Video: A minute of silence for the victims of Munich Massacre. #justoneminute

In a new campaign (#justoneminute) Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, calls on the International Olympic Committee to dedicate a minute of silence, at this summer’s London Olympic Games, in memory of the 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972.

To sign the petition please open this link.

And, please go to the JustOneMinute Facebook page.

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    • Hi Harold. What exactly happened? I was able to. Was there a message telling you your signature wasn’t accepted?

  1. Sadly the olympics are all about money making.
    There is always a ceremony marking the 72 atrocity, but it’s always ahead of the event and also off camera.

  2. A noble cause for sure and I fully support it.
    However my opinion of the OIC and the “movement” is not one which I would expect such nobility from.
    It is after all a fascist originated movement which took on great spectacle proportions when Munich held the show under Hitler.
    The nepotism, corruption and horse trading involved with every Olympic event demonstrates what is wrong with humanity instead of its ideals.
    There is a small chance this will be granted and there is a great chance that members of the audience would boo during this silent minute. After all this is London and perhaps just to save the OIC from such an embarrassment they will deny this gesture.

    • Armaros.
      Remember Jesse Owens?
      It is precisly because of heroes like Jesse that scumbags like Hitler always fall short.

      “The nepotism, corruption and horse trading involved with every Olympic event demonstrates what is wrong with humanity instead of its ideals.”

      Jesse has proven that humanity still posses a fighting spirit for what is right ,and that if we believe in it, it will prevail in the end even against all odds.

      A little anacdote about this summer games.

      My daughter was one of the small lucky successful 11 year olds in the UK which was chosen as a result of her sportsmanship and skills to give a guard of honor in front of the stadium enterance to all the incoming teams at the opening ceremony.

      She told me a couple of days ago that her PE teacher, like every other chosen school PE teachers, was given a choice between 2 countries to cheer for as they walk by.

      He chose Lebanon, not sure what was the 2nd option but it make little difference.

      My 11 year old daughter thought it was hillarious.
      I told her this is good, cause they are our neighbours.

      You see, this is precisly why Munich massacre should be remembered.
      Because politics and sport should not be mixed.

      This is why, I do not mind my daughter to cheer for athlets from a country which gave free reign to factions on its terittory to attack my home, through out my childhood, because these athlets are sportsman and not foot soldiers or even remotely engaged in political war games.

      For those scum who murdered those Israelis in Munich, all Israelis were fair game.