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CiF asks Inayat Bunglawala, ally of antisemitic extremists, to comment on dangers of racism

In a ‘Comment is Free’ piece titled “Online racist abuse: we’ve all suffered from it“, five writers were asked to reflect upon the racist abuse they have suffered as the result of their commentaries.  The Guardian editor noted that the piece was inspired by Mehdi Hasan’s CiF essay on the Islamophobic abuse he has endured online. (See our post on Hasan’s polemic here.)

The Guardian invited  and  to contribute.

(Though three Muslims are included, all of whom address the issue of anti-Muslim prejudice, there were no Jews chosen to address the problem of antisemitic abuse.)

The most curious decision made by the Guardian editors was to choose Inayat Bunglawala – founder and chair of Muslims4UK and a representative of the group of iEngage – to contribute.

In his CiF piece on racist abuse, he writes:

“Since I started writing on Cif back in 2006, I have regularly seen what can only be described as McCarthy-style online witchhunts against those Muslims who raise their heads publicly to criticise government policies…”

“The “war on terror” has helped foster an atmosphere where bigotry against Muslims is often seen to be less offensive than that expressed against other minority groups.”

Bunglawala then proceeds to detail specific examples of the anti-Muslim bigotry to which he has been subjected.

So, who is Inayat Bunglawala?

In March, 2011, CiF Watch wrote:

“Bunglawala is part of an organisation, Muslim Council for Britain – which tells the British public what it wants to hear on subjects such as the 7/7 terror attacks, but at the same time objects to Holocaust Memorial Day, campaigned against the law on the glorification of terrorism on the grounds that it was “unfairly targeting Muslims and stifling legitimate debate” and opposed the publication of the ‘Danish cartoons’.”

Bunglawala seems consumed by an obsession with JewsZionists and ‘Jewish power:

The CST reported that Bunglawala published a blogpost attacking the UK government’s (anti-terrorist) Prevent strategy, blaming “Zionists” for influencing the government’s new position. 

Bunglawala wrote:

“As I argued in my previous blog, Zionists view any political progress made by Muslims (or ‘Islamists’ as they term them) as detrimental to their interests.”

The CST also noted that, writing in the magazine Trends in 1992, “Bunglawala presented evidence of what he considered to be excessive Jewish influence over the UK media.”

Bunglawala warned:

“The chairman of Carlton Communications is Michael Green, of the tribe of Judah. He has joined an elite club whose members include fellow Jews Michael Grade (Chief Executive at Channel Four) and Alan Yentob (Controller at BBC2 and friend of Salman Rushdie). The three are reported to be “close friends” (The Times, Oct. 17). So that’s what they mean by a “free media”!” [emphasis added]

Even more disturbingly, Bunglawala has praised some of the most hateful Islamist terrorists:

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (Founder of Hamas)

Bunglawala praised Yassin. During a BBC interview, he said:

“Yassin was an Islamic scholar, was an Islamic scholar, was renowned throughout the Muslim world as an Islamic scholar, and the Israelis assassinated him. Let’s remember that. The Israelis broke international law. He was a quadriplegic man, a disabled man. “

He also said this, arguing that Yassin wasn’t a terrorist:

‘Those who fight oppression, those who fight occupation, cannot be termed as terrorist,’ he said. ‘They are freedom fighters…”

Sheikh Yusef Qaradawi (Spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Bunglawala praised the homophobic, extremist Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusef Qaradawi, who approves of female genital mutilation, believes that women who are the victims of rape should be punished for their sin of tempting their innocent male attacker, and that Allah should kill all the Jews, “down to the last one.  

Bunglawala wrote:

“Sheikh Al-Qaradawi is an Islamic scholar who commands huge respect among millions of Muslims worldwide. As a regular past visitor to the UK, he would consistently urge British Muslims to shun all forms of extremism and to focus their energies on ensuring that their children excelled in education”

Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (the former leader of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, an Islamist terrorist movement in Egypt, convicted of plotting a terror attack in the U.S.)

According to The JC, quoting the Telegraph, Bunglawala called the Sheik Rahman “courageous” – just a month before he bombed the World Trade Center in New York. After Rahman’s arrest later that year, Bunglawala said:

“[Rahman was arrested] because of his calling on Muslims to fulfill their duty to Allah and to fight against oppression and oppressors everywhere”.

Osama Bin Laden

A few months before 9/11, Bunglawala circulated writings of Osama bin Laden, who he regarded as a “holy warrior” and “freedom fighter”.

