Video: The secret of Israel’s success

The following 40 minutes will be time well spent.

The film “Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference” is a documentary which explores Israeli society from a humanistic, psychological and social perspective. The film avoids politics, instead telling the story of a people whose resilience has propelled a nation to the forefront of innovation in science, medicine and technology.

The film explores the question:

What underlying growth factors have given rise to this small nation’s triumph over adversity?

See film by going to this site.

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  1. Thanks for putting this film up Adam. It should be essential viewing in all schools around the world.

    I watched half tonight and will be seeing the whole thing tomorrow at a local shul.

    The Israel advocacy group of whom I am a founder is going to try to obtain the video and invite non Jews to come and see it.

    • Sadly the problem is that the people who really need to see it – the likes of Ben White – would immediately dismiss it as propaganda.

      • It is propaganda Pretz.

        Just not negative propaganda.

        Seems to be the very nemesis of CiF.

        I wonder if they will link to it. (Just joking).

      • The Ben Whites of this world are beyond reasoning with pretz. In the heart of that particular young man lies a hatred that is millenia old, and I don’t think he even knows it.

  2. I second that, cityca. I have always found positive psychology a commonsenical approach which crosses many boundaries and I like that Tal set his presentation within its theory.

    This is an ideal film – matter-of-fact, no hyperbole, apolitical – to inform the wider public exactly what the world would lose if Israel’s Islamist enemies should ever manage to overcome her and carry out their threat to wipe her out.

    It also points up the extent to which BDS will always a damp squib.

    There need to be regular films along these lines, updates of how Israel contributes to the wellbeing not only of her own people but to the world, and this film should be circulated far and wide.

    I have sent it to my own circulation list. I urge everyone to follow suit.

    • I hope the BDS crowd boycott basically everything they could see here! Let them wallow in their squalor and misery while Israel and the rest of the modern world passes them by.

  3. A wonderful film which really captures what Israel is about.
    Btw – if you ever get the chance to take part in one of interviewee Lenny Ravich’s Gestalt humour workshops – go for it! I promise you; it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

  4. Slightly (very) off topic, but I saw The Dictator – Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film last night. It was crudely hilarious and will certainly be banned right across the Arab world, not least as a fair bit of the dialogue is in Hebrew.

  5. It’s really a marvellous film. The trouble is that, through hate,envy and humiliation, Israel’s enemies have blinded themselves to all the good that she does. Their mantra which trumps everything is ‘what about the occupation?’ ( or the ‘stealing of land, or the apartheid’ ). Their aim is to delegitimize and ultimately to dismantle the Jewish state.

    I can’t blame Arabs or Muslims, who have been taught almost from birth that Jews are their enemies, for thinking that Israel is evil, no matter how technologically avanced or pluralist the state is. It’s very important, however, to refute their lies and untruths by accurate facts and historical evidence.
    As for their gullible or hypocritical Western supporters, I have nothing but contempt for their ignorance and double standards. It is they who should watch this film and be challenged to answer why they boycott Israel in spite of all her positive achievements since 1948.

    • I watched the whole of the Inside Israel film tonight at a synagogue meeting and it was a wonderful film, that spoke to the Jewish patriot and Israel supporter in me.

      But I want to show this film or something like it, to a neutral or even mildly hostile non Jewish audience and for that audience I’m concerned that this is not the right film.

      Any comments on that please?

      • cityca, it’d be a good film to show, provided you prepared yourself well to combat the memes as facts that hostiles might throw at you.

        Fairplay is right – for so many who are perniciously jealous of Israel’s success (in the sense that they want to eradicate all trace of that success because it is evidence that they are wrong), and that she remains and thrives in spite of what is thrown at her daily, this will simply not register because it will cause them far too much cognitive dissonance. They will react to this discomfort with anger/aggression/denial or all three.

        I firmly believe that those who remain wilfully oblivious in spite of the facts, (all of which can be proven), do so because of that cognitive dissonance but also because in many cases their anti-Israel obsession cloaks deep-seated Jew hatred and they are immensely threatened by the fact that Jews are successful at all.

        I believe that this is why the Palestinian professional beggars attract so many Jew-haters in the West. These latter may not be aware that they behave as they do because they harbour at least extreme antipathy, if not hatred. towards Jews (it is far too deeply and culturally embedded) but their very obsessiveness about Israel, their battening onto everything negative about her, is what makes them so useful to the Islamist haters that the West has allowed to thrive in its countries.

