What the Guardian won’t report: Attempted Palestinian kidnapping of Israeli mother & child

Harriet Sherwood just published a story (Israeli settlers filmed firing gun at Palestinians, May 21), which included a video posted on YouTube providing little context, about Israelis from Yitzhar firing at Palestinians in the Arab town of Asira al-Qibliya – an incident currently being investigated by the IDF.

While the Guardian wasted no time running with the story above, despite the paucity of facts, the following frightening tale of Palestinians terrorizing an Israeli mother and her child will likely never find its way to the pages of the Guardian, as Harriet Sherwood’s narrative of the region rarely allows for such unambiguous tales of Jewish victimhood.

The following was reported in Ynet, per information recently released by the Shin Bet, Israel’s security service:

Some two months ago Palestinians attempted to kidnap Yael Shahak and her daughter, who was eight years old at the time, when they were driving to the Beit El area in the West Bank.

Yael Shahak and her daughter

On Sunday [May 20] , after the Palestinians accused of the attempted kidnapping…were indicted, Yael recalled the incident.

“One of them took a wrench which he used to shatter the car’s front windshield. At that moment I understood that they were going to kill me and my daughter that we would come out of this dead or handicapped.”

One night in March, Shahak and her daughter were on their way home from an event in central Israel. “We got onto the Beit El access road and a few minutes later, after one of the bends in the road, I noticed a car standing at the side of the road,” she recalled.

“…I honked my horn and then they zigzagged in front of me. The spot was one where you could not bypass or evade the car in front of you, so I drove behind them and tried to avoid them.”

But the Palestinians would not give up. “They saw me backing up so they also backed up. That’s when the penny dropped that I had a problem,” she said. “I tried to escape but they wouldn’t let me move to the side of the road. Eventually they stopped and stood right in front of my vehicle.

“I saw four men in front of me, I was frightened by the fact that they were all men – that was before I even paid attention to whether they were Arabs or not.

One of the men walked up to Shahak’s window while the other three surrounded the car. “The terrorist who came up to my window signaled me to open it.

“The doors and windows were locked so [he tried] to convince me to open the window and [I] tried to tell him that I want to continue on my way. It was all done with hand signals and looks. Then at some point the look in his eyes changed and he became crazed.”

That is when the violence started. “After several blows to the windshield, with all the glass flying at me, he suddenly stopped. At the time I didn’t understand why and it was only after the fact that I realized that they saw an [Israeli vehicle] coming from the direction of Beit El.”

“The terrorists [then] fled…”

“I will never forget the look on the terrorist’s face…” 

“That night [my daughter] cried with me…”

There were nine members – Palestinians from the Ramallah area – in the terror cell responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Shahak and her daughter,  which was headed by Mouhmad Ramdan (22) of al-Bira.

Some of the terrorists (affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) are being held in Israel while others are in the custody of the Palestinian Authority.

Suspect Mouhmad Ramdan

According to the Shin Bet, the terrorists were trying to kidnap Shahak and her daughter in order to use them as bargaining chips in prisoner exchanges.

Is the following Guardian headline even conceivable?

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  1. For goodness’ sake, Israel, reintroduce the death penalty. These entities need to be removed from this earth. The benefits to normal people are far greater than the considerations of their ‘human rights’. If only we in England were to bring back the death penalty; the fear of the law, if not of God, would clarify the minds of many of the miscreants we have to allow to live amongst us in these abnormal days.

    • John – I don’t want to get into a pros and cons discussion about the merits of the death penalty in this forum – I don’t think that’s the point of this article or this website – but I have to put on record that I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      • GoonerEll I agree with you.
        And there is another reason which would cause me concern. The last prison in the UK with a gallows was Pentonville, if they still had one you wouldn’t be able to get near it for all the Arsenal fans ‘topping’ theirselves after their teams woeful performance this season.

    • I live in Texas where the death penalty is very healthy. You don’t even have to commit a crime here to be killed by the State. Just accused. Oh, and be Black or Mexican or Poor White Trash.

      And, boy howdy, how that violent crime has just simply ceased to exist. /sarc

    • Why on earth would an Israeli mother go and live with her child in a settlement built right in the middle of the Palestinian territory, minutes from one of the biggest Palestinian cities, in violation of international law? A responsible mother raises her children in the safety of Israel, not in a settlement.

