On the death of a terrorist named Arafat and a CiF Watch Tweet which went viral

After Yasser Arafat died in 2004, the Palestinian Authority refused to release medical records which would have shed light into the cause of death.

While it was reported that AIDS was a possible cause, as Challah Hu Akbar observed, “conspiracy theories relating to Arafat’s death have been around since the beginning.”  

These have included the accusation that he was poisoned by Polonium 210, the same substance which killed Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.  The Polonium theory was also advanced, for example, by antisemitic extremist Israel Shamir in 2006.

Interestingly, a report in 2005 by The New York Times (which had access to Arafat’s medical records) concluded that he died of “a stroke that resulted from a bleeding disorder caused by an unknown infection,” but noted that the “findings argued strongly against poisoning”.

However, just yesterday, July 4, Al-Jazeera revived the story, and claimed that the results of “a 9 month investigation” of the death of Arafat “uncovered radioactive polonium on [Arafat’s] final belongings,” a story which has spread across the web.

Of course, many of us at CiF Watch have been more concerned with the absence of information, in most of the coverage of these “revelations”, regarding Arafat’s death toll – the casualties resulting from a terrorist war against innocent civilians which he helped to revolutionize.

Arafat’s long reign of terror included orchestrating the start of the 2nd Intifada, a four-year campaign of violence which claimed the lives of over 1100 Israelis. (See CAMERA’s “Yasir Arafat’s Timeline of Terror” for a summary of the terrorist violence the Palestinian leader was responsible for – attacks which date back to the 1960’s.)

So, yesterday, we Tweeted the following which, as of this post, has been ReTweeted 88 times:

Hopefully, the success of our (under 140 character) observation about the legacy of Arafat indicates that the notoriety of the man (known as “The Father of Modern Terrorism“) will not soon be forgotten.

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  1. The fact that Arafat supported terrorism for much of his career is irrelevant to this story. As we have been reminded in recent posts, so did many senior Zionists. The crucial points are:

    – Was he murdered?

    – Was he poisoned with polonium?

    – Was an arm of the Israeli state responsible?

    It seems probable that the answers are: ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’, but the coming post mortem should tell us more.

    The Israeli government is getting its denials in early and zealots like Adam are seeking to justify the unjustifiable. Let’s just wait for the post mortem results. If they go the way I suspect it will be another hammer blow to any suggestion that the Israeli government behaves in a moral fashion.

    • “The fact that Arafat supported terrorism for much of his career is irrelevant to this story.”
      As for the “denials” coming in early, what about as early as 2003?
      I suspect this is “yet another hammer blow to any suggestion” that you are a sane, humane, or moral individual.(Your anti-Semitic statement(regarding the “Khazars”) which you have so far NOT recanted, evidences as much).

        • You said, earlier, that “most Jews are descended from ‘converts'”.
          That is an audacious, and completely false lie, that has its roots in anti-Semitic paraphernalia.
          Please rescind that; it doesn’t befit an educated person.

          • I think I said that the ‘conversion theory’ is well-supported, or words to that effect. A great deal has been written about Jewish exile and proselytism, by historians not anti-semites. My reading of some of this suggests there is considerable evidence for the latter and very little for the former. You are entitled to disagree on the basis of an alternative reading of the evidence. What is illegitimate is to base your opinions on religious myth and to label those who disagree with you ‘anti-semitic’.

            • Well-supported? Please provide sources for that, if you think so(And not Shlomo Sand/Israel Shamir, we need GENETIC evidence for that, not ravings).
              On the other hand, there have been countless genetic studies on Jews, that confirm that their lineage and ancestry emerged from a common progenitor.:
              “All relevant Y DNA studies have concluded that the majority of the paternal genetic heritage among Ashkenazim and other Jewish communities is similar to those found dominating Middle Eastern populations, and probably originated there.

              “The proportion of male genetic admixture in Ashkenazi Jews amounts to less than 0.5% per generation over an estimated 80 generations, with “relatively minor contribution of European Y chromosomes to the Ashkenazim,” and a total admixture estimate ‘very similar to Motulsky’s average estimate of 12.5%.'”
              (Hardly “most” Jews)
              And, regarding Autosomal DNA:
              “In a 2009 study by Kopelman et al., Ashkenazi Jews, Turks, Moroccans and Tunisians, share a common origin from the Middle East and are quite close to Palestinians”.

              “Another study done in 2007 by J. Feder et al. confirms the hypothesis of the founding of non-local origin…”
              “…[T]he study also found that “the differences between the Jewish communities can be overlooked when non-Jews are included in the comparisons”, and supported previous interpretations of “little or no gene flow from the local non-Jewish communities in Poland and Russia to the Jewish communities in these countries”…”

              It’s clear however why you would opt for distortions of the Scientific truth in the matter. You attempt to deprive a people their legitimate connection to their History(and that’s antisemitism), and you have evidence here, a plurality of it, back it up.(No biblical “myths”).

