BBC and the Guardian cover for Baby Assad

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(By now it should be Bloody Baby Assad, of course, but the force of habit…)

Anyway, I am really not into the issue of biased/not biased BBC and Guardian’s obsession with all things anti-Zionist. This case is so ridiculous it’s too funny to get on a high horse of injured dignity. The story of the Turkish F-4 downed by Syria is probably coming to a close with profuse expressions of regret from Baby Assad in his interview given to a Turkish newspaper. The world newspapers are reporting Assad’s words in slightly different translations. Let’s go to a Turkish source, Hurriyet, first:

“The plane was using a corridor which Israeli planes have used three times before. Soldiers shot it down because we did not see it on our radar and because information was not given.”

Of course I might have been happy if this had been an Israeli plane,” Assad said

Now let’s check out CNN:

“The Turkish people are our brothers and something that would make them sad would never make me happy and it did not. If this was an Israeli plane, of course, I would have been happy.”

Fair enough. And what about Israeli Ynet? Here it goes:

“Soldiers shot it down because we did not see it on our radar and because information was not given. Of course I might have been happy if this had been an Israeli plane,” Assad said.

Now check out the articles on the subject by BBC and The Guardian. Hint – search for the word “Israel”…

Tee hee… really!

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  1. Have gone to the trouble of reading the linked items, searched for Israel and… I don’t get it. What is your point, writer?

    • Assad clearly appears to have said that he would be “happy” if he shot down an Israeli plane, but that neither the BBC nor the Guardian, who both chose to report Assad’s “apology”, saw fit to mention this part of his statement.

      I think the author is trying to say that they deliberately avoided mentioning it so as to reinforce their world view that a) Assad is a “moderate” under attack from foreign forces (perhaps inspired by pernicious Israeli/Zionist/imperialist pressure), and b) that Israel is paranoid when it says it is under threat from its neighbours. Personally, I think that is pushing the point, but I can see where the author is coming from.

  2. No mention of him being happy had it been an Israeli plane, Amie.

    Adam, the Beeb does mention that he’d wish it on his enemies, so it is similar.

  3. BTW Adam,

    Regardless of our opinion on Assad (either father or son) I believe many Israelis feel happiness at the site of a potential Syrian jet which is shot down prior to it making any damage to our forces / civilians.

    In 1982 there were many exchanges between our jets and the Syrian MIGs and we celebrated our hits with a big sigh of relief.

    Yes, we weren’t happy that another Syrian died or got injured. We simply felt happy we took away the danger posed by the enemy jet.

    I believe that was the message Assad was attempting to put through, yet keeping in check with the usual Anti Zionist mentra.

    • It was a Turkish jet. Of course, the way Turkey is going, Israel may end up having to fend off their planes as well.

  4. The other fact that doesn’t fit Al Beeb/Guardians narrative (and must leave their readers somewhat confused) is that they ignore the Turkish occupation of Hatay (and Cyprus and Kurdistan). This is really Turkey flexing it’s muscle over Hatay and trying to get NATO involved.

    They also don’t make it clear that this, like the Syrian civil war itself, is a Sunni-Shia issue between the Iran-backed Syrian Shia leadership and Muslim Brotherhood allied Sunni Turkey.

  5. No thought of the consequences if it had actually been an Israeli plane. Syria is hardly in a position to go to war with Israel being somewhat busy on the domestic front.

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