General Antisemitism

Hamas’ Hope & Change party aims to stop the “Judaization” of Jerusalem

There’s just so much unintentional comedy in this “report” at Al-Qassam, the English website of the military wing of Hamas, titled “The storming of the Aqsa Mosque sets off alarm bells“, May 21, I’ll post a screen shot of the entire post for your enjoyment.

One question:

How does the ‘Change and Reform’ wing of Hamas – a movement which cites the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, calls for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews in its founding charter – differ from the more ‘conservative wing?

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  1. Funny how no-one seems to mention Jerusalem 1949-67, when Jews were forbidden from visiting, let alone living in, any part of the city that had existed before 1860. When people complain of the ‘Judaisation of Jerusalem’, the self-contradictory nature of the complaint shows they have lapsed into irrationality.