Given Bunglawala’s record of antisemitism and his past support for some of the most dangerous Islamist extremists in the world, what conceivable argument could be made that he possesses an ounce of moral authority on the problem of racist abuse?

It is this simple: you can’t support extremists who openly seek the murder of Jews all over the world and then claim the mantle of anti-racism.

And, if you are a media institution which gives license to such commentators, then you – by definition – can not claim to be a “liberal voice”. 

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  1. My God, it’s like employing a convicted poisoner out on licence in your kitchen or letting the lunatics run the asylum!

    This wretch, according to Ed Husain, gave him regular lessons in antisemitism when Husain dabbled in Islamism, and he dares to lecture others about racism or hatred!

    You can tell he’s a chum of “poor Mehdi”, though, by his trying subsequently to wriggle off the hook about his “tribe of Judah” remarks, and his support of Yassin – the old, “I was young and foolish” ploy.

    But the following sums up the man and his lack of intelligence or flexibility of thought, and with him for a supporter, Hasan should really be worried. The following is taken from an article at

    “..Bunglawala is a self-confessed admirer of Bin Laden, Qutb and Mawdudi, all Islamists, all deeply antisemitic, and was himself in trouble for his intemperate remarks about Jews. He also approves of sharia law with the blind faith of the ignorant and once disclosed that he cannot read Arabic and so presumably has to depend upon English translations of the Koran to bolster his faith.

    “… in an article by Joan Smith of The Independent on 28th November 2007, at the time of the Mohammed the teddy bear incident, she describes how Bunglawala had let the mask slip two weeks previously:

    “..Yesterday Inayat Bunglawala, assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, criticised the arrest of Ms Gibbons in Sudan and described it as a “quite horrible misunderstanding”. But during a public debate in London two weeks ago, he refused my invitation to condemn unequivocally the practice of stoning women to death for adultery. It had happened during the lifetime of the Prophet, he said, “so you are asking me to condemn my Prophet”. (emphasis added by the author).

    • “..Yesterday Inayat Bunglawala, assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, criticised the arrest of Ms Gibbons in Sudan and described it as a “quite horrible misunderstanding”. But during a public debate in London two weeks ago, he refused my invitation to condemn unequivocally the practice of stoning women to death for adultery. It had happened during the lifetime of the Prophet, he said, “so you are asking me to condemn my Prophet”.

      Also, as an atheist, the following thought occurs.

      The usual sock-puppets on CIF often say that Islam and Christianity are basically the same.

      Are they?

      The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery.
      In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?”
      They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger.When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her
      Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.
      At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there
      Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”
      “No one, sir,” she said. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

      • I seem to remember reading on CiF, when Inayat was in favour and wrote rubbish for it regularly, reading his support of the introduction of shari’a in the UK, and that extreme punishments would not necessarily be employed, so why were people nervous, or something along those lines.

        Then someone asked him about what he thought about stoning…

        Bye bye post….

    • It is not a right to criticize mainstream Islam, Islamization or mass population replacement and balkanization of Western peoples, it’s a moral DUTY. And anyone who doesn’t, or even worse attacks those who do, has lost the faculty to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. They have committed intellectual and moral suicide. Those who do not stand against evil, by their actions or silence condone it. It is quite simply moral bankruptcy, cowardice, criminal ignorance and treason of the highest order. Their collaboration will in the end cause great harm and suffering to Western societies. It is not question of IF, but WHEN.

      For a egregious example of dhimmitude see–for-muslims-read-jews-and-be-shocked-7939392.html

  2. “…you can’t support extremists who openly seek the murder of Jews all over the world and then claim the mantle of anti-racism….”

    You can if you are Bunglawala who has the brains and the analytical skill of a rocking horse and even less insight into how his behaviour is perceived by others.

    Seriously, he, like Mehdi Hassan and others like them, would be blind to the intellectual and moral double standard!

  3. “…As a regular past visitor to the UK, he would consistently urge British Muslims to shun all forms of extremism and to focus their energies on ensuring that their children excelled in education”

    Yeah, right. Didn’t need so many British Muslims because old Yusuf was busy cranking up Jew-haters from elsewhere in the world.

