CiF reader comment of the day: On “Zionist Keyboard Brigades”

Beneath the Guardian’s Middle East Live Blog (Syria crisis: Erdogan threatens military retaliation) on June 26 was a standard off-topic, incoherent diatribe which managed to focus most of its malign energy squarely at the desired Zionist target.

However, while you can jump to the last line to read the rant’s comical crescendo, please note the creative characterization of Zionists, (underlined in red) in the second line, who he/she thinks knows is behind calls for military intervention in Syria.

Keyboard Brigades?

So, just for fun, I Googled “Zionist Keyboard Brigades” to see if there would be any direct hits and, sure enough:

The first link takes you to a site called ‘Before It’s News’, and a piece titled, “Zionist Corporate Media Censoring Syrian War“, and includes this pearl of wisdom:

“The media reports from the corporate Zionist media are being heavily censoring to prevent posters who know the truth from commenting on the comments portion of the news stories that are aggregated through such news aggregators as Google News, Yahoo and Microsoft.  Post after post by the Zionist keyboard brigade shows them making ridiculous accusations, inflammatory postings, bellicose statements,  disseminating pro-war and anti-Iranian propaganda is also being supported by the media deleting those who know and post the truth about what is going on in Syria.

Sound familiar?

The second hit, from a readers’ forum for mountain bikers (don’t ask), provides some further clarification on the term:

“Zionist Keyboard Brigade[s]...They have websites who monitor other websites who criticize Israel, and these Keyboardists try to make it seem that there’s more support than there actually is and try to obfuscate the reality on the ground, the brutality, the objectives, the Zionism. “

Hmmm…A Zionist blog which arduously monitors another site obsessively critical of Israel.  Which site could this commenter have in mind?

Alright, that’s enough fun for one day fellow “Keyboardists”. Back to trolling beneath the line at that “other site” to make it seem (to those untrained in the insidious art of Zionist villainy) that there’s more support for Zionism than there actually is, and obfuscating the ugly, brutal Israeli reality on the ground!

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  1. So now you just take whatever malady you perceive the world or society is ailing from and simply attach the word “Zionist?”
    Yeah, I think I could that. Doesn’t sound hard.
    Sure, it won’t actually solve any of the world’s problems – probably worsen them, but it’ll make me feel good. Isn’t that what it’s all about?
    – sincerely,

  2. My brain hurts from trying to fathom the convoluted lunacy in the comment. I’m also trying to picture vultures licking their chops but for some reason it is extraordinarily difficult. Perhaps something to do with vultures not having tongues? Or chops?

    Thank you for the entertainment value though Adam. 🙂

  3. Surely the most offensive part of this sick idiot’s post was “The Jews would have the US fight Russia and Iran down to their last man and dollar.”

    As for the one other quote:
    “The media reports from the corporate Zionist media … being supported by the media deleting those who know and post the truth about what is going on in Syria.”

    I always try not to imagine what the apartments of the guys who post such material look like. Probably very cluttered. And lots of, erm, used tissues in front of the monitor.
    They probably have massive bellies and wear thick-set specs as well.

  4. And the Mountain biker’s forum, what’s the deal with “The Zionism.”

    As if Zionism is an illness.