    • What CIF Watch won’t report: this Israeli lady was not living in Israel but in a settlement built in the Palestinian territory in violation of international law.

      I think that a good 90% of fellow Israelis would fail to understand why a mother would want to build a family in an illegal settlement outside the Jewish state, when you can have children and raise them in Israel.

    • And what the Telegraph doesn’t report – and nor does the Guardian or the Independent or Alex: The settlers were shooting with rubber bullets..

      Here’s an English link for the lexically challenged.

      So yeah, settlers were shooting, yada yada, live fire… but nowhere is it mentioned that they were using NON LETHAL fire by rubber bullets. I suppose it ruins the narrative somewhat.

          • Why “thanks!”?
            Your various comments about Israeli settlers in the West Bank seems to be: they’re in the right and do no wrong.

        • The third video down on that page also shows Arabs throwing stones while a soldier does nothing to stop them…

      • Because it’s not true. If you believe that, then you’re extremely naive. As usual Israeli papers are lying to cover up. LOOK AT THE PHOTOS (not the video) He’s clearly firing an assault rifle. They don’t fire rubber bullets. The bullet entered the boy’s cheek and exited by his ear. Rubber bullet? My arse!

        Look at the evidence for yourself instead of believeing the crap fed to you. You might learn something.

        Here you go.

        • How dare you even imply that anyone with half a brain could possibly learn anything unbiased and honest from the egregious Richard Silverstein?!!

          You must really be challenged if you quote him as a valid source, too. and take his cock-eyed interpretations as valid and true.

          Stand up for yourself and give us disinterested sources for what you are arguing otherwise keep silent.

          You seem unhealthily preoccupied with arses and crap, but then you would be if you read any of what Silverstein writes.

          • As I have said many times on this site. The source of the information is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether the information is true or not. True information from a source you don’t like is still true!!

            I’ll say this loud so you and your blinkered friends can understand.


            Of course you’ll probably accuse the IDF of being usefully-idiotic jew-hating antisemites.

        • Actually, I looked at one photo and for youngsters facing what we are told is likely to be live fire they are remarkably unperturbed. Which means that either they knew exactly that these were rubber bullets – facts which Greenwood carefully omitted, or they are putting on yet another Pallywood show.

          I believe it’s probably a mixture of both.

          And Alex, I really can’t believe you quote Silverstein’s blog and then expect us to take you at all seriously.

          • You may have noticed that I normally use Israeli sources like Haaretz Ynet and the like. This time I purposely used Silverstein’s site to ascertain whether it was possible for any of you to comment on the PHOTOGRAPH rather than the source. Silverstein could have said in the text that the boy was shot by a passing Martian and made to look like a settler due to their advanced technology. That doesn’t change the photo, which no-one seems able to address, (except for the pallywood chestnut)

        • Alex, you are an idiot. You fire rubber coated bullets from M16, Galil, and similar assault rifles. These can tear your cheek skin if fired in the right angle and the right distance. I’m not even gonna get into doctored photos. Ynet is hardly a paper that lies.

        • Alex in your, increasingly, desperate and farcical attempts to find a link that demonises Israel you have scraped through the bottom of the barrel and ended up in the sewer.

          • Well Gerald, as I said, Alex is unhealthily preoccupied with arses and crap 🙂

            Must be all that worshiping at the shrine of Faux Guru Silverstein

        • @ Alex
          What do you mean “as usual”?
          Israeli papers do not to my knowledge have a track record of “lying to cover up.”

          • Obviously! What would you expect from a country that comes second after Iran in the number of journalists it imprisons?

            • Exactly how many countries have Israel’s precent of biased “journalists” that arrive with a predetermined politicaly motivated agenda, which causes them to:
              A) enter the country illegaly,
              B) Behave in a violant manner while ignoring police officers warnings.

              Can you kindly stipulate what is the average holding time for a “journalist” in an Israeli prison compared to an Iranian prison?

              Is it the dog that ate your home work again?

        • Silverstein has a history of talking biased bollocks – but here he makes no pretences and comes up with the line: “the blame lies solely with Israel”.
          The man and his blog are a waste of space.

          • Of course you’d see it as biased if you follow this site. How could you do otherwise. Some of these sites are ‘biased’ in what they choose to report, sometimes annoyingly so when they try to drag out some big conclusion from a minor report or incident. No diffrent from here. But being biased is irrelevant. As I said the content of what he says is irrelevant as to the photographic evidence which speaks for itself.

