Video: BBC anchor characterizes terror attack against Israelis in Bulgaria as an awful “accident”

A major H/T to OyVaGoy, who relaunched his blog today.

The following interview with Daniel Taub, Ambassador of Israel to the UK, was broadcast on BBC TV 24 last night.

Listen carefully at the 21 second mark, and note what the anchor says at a time (8:24 PM, Wed. night) when the attack on Israelis in Bulgaria was being characterized, by Bulgaria and the U.S. (and throughout the media), as an intentional act of terrorism.


A slip of the tongue?

Perhaps we should be kind, and simply describe her unfortunate choice of words as an “awful” journalistic “accident”.

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  1. Accident!? Like the leaving out Jerusalem on their Olympic webpage?

    Anyway some international human right goups fighting for the release of the Guantanamo terrorists today can celebrate their success: five Israeli dead and a lot of casualties. The BBC can be proud too, the monster who did it got his idea in a mosque in Britain.

    The Times of Israel reports:

    Ghezali was reportedly a Swedish citizen, with Algerian and Finnish origins. He had been held at the US’s Guantanamo Bay detainment camp on Cuba from 2002 to 2004, having previously studied at a Muslim religious school and mosque in Britain, and traveled to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. He was also reportedly among 12 foreigners captured trying to cross into Afghanistan in 2009.

    • Breaking News: On the country profiles on the BBC’s Olympic page, it now says re Israel: “Seat of Government – Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”

      And for Palestine, it says: “Intended Seat of Government – East Jerusalem, Ramallah serves as administrative capital.”

      A definite improvement.

    • How would Adam Levick qualify the death of 300 Palestinian children during Israel’s attack on Gaza in January 2009?

      An “awful accident”?

      • Why would be an accident? It was a murderous act of Hamas who hide behind those children.

      • What has that got to do with anything? And yes, the IDF does not kill children on purpose. As opposed to bombing holiday makers on the way to the beach.

        • I’m not sure the parents of the 300 Gazan children killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in January 2009 will be sensitive to the fact that it was not done “on purpose”.

          When you bomb densely populated civilian areas, you know you’re gonna cause the death of many innocent civilians.

          • Yes, but hamas works under that premise. They dig killing their own. Hamas could fight in the open like men. But they hide behind children. And then sell they dead to people like NAT. No rockets in Israeli cities, no dead Gazans. Easy.

          • PS.
            the Good people of Gaza voted for Hamas. Hamas considers random violence as part of their life. Maybe the illiterate masses need to read the party platform. But I dig it when people think Hamas is the bomb.

          • 300 children older than fourteen with weapons? Why didn`t they attend school, caught liar?

  2. Update: According to the evening News of the Israeli Channel 2 Ghezali has been released from Guantanamo due the personal intervention of the Swedish head of government. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister.

    • An other update: Amir Oren in the Ha’aretz “Netanyahu wants to turn the Israeli intelligence failure over Bulgaria into an excuse to attack Iran.”
      Do you understand dear reader? This is not a despicable terror attack – it is a failure of Netanyahu.

      (H/T Simply Jews – the article is behind a paywall. I’m really interested to know who are those poor souls who are ready to pay for this kind of sick crap.)

      • For what it’s worth, peter: I agree that Amir Oren’s article is in pretty poor taste. Sadly there is little than any intelligence agency would be able to do to prevent murderous madmen like the one in Bulgaria. And nowhere do I see your PM has been “trying to turn the failure into an accomplishment”.

        Then there’s this paragraph by Oren:

        Mitt Romney, who Netanyahu’s benefactor Sheldon Edelson wishes to usher into the White House, looks like he’s going to lose. An Israeli-Iranian war, one that would pose significant economic threats – is the last hope harbored by Obama’s rivals.

        That’s pretty ridiculous.
        If anyone here is trying to make political gain out of this, it’s Oren himself.

  3. Hello All

    Just to say how sorry I am about this cruel attack on civilians.

    My sympathy to the families of those who were murdered and best wishes for speedy and full recovery to all the injured people.


  4. It becomes better:

    In late 2001, Ghezali, a Swedish national, had been detained during the battle at Tora Bora, Afghanistan, handed over to the American military, and sent to the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay. According to his lawyers, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although he spoke none of the local languages, Ghezali told his captors, in the midst of the Taliban’s retreat into the mountainous hinterlands of Afghanistan, he had crossed that country’s border with Pakistan to study Islam.

    After an intense lobbying effort by Swedish prime minister Göran Persson–and a vague promise that the country’s intelligence services would keep a watchful eye on him–Ghezali was delivered to Sweden (on the government’s private Gulfstream jet). The Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter noted that Ghezali had achieved “rock star status” upon returning to his homeland, a native victim of America’s rapacious imperialism. And after two-plus years in isolation, the emotionally fragile former prisoner would be happy to discover “that a majority of Swedes were glad that he was home.”

