Terror attack on Israel’s southern border, 18th June, 2012.

This morning a terror attack took place on the Israeli side of the border with Egypt. The details of the event, as provided by Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit are as follows. 

The incident took place on Route 10, some 30 kilometres south of Gaza. Three terrorists had crossed from Egypt to the Israeli side of the border and hidden themselves. At around 6 o’clock this morning, two vehicles transporting Israeli construction workers to the site of their work on the border fence currently under construction drove past the area in which the terrorists were hiding. 

The terrorists activated an IED and fired at the vehicles with an RPG and Kalashnikov rifles. The RPG did not hit the cars, but the explosive device and gunfire did and one of the vehicles flipped over, landing in a nearby ditch. One of the Israeli construction workers ( Said Phashpashe, aged 36 from Haifa) was killed. 

Minutes later, soldiers from the Golani Brigade arrived on the scene and there was an exchange of fire between them and the terrorists, during which a large explosion took place. Two terrorists were killed – one of them was carrying large amounts of explosives on his body.

Routes 10 and 12, which were closed to traffic during the event, have now been re-opened and the five Israeli civilian communities in the region which were sealed off for five hours whilst the possibility of a third terrorist at large was being ruled out are now back to normal. 

Lt. Col. Leibovich pointed out several similarities between this incident and the one which took place nearby last August. In both cases the terrorists were in possession of very high quality equipment including flak jackets, camouflage gear, helmets and grenades. There is a high probability that part of the terror squad may have remained on the Egyptian side of the border. 

The IDF is still investigating this morning’s incident and the terrorists’ origins and affiliations are not yet known. 

In a separate event just before noon today, the IDF identified and eliminated two terrorists about to launch a terror attack in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of 2012, terrorists have fired 282 rockets into Israeli territory – 10 of those since the beginning of June. 


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  1. Currently in England I happened to look this incident up on the BBC TV text on screen this morning. It describes the terrorists as ‘militants’. No mention of terror or murder, no context, just something judgement-free….

    • I love the way the BBC call it a “vast” border between Israel and Egypt. At the end of the article, they clarify – it’s 165 miles long – about the same as England’s border with Wales. Vast. Truly vast.

      My sympathies to Mr Phashpashe’s family and friends, too.

    • Moshe, Islamists who blew up trains and a bus in London, killing an injuring innocent people on their way to work were terrorists, according to the BBC account at the time. Elsewhere, Islamists who murder Israelis in suicide bombings or in their beds, as happened in Itamar, are “militants.”

      • First, Itamar is not in Israel, it’s a settlement built in the Palestinian territory in violation of international law. This cannot justify the atrocious, unforgivable murder of innocent Israeli children, including a newborn, but at least get your facts straight.

        Second, All British journalists call suicide bombers terrorists, because that’s what they are. Here again,l lease get your facts straight.

  2. CNN says the same, and goes on to describe the terrorists as ‘gunmen’.
    We’re not fooled.

  3. Yet more evidence of the very real threat Israel lives with daily.

    Condolences to the family of Said Phashpashe

  4. The same in the Austrian Standard. Attackers kill civil persons, and an ensuing fight is reported. Not mention ot terror against innocent people.

    • The same at the German tv broadcast ZDF.
      No mention of terror, just attackers who killed a Israelian worker with an ensuing fight,

  5. No mention the Israeli victim was an Israeli Arab.

    The terrorists do not distinguish between Jews and Arabs in their attacks on Israel.

    • He probably “deserved” to die (according to them) because he was an Israeli citizen. All Israelis are fair game to these lunatics.