            • So for you genetics is a religious myth sencar. Thank you for clarifying this aspect of your education and worldview.
              My reading of some of this suggests there is considerable evidence for the latter and very little for the former.
              I see. The antisemitic rantings of pseudoscholars is considerable evidence for you, genetics must be then insignificant and as you said very little.
              …and to label those who disagree with you ‘anti-semitic’.

              Only those like you sencar who doesn’t simply disagree with me but trying to prove using every kind of racist pseudo scientific arguments to delegitimize the Jewish state and its right to existence.

    • Speaking of “early denials”… Guess who’s advancing(and corroborating it, along the way)the theory that Arafat died of AIDS?
      I’ll give you a hint, a Zionist “apologist” even Mr. Levick or myself couldn’t rival; yes, that’s right, the PFLP’s Ahmed Jibril himself :-D(A well known Zionist agency plant X-D).
      (of 2007, via the indefatigable PMW):

      And of course, a well known defender of Israel, Arafat’s personal doctor, Ashraf al-Kudri(PMW):

      Oh, those malign Zionists!
      Jibril, We hardly knew ya’ 😀

    • “The fact that Arafat supported terrorism for much of his career is irrelevant to this story.”
      sencar it is not only relevant it is central to any story about Arafat.
      IF, or indeed however, he was ‘taken out’ my only concern was that it took too long and a lot of innocent people died because of him.
      As for morality I sooner take the King James Version of the Bible, than an anti-semite such as you, as a guide to morality.
      Matthew 26:52 try reading it sencar better still try to understand it although I doubt if you can as it doesn’t support your pre-set and twisted agenda.

    • The Second Intifada was not “orchestrated” by Arafat or anyone else. It was the result of years and years of humiliation under a never ending military occupaiton, and it was unleashed by Sharoin’s provocative visit in the Haram Al Sharif.

      • Sure it did Aaron.

        The first Intifada, I’d agree with you 100%.
        The second one I’d say you are talking out of your back side.

        The Camp David refusal was there to show what Arafat was all about.
        He never wanted 2 states.
        Just like Hamas doesn’t.

        It’s all or nothing.

        He wanted to fight till the end and die fighting, so his wish was granted.
        What’s all the complaining about?

        • The Second Intifada was unleashed when Ariel Sharon ascended the Haram Al Sharif / Temple Mount in a provocative gesture that was to cost thousands of Israeli and Palestinian lives.

          • “A provocative gesture”- Nat, dear, I thought you stood for freedom of religion, i.e. that ANYONE should be able to visit their holy sites.(And the temple mount IS one of the most treasured locations in the Jewish faith).
            Secondly, Sharon didn’t actually enter the Al-Aqsa mosque:
            “…Sharon did not actually go into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and went during normal tourist hours. Colin Shindler writes “Shlomo Ben-Ami, the Minister of Internal security, was told by Israeli intelligence that there was no concerted risk of violence. This was implicitly confirmed by Jibril Rajoub, the Palestinian head of Preventive Security on the Wesk Bank, who told Ben-Shlomo that Sharon could visit the Haram, but not enter a mosque on security grounds.”
            And here’s the icing on the cake; ready for it, Nat?
            The Pals. admit it as well:
            “…According to the daily Al Iyyam, he said the Palestinian Authority began preparing for the outbreak of violence the moment Yasir Arafat returned from Camp David — at the explicit direction of Arafat himself…(Emphasis added).
            Furthermore, here’s Khaled Abu-Tomeah:“The late Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat had instructed Hamas to launch terror attacks against Israel…“.(Embossing mine)
            And finally, the cream of the crop, the “Mitchell Report”(which can hardly be accused of being, “pro-Israel”):
            “The Sharon visit did not cause the “Al-Aqsa Intifada.”

            • Sharon was not exercizing his freedom of religion when he visited the Haram Al Sharif / Temple Mount, he was engaging in a political move that was to cost the lives of thousands of innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

              Let us not forget that Sharon was the man who was co-responsible for the massacre of women and children in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in South Lebanon, and declared as such by an Israeli court of Justice. That the presence of such a man was not acceptable to Palestinians in the vicinity of their most sacred holy site is understandable.

              Unless you have exclusive information that Sharon was going to ask G-D to forgive him for this massacre?

              • Sharon, even according to the Kahan Commission(not your “Israeli court of Justice”, whatever the hell that means), was not personally responsible for anyone’s death. He could’ve intervened, but that’s not the same as killing, pro forma.
                Every person’s right to visit the Holy Place has to be enshrined. The whim of the Pals. cannot justify the exclusion of any particular person.
                Who knows how many more Israelis offend their “sensibilities”?

