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The warped Tweets of Ali Abunimah: Burgas terror attack conspiracy edition

Ali Abunimah – contributor to ‘Comment is Free’ from 2006 to 2009,  co-founder of Electronic Intifada and an anti-Zionist activist who opposes the existence of the Jewish state within any borders – blocks me from seeing his Tweets.

Nonetheless, the wonderful world of the web allowed me to locate one of his recent conspiratorial – and simply unhinged – Tweets about the terrorist attack in Bulgaria which killed 5 Israelis.

Interestingly, the above Tweet pales in comparison to the following, which he Tweeted in 2010.

A glowing profile of Abunimah in the Jewish Forward, published in March, claimed that “Abunimah said he doesn’t support violence against civilians, and in fact he speaks out frequently against anti-Semitism“. [emphasis added]

Of course: when Abunimah’s not suggesting that Jews who support Israel are, in effect, promoting the moral equivalent of Nazi genocide, I’m sure he’s downright philo-semitic!

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  1. Abunimah is possessed of the Islamist conspiracy theory “mind”set so well set out in “The Hidden Hand”

    One of the stock answers by such people, when they are taxed by us with the need to provide proof for their off-the-wall theories and cannot, is that the Joos are so clever that they have hidden it where even the cleverest of people can never find it.

    Nevertheless I am asking Abunimah for proof that the Israelis, and not some unhinged Islamist nut-job wanting to get endless sex in paradise, did this. Proof, Ali Abunimah, not supposition, and definitely not the paranoid projection so beloved of Islamists because they, being capable of killing their own people without a second thought, project that motive and behaviour onto Israeli Jews.

    So c’mon Abunimah. Put up or shut up.

  2. This guy suffers from a certain disorder that makes it hard for him to tell the difference between what is real and not real.A lot of these people like Abu Nimah suffer from this disorder.Must be genetic.

    They find it hard to face reality and live in a make believe world instead……