AKUS’s postcard from Tel Aviv (Bonus: blurred photo of CiF Watchers at secret meeting)

A guest post by AKUS

Tel Aviv has been voted one of the world’s best places to visit. Here are some examples of why. The contrasts are stunning and action in  the city never stops.

Time to get up and begin the stroll to Shuk Ha’Carmel along the empty tiyelet with Jaffa in the background before it gets too hot and before those who went to bed at 3:00 am clog the tiyelet when they return for another  spell on the beach:

Past the memorial plaque to Abie Nathan – you can press a button and hear the famous sign off message from his boat, the Voice of Peace.

Perhaps stop for a fresh glass of orange juice:

Spare a thought for those killed by British terrorists at Mike’s place:

Go past a demonstration by Sudanese opposite the American Embassy …


View a new building that seems to have been influenced by Feng Shui while nearby a plaque shows the architects’’ pride in one of Tel Aviv’s first buildings, built in long ago 1922!

Then wander through Shuk Ha Carmel. You can buy just about anything that you might like there.

Did you forget your sunglasses?

Perhaps you need to add a little spice to your life?

Or home-made Druze pickles are more to your taste?

Then it’s round the corner to the Kerem Ha’Taimani – the Yemenite Quarter:

There’s a small synagogue on a nearby street:


An interesting mailbox and a freshly painted house:

But it’s time to head back for lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach:

After a siesta, head to the Tel Aviv Harbor along the sea front at sunset for a meal, watching kids playing and climbing the statues:

Perhaps your preference is to get in a spot of Yoga or sun worship along the way:

Then meet up with a few members of the global CiFWatch conspiracy  at the harbor for a meal of fresh fish caught that day:


And if you are not too tired – take in a movie at the beach:

That’s enough for one day – tomorrow it’s your chance to visit the flea market in Jaffa and other attractions.

Laila tov!

(A commenter asked what these “Postcards from Israel”  have to do with CiF Watch’s mission. CiF Watch exists to expose the distortions, errors and outright lies told by the Guardian in its obsessive coverage of Israel. These snapshots attempt to show some of the real Israel – not the dark, mythical, and imaginary place continually conjured by Guardian reporters and commentators. – AKUS)

Wait, this just in: Tomorrow’s Guardian leader!

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  1. The Sudanese asylum seekers – how did they get into Israel? Across Egypt? Why didn`t they seek asylum in Egypt? Because of work, the security, harassment there, the religion, the culture, …??

  2. AKUS sorry to mention this but the people in the photo at the table look pixelated.
    And their faces looks fuzzy as well.

    • I think they’re wearing those mosquito-net hats. Tel Aviv has very few mosquitos, but occasionally they transit some mosquito-ish to each other that results in a ‘flash mob’ situation, which can be very annoying ::o)

  3. It should be mentioned that the seagull sculpture in photo #16 (yoga) is in fact a memorial to two pilots who died defending Tel Aviv in 1948. David Sprinzak and Matityahu Sukenik were killed flying a light aircraft while attempting to attack an Egyptian flotilla shelling the city. The two were sons of some of Israel’s most prominent families. Sprinzak’s father was later speaker of the Knesset, and Sukenik’s brother is Yigael Yadin.

  4. Im off to Jerusalam soon.Can someone suggest some great things to see and visit(apart from the normal) which i have done many times.Thanks

    • If you haven’t been to Ir David (or haven’t been recently), you MUST go see it. It’s fantastic.

      I’d also recommend the Kotel tunnel tour, but that has to be booked months in advance (unless you get very lucky).

  5. There was a great Yemenite restaurant in Kerem ha Tamanim that served ox tail soup that was nectar of the Gods.

    Kerem ha Tamanim was also very famous for a certain resin that you smoke……………Those were the days……….

        • You’ve been to both… Uh-huh
          What’s that I hear “Professor”- You’ve been missing out on therapy?! :O
          I think you need more of that electroshock treatment… You’re starting to relapse. 😉

          • Yes because people who are serious about cosmopolitanism try to get as broad an experience as possible. Obviously you wouldn’t understand.

            • Dear, ‘Cosmopolitan’, “Professor”(quite contrary to your general Marxist attitude here, by the way)…
              If only you had taken the time to read Mr. Wunderlich’s comment, you would’ve seen how laughable your lies get around here..
              Lebanon does not accept passports with Israeli entry stamps in them.
              Which Zionist org. says that? Why, the most brazen of them all, the Lebanese themselves!
              And I quote: “Travelers holding passports that contain visas or entry/exit stamps for Israel are likely to be refused entry into Lebanon. “
              So you see, here, “Professor”, it’s very easy to expose your idiocy;
              First we have this professorship nonsense(I’ve seen secondary school students with better expressive acumen than you), and then, this risible business of visiting either Israel, Lebanon, or even more unlikely, both…
              The fact of the matter is, you’re some pathetic troll, who, I doubt, even knows what the outer rim of his street-corner looks like, let alone, has been anywhere within a ten-mile radius of his lair.

