Richard Millett’s latest Dispatch: Battle of Brent Street

Cross posted by our friend, Richard Millett

Posing for daddy

Last night 50 Palestine Solidarity Campaign protesters marched through Brent Street in Hendon, an area of London where many British Jews and Israelis live, before congregating outside a hotel where Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman was due to speak.

The protesters spent the evening calling for Israel’s destruction, while being met with chants aimed back at them of “Fascist scum, off our streets” by the 100 or so pro-Israel supporters who had come out on a lovely summer’s evening to see what all the fuss was about.

Hendon rarely witnesses such excitement but had a fascist group wanted to march through an area of London while calling for the destruction of a country from where another minority group living in England originates there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have been allowed to.

Some PSC protesters couldn’t resist bringing their very young children along for an indoctrination session. One father tried to get his young son and daughter to pose in front of the “Jews are in exile” sign paraded by the Neturei Karta (see photo above). Such an evening’s entertainment is cheaper than taking them to the cinema, I guess.

Finally, the PSC protesters were given a police escort back to Hendon Central station as you can see in this clip where one protester, the kid in the black top, is articulating himself in the aggressive manner one has come to expect. If anyone can lip read please let me know what he is saying (richardblog@live.co.uk). I know it isn’t pretty.

Also, at about 2 minutes in another PSC protester gives a salute. Does anyone know its origins? Thanks.

Here are some more photos:

Who’s going to shoot first, me or him?

Not a pretty sight. At least tuck your shirt in!

Am Ysrael Chai

Yup, it’s all the Jews fault as usual, obviously.

Daddy lines up his children for that mantlepiece shot.

Oh dear, son looking pretty disinterested.

yeah man

More Am Y’srael

And more

I didn’t realise these were taking place in Israel in 2013, so thanks!

You mean free the Palestinians from their Hamas thugs.

What is it about Israel being a Jewish state that brings him here?

Saying evening prayers in front of those that despise you. Beautiful.

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  1. Can’t make out what the person in the black top is saying, but, at 53 seconds the Police Officer gets out his notebook and takes his name.

      • Really?
        The last photo show some very young 60+ people. Wonder what their secret is?

        • Especially the ones taking their kids to school in mornings.
          How dare they have kids after the age of 18…

          No Beny, I think you mean that the Pro Palestinian groups nowadays reaches out to a “rebel” crowd which is mainly in their late teens early 20’s and just feel like rebelling against anything which make sense…

          Now I’m not a pro settlement movement member at all.
          I believe a 2 state solution is essential to both people but I do not share a platform that state that Jews are in the diaspora as a result of a devine decree or blindly believe that Hamas can at any giving moment change their mind about allowing a Jewish state at any area which is currently the state of Israel.

  2. looking at this pathetic group you begin to understand why the Arabs have lost every war they have been in. and not just those against Israel.

        • Let’s put it this way.
          Had the Arabs sided with the Ottomans the Brits could have only dreamt of gaining so much ground in such a short time.

          the Ottomoans were crumbling as a result of Arab rebellion in different sectors for some time even before the war started.

    • It’s important that those who support freedom of speech attend the Globe on Monday and Tuesday or either in support of the Theatre’s right to allow the staging of Habimah’s production of the Merchant of Venice and to oppose those advocating boycotts. Enough is enough. I will try to be there on one of those days.

      Richard, thank you for your infomative report and wish you well.

      I believe the salute is one members of the Communist Party adopted. Incidentally Breivik also raised his fist.


  3. Actually they have won every war which is why there are now 2 billion Muslims worldwide. If we are not careful that number will be swelled by our grandchildren!

    • is it the same AND that betray every thing it once stood for? The same one that run the current election slogan of “vote. for change” while still in power? The same corrupt movement that dismental an elite unit once they start investogating their leaders? Sounds like fatah to me…

  4. I really do believe in freedom of speech but sights like this test that tolerance to its limits.

    When the EDL engage in their provocative marching, there are anti-fascist counter demos.

    Where were those guys?

    • Just like in Britain, when the “black shirts” marched across East London’s Jewish neighbourhoods and were protected by Police so do these Facists!


      Those who oppse Facism must jump through hoops while the Facists use our freedom to attack the same freedom from within.

      Israel stuck with the British law s legacy left after the mandate so much so that it is sometimes behave in the exact same way.

      Any comments on these analogies?

  5. Richard, I am told that the salute you refer to is the ANC salute

    Maybe, maybe not. Back in the day we did it with the arm held aloft while shouting Amandla, not bent at the elbow. Maybe he is an elderly ANC vet with arthritis in the shoulder. Maybe he is just improvising, based vaguely on an amalgam of protest images he has absorbed over the years. In any event, who cares.

    What I am upset about Richard is, I missed this gig when you promised to let me know when the team were next playing at home.

  6. amie, the demo was organised by the British Israel Coalition. They sent out an email (very last minute), so get on their mailing list: write to office@britishisraelcoalition.org. There are two more counter-demos coming up: Monday and Tuesday 6.30pm outside the Globe Theatre, where Habima are due to perform.

  7. Thanks NicoleS. I am on so many mailing lists, and personal contacts, I would have thought one or other of them would have covered it. Am going to the counter demo tonight Monday.