        These in turn strengthen the cultural memes of Palestinians as victims, apparently without having done anything which resulted in their being treated as they are by Israel. This is not difficult to do given the predilection towards belligerent self-pity of the Arab/Muslim. The downside of such memes, however, is that the more often they are repeated and transmitted, the more deeply they become embedded as “facts”. Likewise embedded is the meme of the Israeli/Jew as the oppressor of blameless Palestinians, and again the context of this was lost and overlaid with lies long ago.

        This film might go some way to loosening the hold of such antisemitic/anti-Israel memes, not least because it presents the Israeli nation as people who are contributing much to the world. An intelligent audience might compare Israel with the Palestinians in this regard. A hostile might argue that were the Palestinians given the chance, they, too, might be contributing as much as Israel, to which, of course, the answer would be that they have been given the chance of peace, again and again, but rather than compromise and take statehood they have chosen war and to fight among themselves, and those who expend all their energies in hating have little reserves for research or development of scientific discoveries.

        Added to that argument could be the distinct lack of encouragement of critical thinking in Muslim education.

  6. Fairplay and Mitnaged
    Thank you both for taking the time to expand on this – Mitnaged, very grateful for your input, although your argument seems to suggest there is little we that can be done to realistically counter the hostile narrative, which first thing on a Monday morning is depressing.

    My reason for asking, is that following the showing last night, one comment was that although we were a highly receptive audience, this film was very much playing to the already converted and while we were all hugely proud of Israel’s achievements, people who are not connected to Israel in the same way could easily take offence or simply be turned off by Jews ‘blowing their own trumpet’.

    Is this a film to bring people onside, or does it alienate by boasting? It’s not an idle question, because I would like to use this film, or something like it, to approach non Jewish organisations – churches, temples and mosques, and perhaps schools and colleges, in order to, as objectively as possible, inform about the side of Israel that most people simply do not see, or in the UK for example, are not shown.

    I really like the film, but I’m not convinced it’s been made for the audience that needs to see it. Perhaps Mitnaged, as you say, it has to been shown and then we have to be prepared to answer the inevitable response that it might engender.

    • cityca, I obviously didn’t make myself clear. I certainly didn’t set out to depress you!

      There is a lot that can be done to counter the hostile narrative, but undermining its hold will take time and energy, both applied consistently. We need to substitute the truth and realistic appraisal of facts for the antizionist/antisemitic memes, fed to the gullible by Islamists and which find fertile ground in the West because of its own deep-rooted antisemitism, which, of course, Islamism doesn’t hesitate to make use of.

      I believe that this film’s impact lies in its understatement rather than its blowing its own trumpet. It simply states facts, all of which can be verified, about Israel’s contribution to the world. The subtext here can be questions about how much poorer the world would be in very many ways if Israel ceased to exist. Following on from that, additional points could be raised about how the implacable and unreasoning hatred of Israel by her neighbours gets in the way of their making the same advances in their quality of life. If there was a trustworthy peace, Palestinians and other Arab countries would share Israel’s successes in research and technology, therefore what sense is there in prolonging war? Hot on the heels of that statement could be a “rhetorical” question as to what gets in the way of their being able to do so.

      These are, of course, forms of Socratic questioning which encourage thinking without confrontation.

      However, you cannot reason with irrational people; those who, in spite of the proven evidence before their eyes, persist in holding onto thoughts/opinions as facts and/or disproven and specious “evidence” derived from emotional reasoning. The best you can do with them is point out, as many times as is necessary, that this is what they are doing.

      Change is difficult, however ghastly the status quo. Islam itself militates against any change and drives antisemitism under the thin cloak of antiZionism, not only in the Middle East but around the world. We need to keep pointing out that peaceful coexistence (or at least non-belligerence) has to be vastly preferable to hatred, which gets Palestinians nowhere and wastes the mental and physical energy which could better be spent on learning.

      Finally, Citizen Warrior has an excellent site which aims to use argument to counter the influence of shariah and Islamism in the West, see:


      I believe that the way in which he goes about spreading the word can be translated onto changing the negative memes about Israel and Jews.