One million invisible people.

As the sixth day of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip upon one million civilians living in the south of Israel comes to a close, with a school (fortunately empty) hit today and a factory worker suffering injuries from shrapnel in his neck, it is interesting to note the images chosen by the Guardian in order to illustrate its somewhat sparse coverage of events. 

On Monday, June 18th, an article by AP on the subject of that morning’s terror attack, in which Haifa resident Said Phashpashe was killed, was illustrated using a photograph of Israeli soldiers manning a roadblock along the route upon which the incident occurred.

Israeli forces near Egyptian border

Harriet Sherwood’s article of June 20th was illustrated using a picture of a rocket which exploded in Israeli territory. 

Gaza rocket

June 21st saw another article by Harriet Sherwood which used an image of the funeral of one of the terrorists killed by Israel in Gaza. 

The funeral of Ghaleb Armilat, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike, takes place in Gaza

On June 22nd an article by Reuters was published without the use of an image. 

In other words, despite the fact that the Guardian keeps a permanent correspondent in Jerusalem, not one image of the Israeli civilians under attack has been seen by Guardian readers.

Is this a new phenomenon? Looking at the images used during the similar escalation of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip three months ago (March 9th to 14th) one notices that the pictures used were as follows. 

March 9th, 2012

Zuhair al-Qaissi

March 10th, 2012

Palestinian mourners carry the bodies of people killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip

March 11th, 2012

A rocket is launched from the Israeli anti-missile system known as Iron Dome

March 11th, 2012

Video featuring an opening image of a mourning family in Gaza, the Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and a Hamas spokesman. 

March 12th, 2012

Same video as above.

March 12th, 2012

Israeli air strike in Jabalya

March 12th, 2012

Same video as above. 

March 14th, 2012

Zuhair al-Qaissi

One million Israeli men, women, children and senior citizens – targeted by terrorists’ rockets on a regular basis for over a decade  – are invisible in the Guardian’s coverage of the Middle East. 

Those non-existent pictures speak volumes. 

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  1. The Guardian consistently presents Israelis as being either soldiers in uniform or religious, dressed in clothes most of us would never consider wearing.

    • Margie, please come visit Israel. You definitely encounter many people wearing the uniform or religious clothing, which you would never see in Europe for instance.

      • Yes – and when I walk through the streets of London, I see many people wearing the hijab, but if a foreign news outlet chose to portray London solely through images of women wearing the hijab, would that be an accurate image of London, do you think, Nat?

        • You cannot walk in Jerusalem without seeing people in military uniforms, armed settlers in settler outfit or religious Jews. Israel is not located in Europe, and Israelis do dress differently from Europeans. This is actually part of Israel’s folklore for tourists.

      • Nat,

        I dare you to walk with me in Kiryat shmona on any given day and see if you find more than a handful.

        Yes you’ll find loads of Kippa wearing people with normal jeans and tea shirts, seculer people, Druze people, but hardly Orthodox people or Hasidim.

        I do agree about the uniformed people. Especialy close to the week end.
        In such a tiny country no wonder.

        Go to Mazkeret Batya. Lod, Rehovot. West Rishon, Natanya, Hedera, and you find similar things, with the exception of the Druze and add Arabic people.

        I doubt Margie needs to “come” to Israel.

        You need to start travel in Israel.

        It’s a small country you know.

  2. I really and truly did try to find something to say about this garbage piece. I mean really. It wasn’t a token attempt. I really did try.

    But words failed me.

    • Why don’t you come and experience 1st hand the “cease fire” called by the Hamas? You’d see how much fun it is to all get up from dinner and gather in the stairwell of the building, among the screaming frightened kids and the weeping and trembling elderly always afraid not to make in time to the safe part of the building.

      • Myriam, you have Israeli families afraid of being killed by Hamas rockets in Southern Israel, just like you have Palestinian families afraid of being kiled in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. There are civilians suffering on both sides.

        • True, Nat, but the point is (I can’t believe I have to spell this out for you) the Guardian (and others) only show one side cowering in fear. The other is only ever portrayed as a nation of soldiers or right-wing extremists.

        • I think you should show some solidarity with those afraid of being killed by ordnance from their own side rather than by Israeli air strikes and go and stay in Gaza. You obviously feel their pain.

          You can write for CiF Watch about your first hand experiences of having to be a human shield.

    • “I really and truly did try to find something to say about this garbage piece. I mean really. It wasn’t a token attempt. I really did try.
      But words failed me.”

      But you did say something about it. You said it’s a “garbage piece”, which is pretty much the same thing you say when words don’t “fail” you. Obviously you can’t help lying or talking.
      Here’s an experiment for you to try. The next time you can’t find something to say, don’t say anything.

    • What I like about you is how you portray your cluelessness in such witty fashion. I mean, you come here to tell us how you just can’t think of anything to say because, golly, you’re just some brain dead, Israel bashing, Jew baiting dipshit with nothing better to do. When you’re right, you’re right. You are a vain, brainless joke. And, yes, that’s gosh darn funny.

    • If these are the words of a ‘real Zionist’ I can well understand that some people disdain Zionism. Someone without the basic humanity and insight to show compassion is representative of the Josephus strain of Judaism and is a pretty poor human being.

  3. “I really and truly did try to find something to say” – its ok… people of such limited intelligence often have problems forming coherent sentences… and if only words fail you more often…. the few bits of garbage vomited from your mouth are not worth listening to

  4. I’d say it’s a ploy by Hamas to incite Israel to invade and then try to gain the new Muslim brotherhood government (if the Egyptian army allows them to take power) to respond.

    There’s actually a Shiite-sunni war going on in Syria that should spill over to Lebanon soon too.

    • I agree with you. Hamas is a real embodiment on the world stage before gullible nations of the old Arab proverb:

      “He strikes me and weeps and then he runs before me weeping and saying that I struck him” – ضربني وبكى وسبقني واشتكى Darabni Wabaka, Saba’ni Wishtaka

      And the idiots fall for it time after time.

  5. Don’t expect anything decent from the Guardian and their poodle in Jerusalem.The Guardian will keep plodding along with their biased reports from Israel.Things might change if the the Jewish organizations in the UK start complaining enmasse about the Guardian’s anti-Israeli bias.It needs to be a concentrated effort…………

    • Yes. Turkey is a real paper tiger. I remember it threatening to send naval vessels to patrol the waters around southern/Greek Cyprus after Israel and Southern Cyprus came to an agreement about dividing up sea areas which may contain gas and oil deposits.

      Poor Erdogan. Things simply aren’t working out how his sick Islamist mond thought they would. Egypt rejected his overtures reminding him of Ottoman atrocities and it suddenly dawns on him that Iran may not submit to Turkish domination.

      The poor little Islamist dear. Keeps on throwing his toys out of his pram and then starts blubbering and arresting reporters for telling it how it is.

  6. I posted something similar on my blog last night: No injuries or damage reported which gives the point of view of someone living on the Gaza border who protests at the use of such banal language, when in reality the psychological damage of living under constant missile and rocket attack is inestimable.

  7. It’s not just the Guardian. None of the networks here in the USA, including FOX which is considered a pro-Israel network, even mentioned the recent rocket attacks. The problem is that Jews are not seen as people and are therefore not entitled to live peacefully, or that somehow Israel has brought this upon herself for not capitulating to Hamas. Either way, it once again shows the antisemitic bias so prevalent in the media.