            • Of course you’d see it as biased if you follow this site.

              What I think of Silverstein has nowt to do with CiFWatch. His Guardian articles and blog speak for themselves.
              What a silly response – particularly as while I follow this website I’m hardly a follower, as it were.

        • What a lame response, Alex. “You’re going to believe the Israeli newspapers?” You’re right, because I should be believing some Israel bashing dipstick who can’t stay on the topic of the post in question.

          Israel bashers: Thy enemy is your lack of a brain.

      • Rubber bullets suck. Lead works SO much better.
        The Israelis should level Gaza and reclaim the land. They NEVER should have given it p to the terrorists in the first place.

    • Hi Alex, indeed it was disgraceful that the soldiers didn’t themselves open fire on the murderous stone-throwers. They are trained and could have made sure to hit the would be murderers in non-lethal places.

      • ‘murderous stone throwers’?? Stones v guns. Glad to see the fair, moral, democratic state of Israel wouldn’t DREAM of using a disproportionate response to their palestinian neighbours!

        • Stones are a lethal weapon, and have killed people. A gun in the right hands in non-lethal. Thus you are right, it would be grossly disproportionate only to incapacitate the stone throwers from throwing stones.

          • Oh my GOODNESS! Thanks for that! That’ll go in my collection of comedy excuses. Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off!

          • Could you explain us how can stones harm Israeli soldiers wearing flak jackets inside armored vehicles equipped wioh heavy weaponry?

          • So Matzho, could you please explain how come stone throwing settlers are not prosecuted in Israel? I mean, some settlers have even attacked Israeli soldiers!

    • um, we reported it in our opening passage (and included a link to the Guardian report). What about that was unclear, Alex?

  2. Shame on you Alex, wearing your stupidity for all to see.

    I note that the Independent article is written by Phoebe Greenwood, who, in her lack of smarts and her unashamed anti-Israel bias, is almost as bad as Hattie the Hen Sherwood at CiF.

    Note also that Israel will investigate it, unlike the thugs at Hamas who cheerfully sling their co-religionists off buildings, and kill anyone who disagrees with their barbarism against their own people.

    Don’t notice you “shame on you” -ing them.

    • Yes, the IDF will investigate but, as Yesh Din has reported, over 90% of such investigations are dropped because of ‘lack of evidence’. Moreover you can see signs of the incident being prejudged before any investigation when the IDF spokesman says “it appears that the video in question does not reflect the incident in its entirety”.

      • Sencar,

        How many of these accusations are fabricated?
        If you are able to provide stats about these numbers than one can draw a conclusion one way or the other.

        Are you assuming that all 100% of what the IDF investigate are true allegations in favour of the Palestinians?

        In fact judging but the many incidents in which the exact opposite was the case one can assume the exact opposite is the norm rather than the exception.

        • Here is the March 2012 Yesh Din report on Israeli offences against Palestinians in the West Bank since 2005:

          If you bother to look at it you will see:

          – Of 781 complaints less than 9% resulted in indictment, despite support to the authorities from Yesh Din staff;
          – Yesh Din takes a close interest in the nature and progress of complaints and the report gives a number of detailed examples.
          – There is no evidence of fabricated complaints, although the possibility of some cannot be completely excluded. On the contrary the report provides evidence suggesting that its figures under-represent the true size of the problem.

          • Thanks for that. I’d already seen it. These cover-ups are becoming more and more difficult however. Israels greatest enemy are not the Palestinians or the Arab nations. It’s biggest enemy is the mobile phone camera.

      • Maybe, just maybe, there simply isn’t the evidence that folks like you, Sencar, insist that there is. Ever think about that? That you may possibly be wrong? Not you, Sencar, for whom every Israeli is a racist, every Zionist a dual-citizen, every Jew a member of the conspiracy to keep you down, and rape your women, and spy on your government, and buy all influence, and run all planets. You are, entirely, a total joke and waste of time.

        On the flip side, I hope you spend the rest of your time on this planet insisting that you’re getting an unfair shake. Because nothing tells me more about people than their inability to grasp reality.

  3. Don’t believe much about the film, which is utterly devoid of context and which shows little other than one silly idiot hurling rocks at settlers.

    Sencar, I note that your alleged unbiased researching skills depart rapidly when it comes to learning anything about Israel. What right have you to comment about this in the light of that?

