Postcard from Israel – Jerusalem in 66 CE.

As Tisha B’Av ( the 9th of Av) approaches, our virtual trip this week goes back in time to Jerusalem in the year 66 CE –  the start of the Great Revolt and four years before the Roman destruction of the Temple. 

This scale model of Second Temple Jerusalem was created in 1966 by Michael Avi-Yonah – Professor of Archaeology at the Hebrew University – and was moved to its present site at the Israel Museum in 2006. 


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  1. I haven’t seen the model since it was removed from the Holy Land Hotel. I didn’t feel I was missing very much since I had seen it several times at its old location. Your article and its accompaning photos have made it a must see during my next visit to Israel.
    Myron Berliner

    • Actually, having visited it about a month ago, it turns out that it has been significantly updated in light of the new archeological discoveries.

      Of course, as Edna has pointed out below, the archeologists have found no trace of a golden dome or mosque.

      The link that Hadar provided is worth reading in full, and the initiative for the original model was as follows:

      “The model, a Jerusalem cultural landmark, was originally built at the initiative of Holyland Hotel owner Hans Kroch in memory of his son Jacob, who fell in Israel’s War of Independence.

    • Well it does not matter, you can see the Golden Dome of the Rock for real any time you set foot in Jerusalemù. It’s the most popular illustration for postcards sold in Israel.