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‘Comment is Free’ moderators fail to remove references to “ZioNazis” (UPDATED)

The Guardian posted a report by  and , titled “Iran sanctions will halve oil sales but may still not succeed“, June 29. Borger and Dehghan, while musing on the possible effects of the EU’s new oil embargo against the Islamic Republic, included the following dog whistle for Guardian readers obsessed with Israel’s role in any and all possible world calamities:

“Some western diplomats privately concede that the severity of the new sanctions is primarily aimed at dissuading Israel from launching military strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.”

So original: Israel, the military aggressor, cunningly manipulating U.S. and EU security policies towards Iran – Western leaders who otherwise would have no national or regional interests in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 

The following comment has garnered 108 “Recommends” and hasn’t been deleted, despite the fact that it was posted over 11 hours ago.

In fact, the same commenter used the term “ZioNazis” a mere two days ago, beneath the Guardian’s Middle East Live Blogwhich similarly hasn’t been deleted by CiF moderators.

It’s time to ask CiF’s comment editor Becky Gardiner if such an appalling and hateful epithet is consistent with their “community standards“.


(UPDATE, July 1st: Following our post, the comments, which made reference to “ZioNazis”, referenced above were deleted by CiF moderators)

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  1. Try posting a comment using the term Islamofascist, and Cif would ban you before your feet touched the ground.

    The Guardian is tolerating the anti-semitic language of the gutter. The mask has finally slipped, revealing the ugly foam-flecked brute behind the soft wet liberal facade.

    • – Oldgitom clearly hates the Guardian.
      – Plenty of CiF comments using the term Islamofascist are allowed to stand.

      Feel silly? You should do.

      But of course, the usual chimps and chumps applaud!


  2. It’s interesting that socialists/communists/marxists/greens/fascists and muslims all ascribe to their enemies the traits that they themselves most exhibit.

    • Not sure that socialists in general should be included in what you say, except the likes of Shameless Milne of CiF, but I would call him an extremist.

      Extremists like him have in common the authoritarian personality traits which include rigidity of construing, hatred of the “other” and the faulty attributions which go with that, and their behaviour evidences paranoid splitting and projection.

      Adorno (1950) concluded that people with authoritarian personalities where likely to categories people into “us” and “them” groups, seeing their own group as superior. The main components are:

      excessive conformity

      submissiveness to authority




      ridged, stereotyped thought patterns

      They think in extremely stereotyped ways about minorities, women, homosexuals, Jews etc, indeed about anyone who they believe thinks differently from them or is not like them. They are thus very dualistic- the world is conceived in terms of absolute right (their way) versus absolute wrong.

      All the groups you mention, with the caveat about socialists I have included above, also possess a lack of insight which makes the continuing of their behaviour possible. This takes place because they split off from their consciousness those bad aspects of their personalities which they are aware of and project them onto the “out” group (in Shameless’ case Jews/Israelis/Zionists) so that they can feel good about themselves and what they do.

      • That applies to many groups I’ve seen, left and right.

        I might add one characteristic: they generally think that they are thinking for themselves, and anyone who disagrees with them is not.

  3. Oldgitom is not only a wacko – they’re also a critic of the Guardian.

    Has anyone posting here actually read the entire post?

    • Missed the point again haven’t we Pretzel?

      Who cares how many screws Oldgitom is missing, the point is CiFilis allows his Israel=Nazis comments to stand.

      Try calling the Arabs “IslamoNazis” and then enjoy your moderation.