              • Nat – are you deliberately being obtuse? To inisist that Sharon’s visit was THE cause of the second intifada and “cost the lives of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian civilians” flies in the face of all evidence.

                Yes, it may have been “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, or the excuse, precept, the trigger (depending on which way you want to look at it), and it was almost certainly ill-advised, but to blindly repeat that the leader of the OPPOSITION (not even a Government minister) deciding to go for a walk near a mosque “cost the lives of thousands of civilians” is just beyond satire.

              • Let us not forget that Sharon was the man responsible for the evacuation of every last Jew from Gaza, including the dead ones from Jewish cemeteries.

                Land for peace?

              • “That the presence of such a man was not acceptable to Palestinians in the vicinity of their most sacred holy site is understandable.”
                Haram al Sharif/ Temple Mount is the most sacred site of the “Palestinian people”?

                Everyone, check out Nat and his replacement theology.

              • Which Israeli officials am I quoting?
                I gave you a Palestinian daily newspaper, Khaled Abu-Tomeah, and the “Mitchell report”.
                Where are the Israelis here, Nat?

                  • Sadly, no Palestinian official carries a personal website, so I can’t direct you to one(one must rely on the press in this instance).
                    Had you bothered to read the link, you would’ve seen that the network cited Imad Al Falouji, a MINISTER in the PA, not just any official.
                    Nat, what about the “Mitchell Report”, and Khaled Abu-Tomeah?

              • I repeat, for the third time: read my links.

                I didn’t know that mad Al-Falouji, at that time the Palestinian Minister of Communication counted as an Israeli official in your eyes. Somebody had better tell him and get him an Israeli ID card.

                Besides al Falouji, the sainted benighted Marwan Barghouti also admitted the same (from my first link):

                In a revealing interview with the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat (September 29, 2001), Marwan Barghouti, head of the Tanzim, admitted his critical role in igniting the October 2000 intifada in both the West Bank and Gaza, as well as among the Israeli Arabs:

                But you’re going to go on and on insisting it was Sharon. You’re not going to read the links I gave or let any facts get in the way of your preset opinion.

          • 1. Unleashed, yes. Spontaneously occurred, no.

            2. What’s so provocative about a man taking a walk?

          • Nat,
            I’m making a provocative gesture at you right now. Knowing this, do you feel an uncontrollable urge to go on murder rampage?

      • Utter nonsense. Arafat’s henchmen themselves admitted as such. See this JCPA report too. Arafat was looking for a pretext, and Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site in the world and which was entirely legitimate, was the trigger that he was looking for. If not for Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount it would have been something else.

        In any event if a visit by an Israeli prime minister to a Jewish holy site is considered provocative enough to launch a war, what hope is there for the Palestinians to ever accept an Israel that is a Jewish state.

        You spout nonsense about the “humiliation” and “never ending occupation”. The Camp David talks were meant to end all that, but, if you read my links (which I’m sure you won’t bother) you will see that Arafat walked out precisely because he DIDN’T want to make peace, and launched the deadly intifada.

        • The Second Intifada was not orchestrated by anyone, even though historians usually put the blame on Israel’s enduring occupation of the neighbouring Palestinian territory and on Sharon’s provocative gesture when he ascended the Haram Al Sharif / Temple Mount and had soldiers fire on Palestinians the following day at the same location.

      • Yes Nat, It’s always the fault of the fire work for taking your finger when it explodes in your hand.
        It’s never your fault for igniting it in the first place.

        • That CIF Watch would deliberately omit to mention Palestinian casualties is evidence of its political bias and lack of credibility.

      • Well done Nat – you’ve finally worked out that CifWatch is pro-Israel. Thank you for opening my eyes to this cunningly hidden fact.

      • Of which nearly 70% were Israeli civilians, while only 45% of Pal casualties(at worst, the true figure is probably lower) were Pal. civilians;
        You also forget to mention, that out of the total, 557 Pals. were killed by internal strife during that time, which cannot be used to pillory Israel.

    • Polonium generates alpha waves which deminsh traces by 90% per year.

      For Al Jazeera to find traces after 8 years is beyond la la land.

      Me think it’s another case of Arab Ali baba story time.
      Me also think that just like you say Adam seeks to justify the unjustifiable in defence of Israel you do the same to accuse Israel or defend the accusations against it.

      The truth is somewhere between the 2 of you.

      Knowing how the Israeli army work and some of the Israeli and Arab mentality I say that a good 50% of Israeli Jews have the negative Arab steretypes mixed with the positive ones but 99% of Arabs have the negative Arab steretypes mixed with the positive one.

      This to say that I’d probably go with the Israeli mentra as it has a slight better chance of being more pluralistic and less obvious.

      The sad truth is that just like with Imad Mughniyah’s death Arafat had more Arabs and other after him than he had Israelis.

