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Buried by the Guardian: Brutal antisemitic attack in France by Muslim youths

If you go to the France page of the Guardian now you’ll note the latest news. 

Here’s a headline in The Algemeiner, based on news widely reported in France, which the Guardian evidently didn’t deem worthy of reporting:

Per The Algemeiner:

“Three yarmulke wearing Jewish youths were brutally assaulted on Saturday night by a mob of over a dozen who beat them with hammers and Iron bars. The incident took place in Villeurbanne, near Lyon in southeast France. French blogs reported that the crime was carried out by Islamic youths. 

The victims were hospitalized suffering various wounds and were subsequently released according to French newspaper L’Express. Police forces have begun a manhunt in search of the suspects. [One of the boys suffered an open wound on his skull, and one girl had a neck injury].

On Sunday the Interior Ministry said that they believe the assault to be motivated by antisemitism.”

Country? France. Victims? Jews. Perpetrators? Muslims. 

As we reported about the brutal massacre of four innocent Jews (including three small children) in the French city of Toulouse, by an Islamist named Mohammed Merah, back in March, the Guardian, in an official editorial, never once used the term “antisemitism”, nor even mentioned the Jewish identity of the victims.  

In reaction to this latest antisemitic assault  near Lyon, French Jewish artist Ron Agam told the Algemeiner:

“It is unacceptable that this culture of racism and antisemitism is being tolerated by a significant number of the Muslim community, this culture must stop.”

And, it is unacceptable that a major broadsheet in the UK – one which claims a liberal orientation – fails to even note, yet alone express outrage about, a morally reprehensible violent racist attack (by over a dozen Muslim youths) against French Jews.

No, it is not even remotely Islamophobic to say so.

(Final note: Jessica Reed is the French speaking Guardian Assistant editor you may wish to Tweet if you’re interested to know why her paper was evidently so uninterested in the antisemitic attack near Lyon.)

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      • The point is, Joe, that just as the Guardian and other so-called “quality” newspapers studiously ignore crimes against Jews by Muslims or make little of them, preferring rather to concentrate on the poor “victimised” perpetrators of them when they mention them at all, CiF Watch has to provide counterbalance.

        I would be mightily ticked off if it took any notice of your whingeing

        • But this post doesn’t make any reference to ” other so called quality newspapers ” it tells how The Guardian did not report it, with the implication that it was out on it’s own in this and this was one more example of how The Guardian is peculiarly ant semitic.

          This was a racist assault in provincial France. Why would it report it ? How many other such assaults were there in the world that day ?

          • A bit slow, aren’t you Joe? This post is on CiF Watch, whose raison d’etre is to follow what is or is not in the Guardian online or in print.

            Do… you ….. understand?????????????

            • Jonny yes I do understand. But surely there should be some point to the ” following “.

              ” The Guardian adopts the same editorial stance on an issue as every other Uk paper ” is hardly ” man bites dog ” . Is it ?

              Do……..understand ???????????????????????

    • The point is, any paper which gives a damn about racism would cover this story. That papers other than the Guardian similarly didn’t cover it is a sad commentary on the increasing queasiness by the media gate keepers to cover Muslim antisemitism. That’s the point, Joe.

      • Well Adam we will just have to disagree on the point. You have a mission. As I understand it, is to shine a light on anti semitic content in the Guardian and Cif. This story is way off that beam. It was a racist assault in provincial France. They happen just about everywhere every day. There was nothing particularly exceptional about this one. It never made the pages of the Guardian or any other UK paper. Hardly counts as ” burying ” the story unless you think the Guardian should report on every such incident in Europe. Would be a very thick paper.

        • I disagree. I think this attack is absolutely newsworthy. Yes, there are racist attacks in Europe every day – but they have traditionally been committed by fucked up white nationalists.

          This attack is part of a worrying new trend of assaults on Jews by Muslims. White neo-Nazis will attack anyone “different” to themselves. But this is a case of a specific group being targeted – what’s more due to events a thousand miles away.