              • And if you have ever been to Israel, you’ll know that you can ask them to put the stamp on a piece of paper rather than in your passport. And you’ll also know that you can visit Lebanon first, before goin gon to Israel and that works well too.

                Now stop being a village idiot and start to THINK!

                • Ah, “The troll strikes back” :D… Sounds like a terrible B-movie…
                  At any rate, “Professor”, having lived in Israel, for the past 10 years now, I can tell you that security concerns are most stringent, to the effect that not only does your passport have to be vetted most carefully(especially from the hell-hole you’re from, and even I, during, my first trips, with a UK one, had to undergo a tedious examination of it), but there’s no anyone would permit you anything of the sort(i.e. substituting it for scrap-paper, which is, according to Interior Ministry by-laws, illegal).
                  Not that you care about any of it, since you’ve never been to either Israel or Lebanon, and I extremely question your ability to even place them accurately on a map; I could allow for your naming the continent correctly, you seem at least semi-literate.
                  One certainly can, travel to Lebanon first; the question is, is Mommy really expending that much on your “voyages” around the globe, or is your welfare system baring the brunt of this incondite disbursement?
                  At any rate, one thing is fairly certain: You’re a poor excuse of a troll; are they really “paying peanuts” now? Is that why your posts here have been flagging? 😀
                  Just friendly advice:(and please, don’t take this the wrong way; after all, there ARE SO many “Zionist” blogsites to troll, you may use it later, to avoid the same mishap).
                  The conditional clause you formed in your message, was an utterly reprehensible grammatical solecism.
                  What you should have written is: “If you had ever been to…, You would have…”, etc.
                  That’s okay… I understand that English is not your strong suit. They don’t teach that in “Public Intl. Law”(I am still laughing at that, by the way). Cheer up!

                  • My dear dear idiotic friend. Your last message contained some incomprehensible sentences. I would forgive it, given the pressures of trying to reply quickly with a limited wit, but given your own lack of charity, perhaps you should proof read.

                    Now, again, you are simply wrong. I have crossed the border of both countries, and have done so with my UK passport unfettered (except for a little surprise from the Israelis at my extremist stamps. Nevertheless, they were happy to stamp a paper instead, illegal or not. Sometimes they can apparently be difficult. But in that case I would conveniently ‘lose’ my passport in Cairo, and the embassy would give me a brand new one!

                    I travel quite a bit in the region as a result of my work, which, as you know, has a lot to do with international law. Hence the only country in the region I haven’t been to is Iraq.

                    • You know, what I fancy most about your incorrigible verbiage here, is the willingness to dig yourself deeper still;
                      Do you think anyone, pardon the pun, actually sane , would buy the nonsense you’re spouting here? (Not to mention grammar that would shame a primary school child; In my day, they used to beat it out of ninnyhammers like yourself).
                      You’ve hardly set foot, like I said, 10-miles from without your home(Council estate, no doubt); Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, they’re all the same to you(Except for the presence of “Joooooos”, in one of them, :D), given that you wouldn’t know how to tell one from the other…
                      Other than some ephemeral mention you’ve read of them in the news or the Internet, you really don’t know the difference.
                      Furthermore, it IS illegal(by-laws) to substitute one’s passport for appropriate visa stamping; Entry into Israel for UK citizens, is time-limited. A stamp shows when you entered, and when you left. Otherwise you could easily be classified as an illegal immigrant/worker(though, to couple you, and “worker”, in the same breath, is truly oxymoronic).
                      (And the Cairo tale, well, it’s really idiotic… Since 2010, I am informed, the UK has stopped issuing passports overseas. If you lose it, you need to apply for a valid one back home; which I recall, in good Major’s “glorious days”, took more than a fortnight)
                      Why skip Iraq? Do you realize how preposterous that sounds? Why not miss Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, or even Oman…?
                      (Don’t worry, I am sure you’ve never heard of most of these countries).
                      Finally, we have your Intl. Law gambit…
                      We’ve already nipped the “Professorship” pretence; Good.
                      Now we need you to finally admit you’re lying about this, and banish you, elsewhere(preferably Mondoweiss, you’d fit right in there)…
                      So, “Professor”, will you let res ipsa loquitur?

                    • Dear oh dear.

                      You could carry on speculating about me, or you could do something productive with your time. You choose. Your allegations are all false.

                      With respect to Cairo, that might be true these days. I haven’t been to Israel since 2008.

                      When I said region I didn’t include the Arabian peninsula, which I haven’t travelled in extensively, since it’s harder to get research grants to go there.