    Bunglawala must find it difficult to sleep on his face ……

  4. Adam, i think you were far too gentle with the Guardian when you described their editorial choices as showing they’re not a “liberal voice”.
    In reality, the Guardian has confirmed yet again (in case anyone needed more confirmation) that they themselves obviously have a blatantly racist antiSemitic agenda and have for a long time.
    Any editorial policy which would exclude Jews and antiSemitism from a piece on “racist abuse” and at the same time empower an obvious racist bigot himself Idiot Bunghole-awa–oops–Idayat Bunglawala, clearly has no interest in being taken seriously or credibly for ANYTHING they write.
    The Guardian is simply pathetic.

    • Alfred, you silly boy. Don’t you know that racism can only be directed against individuals of a different hue (usually whites against people of color), unless you’re Muslim, because even though Islam is a religion and not a race or ethnicity, Muslims automatically qualify as victims of racial abuse because they’re the world’s favored oppressed group, so anyone who is a Muslim, regardless of skin color, becomes an automatic honorary “person of color.” That includes white English converts, fair-haired Bosniaks, etc.

      Jews, on the other hand, can never be victims of “racial abuse,” as they are a disfavored colonialist, racist group. Jews, no matter their skin color, have forfeited their connection with “People of Color,” and so have lost any claim to being victims of racist abuse. Thus, Mizrahi Jews, Sephardic Jews, even Ethiopian Jews can’t be victims of racial abuse. Unless… they’re abused by other, “white Jews,” especially if happens in Israel. Then, of course, Guardinistas and others can cluck on about how Ashkenazi Jews oppress their non-European brethren.

    • I don’t disagree with you. However, I think it’s important to first chip away at any claim they have to being liberal before folks can wrap their mind around the broader truth concerning their racism.

      • Adam, with all respect, I believe that the Guardian itself with the help of CiF already grossly undermines its claim towards liberalism, so I really don’t see the need to “chip away” at it. Most intelligent and honest people who read some of the guff at CiF (and they’d probably do that only once or twice for obvious reasons) would want them replied to in as hard-hitting a way as possible.

        Of course subtlety has its advantages, but the Israel/Jew-haters btl on CiF wouldn’t get it, and it’d probably register minimally with the “writers” above the line.

        After all, look at Jonathan Freedland, (ig)noble as-a-Jew, wheeled out to support an Islamist cry-baby, probably without any protest on his part in spite of his visible shock at the depth of hatred for Israel when he spoke against BDS in the debate against Barghouti. I would say that he is typical of the genre and of the depths to which CiF/Guardian would sink.

  5. Bungler cannot seem to understand that the “witchhunt” is not because he is a Muslim, but because of the indescribably stupid things he says

    • But AKUS, some of the “indescribably stupid” things the Bungler says are uttered because he believes that they come from Islam! Why else would he put both feet in it when asked to condemn stoning?

  6. Rarely has there been seen to gather a group of obnoxious and extreme anti-Israeli anti-Semitic hypocrites complaining about something that they themselves happily indulge in.The same kind of racism that they themselves spew……

    Witches who go on ant-Semitic witch hunt in this dirty Rag called the Guardian whining about witch hunts.Go figure………………

    The Guardian has gone into over drive with these articles trying to claw back some of the anti Muslim views on CiF it’s not working.Posters have seen through their ruse……….

  7. Bigotry against Muslims….

    When you see a video of a poor Afghan woman sitting quietly to be mowed (about twenty bullets were shot) down in cold blood,and the Afghan men around her cheering wildly.What sort of Impression would Dumblawala expect from decent human beings……

    Then there is the sick massacres in Syria,the Muslim world invites these negative impressions with these ongoing killings that go on in the Muslim world…..Keep your own house in order,before you keep whining about Islamophobia…….

    That this Racist Rag The Guardian employs and promotes these clapped out deadbeats speaks for itself…………

  8. Interestingly, the comments below the line were mostly negative.

    Even Guardian readers seem to have recognised the hypocrisy of their newspaper, and the highly selective nature of its anti-racism.

    Commentary is a double-edged sword, and seeing the Guardian at war with its readership is cheering indeed. Keep up the good work CifWatch. And Israel supporters, please keep posting on Cif and challenging the Guardian’s lies.

  9. “Yesterday Inayat Bunglawala, assistant general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, criticised the arrest of Ms Gibbons in Sudan and described it as a “quite horrible misunderstanding”. But during a public debate in London two weeks ago, he refused my invitation to condemn unequivocally the practice of stoning women to death for adultery. It had happened during the lifetime of the Prophet, he said, “so you are asking me to condemn my Prophet”.

    Coo! Dangerous territory here.
    If Inyat won’t condemm anything Muhammad did in his lifetime, he is going to be ambivalent on robbery, murder and paedophilia.
    What a chap to ask about bigotry.