          The reverse scenario would be European Jews attacking Muslims in revenge for suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. But this simply isn’t happening, is it?

  1. If ten Jews attacked three innocent Muslims then and only then would the racist Guardian and it’s toxic anti-Israeli posters would be interested.With Harriet Sherwood out in the fore front banging away on her empty drums…..

  2. The Guardian is routinely ignores or underplays Muslim racism.

    No matter whether it is in the UK, France, Palestine or Egypt, you can bet that Muslim attacks on Jews and Christians will either not be reported at all, or when that is impossible, slanted to absolve Muslims of responsibility.

    It is beginning to look like the Guardian’s campaign against Israel is evolving into a campaign against Jews.

    • No apologies for cross posting:

      “..Dr Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist was sacked from his job at a Copenhagen prison, but given a year’s salary as severance pay, because he had the temerity to write and speak openly about why the Muslims he worked with there, who had been raised in a Muslim environment, had a high risk of developing certain antisocial patterns…..

      “The most important characteristics that Sennels found concerned aggression, self-confidence, individual responsibility and identity. It also it quickly became clear to him that Muslims in general have a different view on aggression, anger and threatening behaviour than Danes and probably most of our Western world. For example, for most Westerners, it is an embarrassing sign of weakness if people become angry, whereas the complete opposite is the case within Muslim cultures. A Muslim who does not react aggressively when criticized he is seen as weak, not worth trusting and he thus loses social status immediately.

      “Sennels also examined the differences in perception of personal responsibility between Muslims and Westerners. He found that Muslims had a predominantly external locus of evaluation, whereas most Westerners value and encourage an internal locus of evaluation. He comments that people who possess an external locus of evaluation see their own lives to be mainly guided by outer factors – a fearsome God, a powerful father, influential imams, ancient but strong cultural traditions – and very easily develop a victim mentality because they are not taught cause and effect, and bad things seem to happen to them rather than they are encouraged understand their role in the causation of them….”


      “..I do not know how many Muslims are in France, but there is a theory, with which I agree, that once the ratio of Muslims to others exceeds a certain percentage, Muslims may become emboldened enough to perpetrate violence against kufar. [Can anyone tell me what is the Muslim population of Lyons?]

      “The defenders of the criminals are afflicted by the same external locus of evaluation as are so many who write above and below the line on CiF and elsewhere – they blame the victims for “making” the perpetrators do what they do.

      “Another aspect is the cognitive dissonance caused to Muslims by their blatant and very public failures to be supreme. They are raised to believe literally that they are the chosen of allah and yet their allah appears to have abandoned them because their hated enemies, the Jews, best them again and again. Most of us try our best to avoid emotional discomfort and where we cannot we deal with it.

      “…. Arabs’/Muslims’ first resort is to acting out angrily in the face of things they don’t understand or which don’t support their very fragile self-image and concept, it’s little wonder that there is intra-Muslim violence and aggression from Muslims towards non-Muslims. They blame others because they cannot bear the discomfort of placing that blame where it lies, with themselves for not acting appropriately, and instead they rage against the world at large if they fail…”

    • Andy, you know as well as I that many Muslims don’t care to distinguish between “Jew” and “Zionist”, and neither does the Guardian.

      The following might interest you as well, from Elder of Ziyon, which points up the threadbare nature of the “anti-Zionist not antisemitic” argument:

      Remember also the war cries of the idiots on the Mavi Marmara about the Jews and Khaybar

    • Actually, Andy, one can argue that allowing Islamists and assorted supporters of Islamist terror to write for it shows that it actively supports Muslims racism when it is not being similarly racist itself.

  3. Interestingly enough, the Guardian did find time to report the horrible attack on a house in Jerusalem were immigrants lived. In fact they managed to find room for it on the front page. While the attack was especially horrific as it could have killed people, it is interesting that in A UK newspaper- racist attack in France on Jews, leaving people in need of hospital treatment= Nothing, Racist attack in Israel = Hold the front page.

