BDS enthusiast David Martin, MEP, and a Hamas-linked trip to Gaza

The following was written by Hadar Sela and published at The Commentator

In the economic climate currently plaguing Europe, one would expect elected officials (and perhaps in particular, members of the Labour Party) to be among the first to support an initiative which has the potential to contribute to easing the strain both on government budgets and the purses of ordinary citizens – especially those with lower incomes. 

However, it seems that for some UK MEPs, political posturing is far more important than the well-being of their constituents.

The European Union – Israel Agreement on Conformity, Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) was approved by the European Council of Ministers in March 2010 and then sent on to the European Parliament for ratification. The European Parliament has delayed that process for over two years – supposedly as a reaction to the May 2010 flotilla incident in which nine Turkish political activists were killed after having attacked Israeli soldiers.

As the wheels of that process begin to turn again, anti-Israel activists are once more trying to scupper the ACAA; among them Labour Party member and Scottish MEP David Martin, who spoke against the agreement in the European Parliament, had a letter of objection published in the Guardian and wrote about the subject on his blog.

If ratified and enacted, the ACAA will mean that European pharmaceutical companies will be able to purchase Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and medicines from Israeli companies at lower costs as the need for additional testing in Europe will in many cases be significantly reduced or even no longer exist.

That of course will bring about lower manufacturing costs for European drug companies, ultimately resulting in savings for the European governments which provide their citizens with healthcare, as well as cheaper  medications for European citizens paying for certain products out of their own pockets .

In addition, as the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the EU move closer towards putting into place legislation that would require APIs from non-EU countries to be certified as guaranteed to conform to EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, some of the EU’s current main suppliers (for example in China) are likely to have difficulties in meeting EU standards immediately and could require significant time and investment to adjust.

In such a situation, a cheap and reliable supply of APIs which already conform to EU standards – such as those found in Israel – could be vital both for the guarantee of an uninterrupted supply of medications to European patients and the safeguarding of jobs within the European pharmaceutical industries.

None of that appears to be of any interest to the members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which has been lobbying MEPs to vote against the ACAA.

But the PSC’s lack of respect for the right of European citizens to effective and reasonably priced healthcare appears to be of no concern to quite a few British MEPs, including David Martin, with the PSC claiming that no fewer than 23 of them are against the agreement. Unsurprisingly, several of the same names have also publicly endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

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  1. When Israeli scientists find a cure for a particular cancer, the European Union will condemn and sanction Israel for industrial espionage. Israel will be found guilty until they prove the negative that they did not steal the science from European research centers.

    Such proof might be difficult as the evidence could have been cleverly removed. An investigation will then be demanded to test for the dual loyalty of all those Jewish potential conspirators that plague European academia and science, for which their numbers are far in excess as a proportion of the non-Jewish population. So many Jews in European scientific academia is prima facie evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate European science and give sustenance to Israel.

    The EU will prosecute Israel for animal cruelty whether animal testing was performed or not. Israel will again have to prove that no animals were hurt in any testing, and the EU will use that prosecution as an excuse to revisit the question of whether schechita should now be banned as representing another example of an innate propensity for Jews to torture animals, let alone their own children when they perform circumcision. These evil practices have already been noted and reported by the Guardian, that great defender of all human rights, except when they are Jewish rights.

    Israel will once again be accused of racial supremacy and acting as an apartheid state for discovering a cure for cancer before any other Muslim state or Muslim scientist. The EU will conclude that such a cure should banned from being made available to all European citizens, whilst being offered free of charge by Israel to every Palestinian.

  2. David Martin will probably meet with Hamas Holocaust denier Fawzi Barhoum and call him a man of peace.
    I doubt Martin will protest Hamas firing missles behind civilians in Gaza at Israeli civilians in Israel.,7340,L-4263495,00.html
    Hamas blasts Palestinian official’s Auschwitz trip.
    Fawzi Barhoum says Abbas aide’s visit to death camp goes against Palestinian public opinion; claims Holocaust ‘a big lie’