Video: Why did Israel steal hummus from the Arabs?

“Still, it’s one thing to admire a neighbour’s cooking, quite another to name it your own national dish, as Israelis have done for hummus and that other Middle Eastern chickpea favourite, falafel.” – Who owns hummus?, Rachel Shabi, ‘Comment is Free’, October 8, 2008

H/T Missing Peace and Elder of Ziyon

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  1. Shabi must be correct. Those poor Arabs have been robbed by those Christian/Jewishs feinsmeckers. The pita became the Italian pizza, the shwarma is called gyros in Europe, and all of those bloody mathematicians took from them the science of algebra.
    This is the reason that today they have to import even the screwdrivers to make their bombs.

  2. Mmm … I have just found the best felafel in our area at Shwareen Cafe, run with military precision by a tiny Persian lady. It proudly claims to be Glatt Kosher from at least three different, and possibly feuding, US rabbinical groups. It is full of ultra-orthodox Jewish customers looking at secular me suspiciously, perhaps wondering if I have come to steal the secret of the perfect felafel from this tiny lady, who barks out the orders to her yarmulke-wearing staff with the ferocity of an attack chihuahua.

    The menu of offerings features only Persian names, so I stick with felafel.

    But the question I have, now that Shabi has raised the issue – is this the first US/Israeli strike against Iran – stealing the secret Iranian felafel recipe and spiriting their felafel scientists out of Iran to a secret location at the corner of xxx and xxx? It seems to me that when the felafel is made I first hear a distinct whirring sound, as of a centrifuge, and a perfectly rounded felafel emerges to be dunked into the kosher oil … then I feel a warm glow enveloping me as I take the first delicious bite …

  3. hmm… PetertheHungarian… no hummus-falafel for you,
    Come back 1 year !

    PS. Didn’t the Arabs steal the number ‘zero’ from the Hindus?
    It figures.

    Great video with all these Oriental Jews or Arabs in Israel ! Makes me quite nostalgic for T. A.

        • I am tempted to give you a one star for that comment, Peter!

          Golani Afula falafel forever!

          (PS – when in Akko, I visit the tiny hole-in-the-wall Arab restaurants and avoid the big ones that cater to busloads of tourists. They may have stolen the hummus from the Crusaders, but it is delicious).

          • Probably you are speaking of Said’s hummusiada… The best hummus in Israel. The best felafel is exactly in front of it in a tiny shop of the bazaar.
            Even appreciated with only one star I’ll fight to my last chip of foul for Said’s with my back to the wall of the Old City!

        • According to foreign correspondents Hamas is a moderate organisation, Gaza is under an illegal blockade, Israel’s capital is Tel-Aviv etc. etc. Knowing their relations to the objective reality their opinion must be understand that the falafel in gaza is an inedible shit.

          • I said that according to foreign correspondents, the best falafel is in Gaza City but I must add that there are others challenging this and saying it is actually to be found in Beirut.

            Just out of curiosity, Peter: have you been able to taste Famafel in Gaza and Lebanon?

    • I have the moral basis to eat hummus, not so long ago I eat an excellent goulash-soup in an Arab restaurant in Tarshiha… the Arabs nicked the famous Hungarian national dish!

  4. Is she trying to make up for all the dumb anti-Israel articles that she wrote in the past for the Guardian.

  5. Not poor, as I wrote before, but under educated girl.
    “Good” enough for those at The Guardian.

  6. It’s a well-known fact. Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi etc. Jews traditionally ate gefilte fish, brisket and rugelach, and said “Oy vay!” a lot.

  7. The wider argument underlying all this satire is the implicit antisemitic motivation of those who accuse Israel of stealing Palestine from its allegedly native (Arab) people.

    It’s not all that different, essentially, from notorious antisemites like Richard Wagner who accused Jews of stealing or copying German culture, and being incapable of originality in music and the arts. It’s why the Nazis talked of ‘Jewish’ science and Aryan science. It’s why Mel Gibson and others talk of ‘Jewish’ Hollywood..

    So what about the Arabs then : why did they steal our Bible ?
    They must have seen how the Christians did it and just copied them.

  8. This Iraqi guy is fucking stupid. Iraqi is arab. He’s like “ARABS CAN FUCK OFF” You can fuck off from Israel and go back to being an Arab. You douche bag