  10. Would you believe that some idiot below the line at CiF is still arguing that “poor Mehdi’s” ignominious speech was doctored by Harry’s Place?

    What is it with these people, so ready to believe that because they would stoop so low everyone else would!

    Of course, in typical conspiracy theorist fashion, he provides no proof, but then he doesn’t have to – CiF is daft enough to believe him without it if it allows the Bungler to write for it.

    • Are you talking about good old Berchmans? the old loon has been in absolute top form on these threads (the three connected ones, starting with Hasan) – his meds must have been running out a while ago (actually, I think, he nerver took them). And that guy has been let lose on the Scottish public as social worker and postie – a truly frightening thought…

      • This is a quote from Berchmans on another further article relating to the topic:

        ” Response to Higsbosoms, 13 July 2012 5:25PM

        ## Bungawala was thrown into the fight with the same ##

        Another cowardly and pathetic attempt to tar the clever and moderate Inayat as an extremist. I repeat 23 years ago as a very young man Inayat said a stupid and regretable thing.Since then he has grown up and has shown himself a very reasonable and helpful spokesperson for the Muslim community.

        You folk hide away in your anonymity taking your suspiciously similar potshots …you ought to be effin ashamed of yourself.What nasty and stupid things did you say that nobody heard because you were nobody?

        Heres to Inayat.

        B ”

        Bless him…

        • I’m surprised that the Scots loon didn’t damn him for all eternity by referring to him as “gentle”. (Bunglawala is about as gentle as a wolf in sheeps’ clothing)

          But it was a successful attempt, wasn’t it? Look how wild Berchmans got! He doesn’t usually get so protective of other Islamoloons on CiF. I wonder if they’ve got a thing going…..

      • No, I can’t remember exactly who it was, but it certainly wasn’t Berchmans. It was too well-expressed to be his although I am ready to agree that they would probably share the same ideas.

        • Yeah, there is a host of his type trolling those threads – unfortunately, he is not a one off, by far.

  11. What exactly was done by Muslim communities to counter the rise of justified islamopobia after 9/11 and to convince the enlightened world of their willingness to a common life in civil, democratic and peaceful manner?

    Mainly campaigns to discredit critics of Islam as racist or cultural offensive, disguising as the New Jews who are harassed by the reproach of anti-Semitism with the help of self flagellating liberals and leftist, and to deny proven terrorists the status of true Muslims – although there are some justified and understandable motifs like being constantly offended by the very existence of the west – because only they know the true Islam whatever this could be.

    Not very much indeed.

  12. No offence to you, Fritz Wunderlich, but I do wish we could dispense with the word “Islamophobia” A phobia is an irrational fear of something, which is crippling to the sufferer and interferes significantly with his/her life and results in his/her going to great lengths to avoid the object of the phobia.

    It seems to me that any nervousness or fear about Islam’s increasing influence in the UK and elsewhere is reality-based more often than not, and on past experience and hardly phobic, since we cannot avoid Islam’s influence.

    I am sick and tired of Islam’s being allowed to hijack our discourse (and this includes referring to themselves as the “new Jews” – I think that had something to do with Bunglawala and the MCB) and it’s high time we took it back.

    My opinion of Islam is that it is a ghastly enslavement of the soul and that is made worse because it wants me to approve of its ghastliness and to join it.

    But I am not phobic of it. On the contrary, I believe that the only way to undermine its influence is head on and with proven truths to counter its distortions, including of our language.

    • Islamophobia: the irrational fear of being kidnapped then beheaded for no apparently rational reason!!

    • Yes and no.
      Firstly, I couldn`t resist the temptation of using Islamophobia, out of polemical pleasure. On second thought, you never know nowadays when a Muslim turns in an Islamist and stabs you. Or tries to carry you with him in a flight to Allah. End of rational argument.
      As for example, but not lonely, Great Britain experienced through the terror attacks by so called well integrated. Or the Us army officer, ..

  13. It sadly very txypical of the Guardian to allow such an utterly vile person like Bunglawa to make hypocritical complaints about ‘Islamophobia’ (aka any criticism of Islam/Muslim societies) as a form of racism. What a joke (a really bad one)…

    • I’ve just had a thought….

      What if the Groan actually wanted the Bungler to get tw*tted and made an Aunt Sally of him?

      Perhaps he’s been pestering them to let him back in and they saw this the only way to send him packing for good…..

      (Conspiracy theorist?? Moi?? 😉 )