    And given that the film was made by people who weren’t actually there and the article was written by Harriet Sherwood’s partner in stupidity, I don’t blame the IDF for believing that it didn’t reflect everything that happened. I wouldn’t trust Greenwood to write anything honest about Israel, nor any thug who throws stones at soldiers (or his mother, father, grandpa and all his family who don’t keep him out of harm’s way) to tell the truth either.

    You really are gullible aren’t you?

  4. To answer Adam’s question- no, a headline that reads, “Palestinians terrorize Israeli woman and her young daughter” could not conceivably appear in the Guardian. Ever.

  5. What has Harriet Sheerwoodforbrains been up to this time,shit stirring for the Racist Rag the Guardian again……

    B’Tselem set this up whole thing ,they had their cameras ready,and the palestinian mobs were there to provide the sheerwood another story……

  6. Here is a story for Sheerdumbwood from Israel21c…………

    “ReWalking her way to the finishing line……….A futuristic Israeli medical device enabled an English paraplegic to walk the entire route of the 2012
    London Marathon”……….

    Harriet doesn’t do feel good stories about Israel….That would be against the Racist Rag the Guardian’s policy on Israel…….

    We should send Harriet a few of these good news stories from Israel to let her know that we are on to her………

  7. Remember when Palestinian terrorists murdered American tourist Kristine Luken and also tried to murder Luken’s friend in Israel but she escaped.
    I heard nothing about Luken’s murder by Palestinian terrorists from this Harriet Sherwood.
    Just google Kristine Luken to see the savages these Palestinians are.

  8. Cifwatch explained it best when describing Sherwood’s reporting on the Munich massacre in 72.

    Sherwood writes:

    “The Munich attack began in the early hours of 5 September 1972, when eight members of the Palestinian military organisation Black September infiltrated the Olympic village, and took 11 members of the Israeli team hostage. The attackers demanded the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners in return for the hostages’ release.

    By just after midnight, all 11 athletes, five attackers and a German police officer were dead.” [emphasis added]

    By midnight, they were dead. Not “killed“ but “dead“. Sherwood fails to distinguish between victim and perpetrator, and offers no further explanation about how the Israeli hostages lost their lives.

    In fact, the Israeli athletes were murdered brutally and quite deliberately by Palestinian Black September terrorists.

  9. I sometimes wonder how does Sherwood support these Islamo Nazis.

    Palestinian boy with suicide suitcase targeted orphanage
    March 27, 2003

    JERUSALEM — Israel has reported the capture of a Palestinian teenager sent on a suicide mission meant to kill hundreds of people.

    Officials said the Palestinian target was a home for 180 orphans and homeless children in Jerusalem. They said a 17-year-old Palestinian from the Bethlehem area of the West Bank was sent with a suitcase filled with explosives to blow up the school.

    “It was the kind of attack that we had been warning about for nearly a year and meant to change the strategic balance in the region,” an official said.

    The Palestinian was said to have been sent on his mission by the Fatah militia, led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat. It was the first suicide mission attributed to Fatah in more than a month.

    Officials said the Palestinian changed his mind as he entered Jerusalem from Bethlehem. They said he left the suitcase near a highway and fled to his home in El Khader, a suburb of Bethlehem.

    Israeli soldiers found the suitcase and removed the explosives. Within days, the Palestinian was caught and confessed to the suicide mission.

    Officials quoted the Palestinian as saying he had changed his mind when he realized that he was being ordered to kill an unprecedented number of people. So far, up to 30 people have died in any one Palestinian suicide mission.

    On Thursday, a combined Israeli task force launched an operation in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. Two PA security officers and a civilian were reportedly killed in the subsequent clash, and 10 others were captured in other areas of the Gaza Strip.

  10. ISRAEL which is defending itself against Pan-Arabism, Arab imperialism and Arabization of the Middle East – that is the “problem you dont like.

    The real problem is global Arab/Moslem insistence to spread hate, violence, wars, terrorism, lies, false accusations against Jews and reducing Jews to subhumans or second class citizens – slaves or servants – without any human rights.

    When you have Palestinian leaders teaching their people, If their are 10 Jews and you kill 6 of them, how many Jews are Left?
    When you have these same wicked leaders telling their people that Jews are the sons of Pigs and Apes.
    When you have Palestinian Mufti’s teaching in Mosques that the highest goal for a Muslim is to kill the Jews and to think Sherwood supports these evil people.