    • I think the G. still featured that story about immigrants on its homepage this very morning!

  4. Actually, they probably didn’t report the incident in France yet because this time they can’t blame it on the right, and are taking their time to try and ‘understand’ the poor attackers point of view. After all, it must be the Jews fault right?

  5. What qualifies Ms Reed to assume the title of journalist; is it just because the guardian label her as such? Because from her photo, she doesn’t seem old enough to know anything about anything, let alone report on such matters. Or is it that she’s not a journalist but only an assistant-editor, whatever that might mean, and whatever qualifications might be implied by such a title? And what’s an op-ed desk? Seems to me that she’s what she is because she is. Given the guardian’s parlous financial situation maybe she doesn’t cost them too much.

    • John of course she has no right. I’ll bet her information was derivative.

      I imagine “op-ed” is a synonym for “make it up as you go along.”

    • John it isn’t rocket science. Someone is a journalist if they are employed or commissioned as a journalist. Adam help me out here I can only afford so much time educating your resident for free.

        • Mr. Levick… any chance we can reduce the ad hominem attacks issued here, by our “resident” troll?
          The commenting policy certainly prohibits it.
          Thank you.

          • I don’t recall you calling for peterthehungarian and others’ expletives to be deleted. Strange, that.

            • I reserve the right to refer the comments I find most offensive to moderation first; if you like, you can grouse about the others all you want.

        • If realzionist’s emissions accurately reflect the ‘education’ he offers for free, heaven knows what imbecilic drivel he’d spew if he were to charge for tuition.

  6. Thanks, Snigger. If we are asking ourselves how such things could happen in an allegedly civilised country, the following makes chilling reading indeed.

    It is rather strident but has large kernels of truth in it.

    I believe that Europe is at stage 2 of the 4 states of Islamisation, and there is evidence of attempts to silence critics of Islam even here on CiF Watch, which of course helps the Islamisation process on its way.

    Note also on page 2 “Physical and legal intimidation causes self-censorship in host population.” I would add to that great discomfort in those who witness others who refuse to self-censor. Note also that at stage 2 Muslim antisemitism is on the increase as it is in France and the UK

  7. Bernard Henri Levy wrote a pretty comprehensive response to this viscious attack over @ The Huff:

    It includes some pretty sobering stuff:
    “we have watched a candidate, Madame LePen, systematically encourage boos and catcalls at her meetings when Jewish-sounding names are mentioned?”

    “France is one of the rare countries where, when you type in a proper name on a Web search engine, one of the first semi-automatic data entries supposedly “suggested” by the algorithm (but in reality prescribed by the totality of searches by preceding users) is the association of the name with “Jew”?

  8. Hmmm….

    Seems to me that you are trying to deflect from Islamofascism in France by reminding us that there are still the other types of Nazi.

    Well thank you but I’d guess that most of us already knew that.

    • You’ll see I used the word “comprehensive”. BHL – righly – spends a sizeable proportion of the article on anti-Semitism among Muslims. See – I’m doing no such “deflection.”

      So not for the first time, you are laughably wrong in your analysis of me!

      You seem to have latent aggression issues.

      • It would help your arguments if you abstain from personal attacks. I know that I interfere but I appreciate your interventions for moderation. although I am swept away by anger myself in this European rebirth of anti-Semitsm.

        • European rebirth – nurtured by the left and Muslim organisations I have to amend, as a leftist.

  9. Huh! A psychologist now, are you?

    Actually, your quick turns of mood indicate “issues” of your own.

  10. The Guardians Aussie franchises the Fairfax ,Sydney Morning Herald & Melbourne’s The Age are exactly the same as al’ Guardian They don’t report anything negative about Muslims or hide it in the back pages . Alternately they are obsessed with Israel and Jews .
    The Guardian and BBC are clearly anti- Semitic and Arabist from the top editors down to the journalists and correspondents .