                    • Well, at least you’ve finally succumb; that’s already a step forward.
                      Now, can we finally cut to the part where you apologize for lying unabashedly, not only about your so-called “travels”(I aver still, and by your reaction, I know I am vindicated, that you’ve never been 10 miles away from your council-house), but also with respect to your former misplaced gumption?
                      Now then, on top of everything supra, you’ve perjured yourself with regards to “grants”…(Unless that’s your coded reference to the welfare dole, in which case, carry on :D).
                      So “Professor”, doesn’t academia censure prevaricators and liars of all kinds? :D…
                      Speaking of misplaced energy, why do YOU keep trolling here, “Prof”?
                      Surely your “demanding schedule” requires you to dally elsewhere, n’est-ce pas? 😉

                    • And I know that given your clear prejudice towards those in society less priveleged than yourself, who have to live in social housing, that your comments are essentially meaningless. Still, I don’t and have never lived in such a council house, since you can’t claim these benefits when you have a job in higher ed. Alas.

                      I have of course been to Israel just as I have been to its Arab neighbours. Indeed, I have also visited the West Bank.

                      You’ll be aware that perjury is lying under oath. Not sure when I took an oath, but nevertheless, I haven’t lied.

                      Now, why don’t you tell us all a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from etc. Perhaps your name? Or are you too scared to reveal on this website despite your courageous assaults on others?

                      THought so.

                    • What about you, eh, “Professor”?
                      Could we get a name from you ?
                      The fact is, that your welfare binge is of no particular interest to me; rather, the only matter that does irk me , is that your bravado comes at the tax-payers’ expense. While they work, to remunerate your slacking, you spend your idle days horsing around other peoples’ sites, trolling.
                      So, can we finally agree that you’ve never been to either Israel, the Middle East in general, and don’t know how to discern Iraq from Iran, and that, vis-a-vis your credentials, anything BUT a “professorship” comes to mind?
                      MAYBE a court jester… But here too, I am giving you far too much credit :D.
                      Did you read those scholarly articles I provided for you, in a different thread…?
                      You might want to see a doctor about that exploding head of yours :).

                    • sanity if you are working in higher education in any job more qualified than a sanitation worker/janitor then
                      a./ your countrie’s education system is doomed.
                      b./ I’m Atilla The Hun
                      You simply don’t have the slightest clue about scientific methods, verification procedures, dealing with scientific evidence and as you demonstrated here you are a unashamed liar with a very short memory.

                      So please pull the other leg…

                    • Continuing your rant against poor people. How edifying.

                      I do know the difference between Iran and Iraq, actually. One I have visited and the other I haven’t. Now, you sound like a broken record.

                      Please don’t give me crap about academia. You would not even get a third class honours in a decent university since you replace evidence with ideology. And since I’m not constrained by academic niceties: do shut up, you are very tiresome.

                    • “Professor”, the jig is up…
                      You’ve already unmasked yourself to Mr. Wunderlich, below, by clearly mismatching the dates of your supposed visit to Israel.
                      You’re the worst kind of hack: you can’t get your story straight…
                      What boggles me is this: how could you ever imagine that anyone would sincerely believe you; I mean, you’re an illiterate dolt, who, in his rush to parade his non-existent academic visor, has further soiled and embarrassed himself.
                      I expected more, frankly, from a troll, who not only piles his languorous trade at the taxpayers’ expense, but does so, so poorly!
                      What are the British public paying you for, eh, “Professor” :D?

          • No, I don’t. Wish I did. Not sure why your comment garnered 2 likes, It was factually incorrect.

                  • This professor of bullcrap has a very short memory and doesn’t remember his lies he said an hour ago. But maybe I’m mistaken and he has been tenured as a professor at the al-Azhar “university”. as a demo dhimmi (who is Muslim at the same time when the need arises.)

                  • Listen, you can pepper mewith these questions etc. etc. The fact is I was there over Christmas.

                    But whatever, I am confident that I have been to both. I don’t really care. Icould easily prove it by sending you photos of me in both places. But I’m less inteterested in proving myself right than the witch hunt that would proceed from telling / showing you who I really am. So, keep your parochial views and that’s that.

                    • Ha!
                      A scoundrel exposed! And the reaction? deflection all around…
                      But “Professor”, you told us you were honest, and trustworthy; now it seems you can’t even lie properly, regarding the imagined dates of your “trips”…
                      “Professor”, I think the only “trips” you’ve had, were the product of some rather nasty Opioid intake…
                      Doesn’t your asylum have any pills for you, to avoid delusional behaviour, in future?
                      I think you ought to revisit your medical chart, ASAP :D…
                      But do tell us, is it fun pretending(for instance, that you’re a well-travelled professor)? I heard children do that, but they usually grow out of it, by the time they’re 10…
                      Though, judging by your mode of articulation and verbality, you still have a few years to go :D.