [sic] racism? 

“I guess that Ben White, another spokesman for the BDS movement, may have an answer to offer. In a recent New Statesman article he foolishly admitted that that BDS “is a strategy, not a principle.” 

“I guess that this is indeed very concerning about the BDS . It is not principled at all. A BDS prominent leader happens to spread racist remarks while enrolling to a ‘Zionist’ academic institute which he expects us to boycott. Another BDS prominent spokesman admits that the BDS is “not principled”. Meanwhile in the UK BDS attempts to destroy Israeli Habima theatre but does nothing to promote a Palestinian theatre from Ramallah. As the BDS buying itself a name of a dedicated book burning institution, we learn that trade between Israel and Britain grew last year by 34%. 

“If BDS is an important humanitarian call and, we in Deliberation believe it is, it better be managed and represented by people who are slightly more principled and certainly more clever and astute.

I would say of course that BDS has been racist from it’s very beginning. This latest admission by Barghouti only helps to prove it.

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  1. Two comments:
    1. How is Omar Barghouti not “white”? Not that it matters to me, but if he isn’t white, what does he consider himself, and on what basis? And yes, he is racist, and a hypocrite as well for reasons well known to the readers of this blog.
    2. While theoretically “non-violent”, representatives of the BDS movement against Israel have engaged in vandalism, theft and intimidating behavior in supermarkets around the world. They have, on occasion, provoked violent clashes with police, resulting in their arrests. All of these are well documented – by them – and can be found on YouTube without much effort. So while I would commend them for not firing rockets at Israel as the people they support do, I think it would be way too generous to call them non-violent. Of course, I find their methods and aims repugnant anyway, but that goes without saying.

  2. Perhaps we should be thankful for small blessings like these.

    At least he doesn’t deny The Holocaust.

  3. Mr. Barghouti I hope you will not forget the role of the Arab and Islamic World in slavery

  4. “BDS “is a strategy, not a principle.”

    Of course BDS is not a principle – in the sense that it should be applied to all states offending against human rights. It is a strategy to be applied where it stands some chance of success. Similarly, whatever you think of the morality of its actions, NATO took military action against Libya where they won’t do the same in Syria. External military force in Libya worked (after a fashion) whilst it clearly wouldn’t in Syria. BDS had some success in South Africa, and may yet in Israel. It obviously wouldn’t work against China or Russia, although their human rights records are very poor.

    • sencar you forgot to add the most important point: in China and Russia no Jews are involved so your BDS kind don’t give a shit.

    • “Of course BDS is not a principle – in the sense that it should be applied to all states offending against human rights. It is a strategy to be applied where it stands some chance of success.”
      You know, I could have spent a year solely devoting myself to showing what a corrupt, dishonest, fundamentally diseased (and of course bigoted) movement BDS is, and at the end of the day I wouldn’t have done a better job than the self-inflicted PR effort by good ol’ Sencar. No further comments are necessary.

  5. Are we back again to the pseudo social scientific clap trap that only white people can be racist?

    And, much as I hate to admit it, I believe Ben White is right except most BDSers couldn’t distinguish between the two and care even less that there is a difference. BDS gives these people a focus for their hatred.

    Sencar, BDS isn’t working. You don’t need to be good at research to realise that. The world is too caught up in doing what’s expedient than to pay more than passing attention to professional charity cases who are in receipt of billions of dollars of foreign aid decade after decade and yet still bleat about how badly they are treated by Israel without once making honest moves towards peace with her.

    Were the BDSers and their hangers on convincing advocates for Palestinians rather than using them as a vehicle for their hatred of Jews/Israelis then they might stand a chance. As it is, I believe that the majority of intelligent and socially involved people are more interested in the state of the economy in their own countries than in the sort of people I mention above.

    The Barghoutis of this world, however, lacking in insight and being masters of perseveration, even when the activities they are repeating have been shown, time and time again, NOT to work continue to try to pull at the heartstrings of ignoramuses and emotional thinkers.

  6. Interesting to see how much he and Ben White have adopted a kind of Nazi-kitsch appearance.

  7. He has a point about Europeans – forget the “White race” slur – being responsible for some of the world’s worst vio9lence, providing, of course, one overlooks the Mongols and the Moslems.

    Nevertheless, to his point, the Moslems in Europe should be listening to him and perhaps packing their bags. The next Holocaust may be theirs as the anti-immigrant sentiment grows and become more mainstream..

    • With the drop in living standards that the financial crisis is bringing to many folk in Europe, I agree that anti-immigrant sentiment is likely to increase.

      Still, at least the immigrants have somewhere to go back to, unlike Jews before Israel was established.

  8. Racism as we know is endemic in Palestinian and Arab society.

    The only reason this latest remark made the news is that for once a Palestinian directed his racism at white Europeans instead of Jews or blacks.