    The BBC probably won’t report this small detail, but I’m convinced that in a matter of days the loyal readers of CIF will be able to learn that the real victim is Ghezali – the victim of American imperialism, islamophobia and the Zionist opression of the Palestinian people. That it was a Mossad false flag operation will be voiced only by the BTL commenters.

    • The Bulgarians are now saying that this initial report was incorrect. Nevertheless, the image of the person in the airport video and a picture of this Ghezali seem remarkably similar. Perhaps he was the planner for the actual bomber?

    • If it is true, the ‘good’ people of Sweden will be asking themselves about their multi cultural society and their inability of The Groan reading middle classes to make the world a ‘better’ place.
      Swedish humanism surely ‘back fired’ on this murderer. Love it, the killer was even helped by the PM. There is no end to the Sweden goodness. Cup of tea, my dear? May I hand you a wet wipe ? You want a Swedish massage? Can I carry that bomb for you?

  5. If the journalist wasn’t sure at the time of broadcast, then she should also have avoided the term “accident”. I suppose “incident” would have been neutral.

    But when you have a bus load of Israeli tourists blowing up – what are the chances that it’s anything but a terrorist attack?

    • I was a witness to the 7/7 bombings in London. I saw the bus explode at Tavistock Square. About half an hour later, corralled into a local pub by the police, who wanted people off the streets, the Beeb (and others) were speculating that it might have exploded due to a “power surge”.

      It was the first (and only) time I laughed that day.

  6. I’m sorry, I have no love for the BBC, and they certainly take every opportunity to attack Israel. Furthermore, the thrust of the anchor’s question is “how do you know it’s really Iran.” However, she clearly did not mean to say “accident” and immediately corrected to “explosion.” I always say, be very careful and never step wrong, because the worst offenders will crucify you if they catch you at it.

    • It’s not only the BBC. All Western media asked the same question: how can Netanyahu accuse Iran of committing this terrorist attack barely one hour after it occured? Many analysts said he could not have verified such an information in one hour, and that he was using the attack as a way to push forward his obsession of a strike on Iran, even though it was disrespectful of the victims and their families. Many media also said Netanyahu’s reaction revealswas an attempt to overcome Mossad’s advice, whose officials disagree with him.

      • Don’t be influenced by the fact that Ahmadinejad himself gloated about it.

        Speaking hours after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly blamed the bombing Wednesday at Bulgaria’s Burgas airport on “Hezbollah, directed by Iran,” Ahmadinejad described the attack as “a response” to Israeli “blows against Iran.”

        Even the superbly PC New York Times agrees:
        Hezbollah Is Blamed for Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria

      • how can Netanyahu accuse Iran of committing this terrorist attack barely one hour after it occured?

        On the anniversary of the attack on Jewish (non-Israeli!) civilians in Argentina? He’s a politician. Of course he’s going to blame the obvious culprit.

  7. “But when you have a bus load of Israeli tourists blowing up – what are the chances that it’s anything but a terrorist attack?”

    Minimal at best.

  8. Hard times for BBC when competing with Al Jazeera for money and audience.
    Under these circumstances it is evident that Islamic terrorism against Israel appears as an “awful accident” if mentioned at all..

  9. Earlier in the day, another female BBC 24 News anchor, interviewing an ex-pat Iranian pundit regarding the likelihood, or not, of Israel’s claim that Iran and Hezbollah are behind this latest atrocity, then asked him what form the subsequent Israeli response was likely to be: she used the term Israel’s “tit for tat attacks, if you will”.
    Up until that time it seemed to me that the BBC had reported this latest atrocity fairly, albeit putting it further down the bulletin than it seemed to warrant.

    • “An eye for an eye will make the whole world goes blind”.

      This tactic used by Israeli governments has consistently failed to bring either peace or durable security to Israeli citizens.

  10. “All the evidence we have points to Iran.”

    “…erm, sir? He’s from Sweden.”

    “That’s what I said, IRAN. Now, fuel the bombers and get my flying jacket, the one with the furry lapels.”

  11. Rhe “security” speaker of my “favourite” anti-Israelian hate-side, OD, speaks of a bombing of Israelian tourists, no lost word on Islamist terror, and connects the murder with the eighteenth anniversary of the attack on the Jewish Cultural centre in Buenos Aires by Iranian terrorists.
    Clearly OD does not write of Iranian terrorists, but about blaming Iran and Hisbollah. Strangely enough as there is an International arrest warrant for a lot of Iranian nationals linked to this terror attack.
    But this is OD speech, just like the Guardian rules: nihil nisi bene.

    Another “fine” piece is this defense of fanatics who don`t want any meetings with Israel officials. And Abbas obeys.
    This incident war already reported at CiFW, but I didn`t want to spare you the supporting act of OD for fanatics and terrorists.

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