The Palestine Quiz – bonus question.

A guest post by Geary.

Remember the wacky Palestine Quiz and the fun we all had getting everything wrong?

 Now here’s a bonus question:

Which country stuck its neck out and tried to borrow to borrow $100 million from the IMF to give to the Palestinian Authority to prevent its potential collapse?

a)     Turkey

b)     Saudi Arabia

c)     United States

d)     Venezuela

e)     None of the above

Answer: e) None of the above.

It was, in fact, Israel. For the sake of peace and security no-one on earth has done more to build the foundations of a Palestinian state than its neighbour, Israel. The thanks it has received both from the Arab world and the laughingly named International Solidarity Movement is as miserable as Israel has been generous.

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  1. I disagree in the fact this shows how crazy Israel is.
    PA-TV uses air frequencies rented from Israel to indoctrinate their people to kill the Jews.
    I don’t know why Israelis allow their goverment to continue renting air frequencies to Nazi PA-TV. PA-TV indoctrinates generation after generation of Arab children into thinking that it’s their duty to slaughter Jews – and that Jews are lower than a vermin that must be eliminated. ~~~ The Israeli govt appears so sensitive to the slightest verbal offence against Arabs, says absolutely nothing about PA TV incitement, and thus is indirectly responsible for the anti-Jewish violence it engenders.

    • Israeli officials did not act “for the sake peace”.

      They acted out of panic.

      Should the Palestinian Authority collapse, the Olso Accords would no longer stand. As a result Israel, the occupying power of the Palestinian territory, would have the legal obligation to fulfill the needs of the occupied population, the Palestinians.

      Israeli officials are merely trying to avoid the econonomic collapse that would befall Israel in such a situation.

  2. A much more interesting question is why did Israel do this ? Answer: the thing Israel fears most is the demise of the PA. And this of course is the Palestinian trump card. If they ever found the courage to play it, the ” Jewish State ” is kaput. Which is why real zionists work for an end to the brutal illegal occupation.

    • An intersting prophecy. Would you explain to us poor citizens of the Jewish State why we are doomed without the generous help of the PA?
      BTW the use of quotation marks shows the real nature of your real zionism.

    • For once, minus the “brutal, illegal occupation” part, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      Then tell me, therefore, Mr. ‘realzionist’, why is it, that the Pals. rejected every offer brought to them, from Camp David, onward?
      Why did they not adhere to the Clinton parameters, which are the basis for any solution to the conflict, and were certainly accepted by Israel?
      Why is it, that Abbas still insists on flooding Israel with millions of refugees?
      Why can’t the Pals, and Abbas, simply declare that they are now ready to sign Olmert’s offer, and bring an end to the conflict?(That would grant them 100% percent of the territory, pre-1967: 97% of the West Bank + 3% in mutually agreed landswaps)
      I doubt Netanyahu could/would refuse that;
      As for Israel’s survival, let me quote Churchill: “Some Chicken! Some neck!”

      • Tell me 101, how can peace be possible when Israeli officials keep developping illegal settlements built on land confiscated from their neigbour’s territory?

        There was no peace for the UK as long as it occupied India or Kenya.

        Peace comes only after decolonization.

        • Tell me, ‘Benyamin’, why, before any “colonization” took place, there hadn’t been any peace?(And the Gaza experiment, of disengagement, has shown us the “fruits”(the salvos) of unilateral, “decolonization”, as you put it).
          As for the settlements, since they only constitute 2% of the West Bank, I don’t see why they can’t be exchanged in landswaps, since the Pals. have already agreed to that, in principle.
          Still, the question remains: why did the Pals. refuse Camp David?
          Why did they discard Olmert?
          The Clinton Parameters?
          There’s no way around it, “Benyamin”.

    • Without the PA, the only solution will be the one-state solution and the end of the Jewish state. We’re already going this way anyway as a result of the foolish settlement policy.

      • Benyamin,
        You’ve now given us two assertions you believe and stated them as if they were fact. You’re a real man of our times. (not a compliment)

        • He should be burbling above the line at CiF where his particular mish-mash of thoughts as facts magical thinking would fit.

          He could be a double act with Chicken brain Sherwood

  3. They don’t deserve a brass razoo,let the Guardian that champions and makes money by writing about the palestinians,let this Guardian bail them out.Where is this Harriet that has an opinion on everything that happens in that region…………..

  4. There was no peace for the UK as long as it occupied India and Kenya….

    Comparing the rapacious British to Israel ??????????

    Did they drop you on your head when you were a child………

  5. Commentary101, the answer is very simple.

    Oct 5, 2010
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    Last week, PA TV rebroadcast an educational documentary that has been broadcast numerous times since 2007. The documentary describes the Israeli cities of Haifa, Acre, Ashkelon, Jaffa and the Sea of Galilee as Palestinian.

  6. Abbas and the other head thugs of these so-called “:Palestinian” Arabs have no real intention or motivation for creating, developing or maintaining a state. They are welfare queens who make a fortune in easy handouts from the EU, UN and USA. Why should they exert any energy to become independent and lose all this easy cash?

  7. Its really quite simple. If Israel succeeds, it angers the Arabs. If Israel has something, the Arabs want it. Israel is the Jewish State. It will remain so, despite the efforts of the Arabs to change that.
    The Arabs and Muslims control 99% of the Mideast and Israel controls 1%.
    99% isn’t enough for these greedy Muslims.
    The Palestinians are a political shell game created in an attempt to gain diplomatically what the Arabs failed to do in several wars against Israel. The Palestinians are pawns in their masters’ games. Abbas cannot and will not make one concession to make peace. The Arabs want it all. They will wind up with nothing.

  8. You can’t make peace with Muslim people’s who embrace and glorify death. You can’t make peace with people who teach their children that Jews are pigs and monkey and drink the blood of Arab children. You can’t make peace with people who do not recognize your right to exist. You cannot make peace with people who openly call for your destruction. Let’s be honest, if Israel agreed to move all 6 million of its Jewish population to an area the size of a postage stamp and gave the Arabs the rest, that would not be acceptable to them. BECAUSE THEY WANT ALL OF ISRAEL.

    • “Never trust a people who’ve only got one fuckin’ book. How do you think they’re going to turn out?”

      Sheer wisdom.

  9. Funny how all those Arab States + Iran who claim to champion the Palestinian “cause” can’t find the cash for aid (but for arms, yes). In fact they treat the Palestinians like shit when they find them in their own countries. Some “Brotherhood”.

    Still, more fool the befuddled West for footing the bill and creating Palestinian aid dependency.

  10. These palestinians would have be the greatest scroungers in history.Gold plated Schnorrers………