Chair of Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign declares Israeli Hoopoe birds ‘Aves non gratae’.

photo: Israel Fichman

Courtesy of the anti-racist website ‘Engage’, here’s a funny-but-true story to ease us into the weekend.

It appears that the British publication the Morning Star – originally the organ of the Communist Party of Great Britain – recently ran a quiz in which one of the questions concerned Israel’s national bird, the Hoopoe. 

This apparent counter-revolutionary faux pas resulted in two indignant letters to the newspaper from two senior members of the Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign who, despite their being married to each other, obviously do not deal in philatelic skimping when it comes to advancing the workers’ cause. 

I often wonder why so many of its readers find the Morning Star so exasperating.

Despite its condemnation of zionists (sic) it yet finds space to include an item in its daily quiz about Israel’s national bird.

Is the Star not aware there’s a cultural boycott going on?

And then, despite it’s (sic) condemnation of the Bahrain Grand Prix and rightly so, it then goes on to tell us who won.

For goodness sake comrades, get your act together.

George Abendstern


The Morning Star has always been the newspaper you could rely on to support the cause of the Palestinians, so why of all the birds in the world did you choose the Israeli national bird to include in your quiz?

Maybe you don’t support the methods chosen by the International Solidarity Movement of BDS to assist the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and justice – a demand that came from them originally.

This includes any reference to their wildlife.

Linda Clair


And there’s a sequel; read the rest here

This rather Voldemortesque (he-whose-name-shall-not–be-spoken) approach to the world is of course thoroughly in keeping with the institutional culture of fringe movements of single-issue obsessives, the members of which frequently appear to be vying with each other for the title of how to appear…well… most mad

Perhaps Linda Clair will be disappointed, but I am obliged to report that the pair of Hoopoes which live in my back garden seemed remarkably unperturbed when informed this morning of their new ‘Aves non grata’ status. 

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  1. This is too funny! The only thing that’s funnier is the sequel… I encourage everyone to click the link and read it!

  2. I think we should be grateful to the Rochdale warriors for informing us that Hoopoes are closet Zionists. Who knew?

  3. They haven’t gotten the message. Their party line should be that these brave Palestinian birds have been co-opted by Zionist bird-washing.

    • Don’t you mean “bird brain washing”? If so, Chickenlady Harriet should get out of Israel NOW!

  4. Always like the Hoopoe but never knew it was Israel’s national bird. Many thanks to these two loonies. 🙂

  5. Classic!!!

    I always suspected the PSC were thick, but this is a real gem. The average Hoopoe bird has a higher IQ than these numpties. And the one in your picture is certainly more attractive than the flabby-chested Linda Clair.

  6. People like are quite funny, really, in so many way. She proudly boasts that her father joined the Communist party some time in the 1930’s apparently. She of course followed in his useless footsteps and became a member as well, with no results, then reveals that her campaign for Palestinians has been going on for 23 years with no results.

    All these years and there is absolutely nothing to show for it except to tell stories to similarly deranged people and try to have a bird banned. Yet it never seems to dawn on her, as it finally has on Finkelstein, that this sort of cultism is absolutely meaningless and worthless. She would be better off collecting stamps or train-spotting. Or bird-spotting.

    • Very true, cityca. Thank heavens they aren’t smart or they could be really troublesome.

  7. I read this story at Harry’s Place too, and I’m LMAO at the whole thing. Honestly, do these idiots not realize how ridiculous they appear? And by extension, the cause they support?

    I didn’t know they were married, but their first letters are separate, and the second was joint which was a Big Clue. But I was horrified to read in the JC link provided that they are both Jewish. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I’m still shocked at their hatred for Israel.

    And now, like Hadar, I’d better go and tell the family of hoopoes in the park down the road that they’d better fly the coop. Alternatively they should just keep shtum about their Israeli passports.

    • Taking your question literally, no they don’t realise how stupid they look. They are authoritarian and are therefore utterly deficient in sense of humour, cannot perceive irony and any jokes at their expense are perceived as threatening them personally, and above all they lack any insight.

      As Yohoho says, we should be glad that they aren’t clever