      Sencar my dear,

      When will you wake up and realise that if Israel vanishes tomorrow the mass scale slaughter in the ME of Shiites, Sunis, Allawites, Turkmenistanis, Kurds, Armenians, Farsis, Sufis, Druze, Christians, Jews and others will only begin.

      • you forgot to mention the 300.000 murdered in Sudan recently. the 2,5 million previously should also not be left unmentioned.

    • Sencar: “It seems probable that the answers are: ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’”

      You mean ‘hopeful’. You live in hope that bad things will happen to the ‘Zionist entitiy’.

      Your speil about the activities of Arafat being ‘irrelevant’ to Israel’s supposed ‘criminality’ sound like the right-wing Nazi sympathiser argument against Israel’s trial of Eichmann.

      So particular and sensitive about issues of law and justice – except for the murderers of Jews.

    • sencar this article is for you strenghtening your belief. Reading it you may believe that it is a parody of Arab propaganda but it is not – they are serious I hope you will enjoy it.

    • I’m surprised… why hasn’t CIF Watch published a post entitled “the death of a terrorist named Shamir”?

      I mean, Shamir was part of Irgun and Lehi, two terrorist militia whose members, he included, were wanted in Europe for terrorist activities and the death of many innocent civilians, some of them Jews.

  2. Earth to sencar, it has everything to do with Arafat being a mass murderer.
    When you order Israeli civilians to be slaughtered, Karma came back to this sadist Arafat.

    I don’t know where your silly world municipality is, but if you lived next door to people that slit the throats of babies, blow up children on school busses and then pass out candy you might sing a different smarter tune.

    There is a difference between terrorism and defense of innocents.
    Israel targets terrorists, Israeli civilian deaths are the Palestinians goal.
    Big difference

    Hamas and the PLO derive their legitimacy by killing Israeli secretaries and high schoolers.

    I hope Israel did kill this Islamo Nazi Arafat.

    March 14, 2002
    CAMERA ALERT: “Terrorists say orders come from Arafat”

    Following the murderous terrorist attack on Kibbutz Metzer, the PLO cold-bloodedly stated on its official website, “We will continue to strike in any place, targeting their children as well.” Five innocent Israelis, including a mother and her two little boys, were butchered in that attack, all of them, Fatah said, “Zionist colonizers” killed in a “qualitative operation in the settlement of Metzer.”

    Here’s how the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida headlined its coverage: “Five Israelis killed in an attack on the settlement Metzer.” The report continued, “A Palestinian infiltrated the settlement Metzer and opened fire on the settlers.” It is not well known that the Palestinian press frequently refers to towns in Israel, such as Holon and Kiryat Shmona, as “settlements.” Besides implying that all of Israel is an illegitimate colonial outpost, such references clearly are brought to justify the killings and distinguish them from terrorism.

      • The Panic?
        I can’t believe that you or anyone else with half a brain actually takes this phony boloney conspiracy theory/hoax seriously.
        The guy was sick for a real long time and his chubby widow is sitting on the medical records. At the same time this fantasy is pushed that just happens to parallel a muslim blood libel which says that the Jews poisoned Muhammed. It’s a call to genocide, and you and other schmucks are entertaining yourselves with it, I suppose because it’s more entertaining than the lint in your navels. The guy met the same fate he spent a lifetime dishing out to others. There’s really nothing more there.

  3. The high level of radioactivity found by the Swiss scientists on Arafat’s belongings (180 mBq) makes the matter very fishy. The half life of polonium is about 140 days means that the substance has been put on the rags of Yasir much later then 2003. Interestingly the pieces of clothing were held by Suha Arafat….

    • Is Suha Arafat that gangster’s moll who ran away with all the aid money he embezzled?

      • Cue for a song:

        To the tune of: “My Old Man’s a Dustman, He Wears a Dustmans Hat”

        While terror-meister Yas-sir
        Was murdering all those Jews,
        UNWRA bought for Suha,
        Stores full of Jimmy Choos.

        DS Al Coda

  4. This stinking odious toad called Arafat was up there with the top mass murderers.A corrupt lying cheating double crossing-dealing hideous looking Egyptian who called himself a palestinian.
    No ore screwed the palestinians more that this corrupt waste of space.He salted away billions of dollars that were meant for his beloved palestinians.His “wife” Suha is living the high life and waltzing around the globe from the proceeds of Arafat’s corruption…..

    • Bio, please find credible sources.

      The Government of Israel never granted Arutz Sheva a license to broadcast, which tells a lot. Besides, Arutz Sheva is not Israel National News but Palestine National News since it broadcasts from Bet El settlement in the Palestinian territory, outside Israel. I heard the Palestinian Authority also declined to grant them a license to broadcast.

  5. Every single palestinian knows exactly what Arafat died from,but won’t admit to it.It’s not something that they are proud of or would want to spread around.When in doubt or not invariably Israel gets blamed.