CiF Watch ‘Style’ Guide to the Middle East for the Perplexed: A to Z

 A guest post by Joe Geary

[Editor’s Note: As you may recall, the Guardian posts a Style Guide’ on its site which contains more than 1,750 definitions of terms (and rules) to which their reporters are expected to adhere when covering stories.  We’ve posted about some of the more amusing politically driven definitions here,  here, here and here, but the most blatant example of the Guardian Group involved in an out-and-out lie is their guide for journalists when referring to “Jerusalem”.

So, our friend Geary has created another Style Guide – a reference for CiF Watch contributors and readers to assist in navigating though the ideological morass of Guardian double-speak.  This is by no means a complete list, so please feel free to add other important terms which may have been omitted in the comments section below. – A.L]

A: Abu Mazen, leader of the Palestinian Authority and its chief non-negotiator. Last heard to say: “I am perfectly prepared to meet with the Israelis as soon as they agree to all my demands. Unless I can think of some more in the meantime”

B: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. (Also known as Bullshit, Dogma, and Sanctimoniousness). A group of western intellectuals dedicated to damaging the economy of the West Bank, impoverishing the Palestinians and depriving them of a good education in mixed Arab-Israeli universities.

Conspiracies. Anything bad that happens within the Middle East is due to the Israelis or the world-wide web of Jews, especially American Jews. 9/11, for instance, wasn’t perpetrated by Islamists but by the Jews to provoke a war between civilizations.

Modern anti-Zionist conspiracy theories allow for “Sustainable” (Green) antisemitic communities

D: Displaced persons. The proper term for Palestinian “refugees”. Of the tens of millions of people displaced between 1943-1960, only the Palestinians continue to be called refugees and therefore benefit from the billions doled out by the UN. Meanwhile much more needy cases in Africa and Asia are unsung, untreated and deprived.

The continually increasing number of Palestinian refugees from 1950. (Graph courtesy of Elder of Ziyon)

Death penalty. Effectively abolished in just one Middle Eastern country – Israel. Throughout the rest of the region there persist numerous colorfully traditional judicial ways of meeting one’s maker. Beware the language. “Clubbing” does not mean the same in Palestine as it does in Sheffield. Being stoned in Teheran is not the same as in California, whilst in Saudi Arabia you can, quite literally, lose your head over a woman.

An execution in Saudi Arabia

E: Erez. One of several crossings through which thousands of tons of food, fuel, medicines, domestic and luxury goods pass from Israel into Gaza and thousands of Gazans pass into Israel for medical treatment. Part of the inhumane siege of Gaza.

F: Fatah. According to many, an association which successfully made the challenging transition from terrorist organisation to Mafia.

Fatah Logo

G: Gaza. An open-air prison with built-in shopping malls, luxury hotels and jewellery markets. A living hell. (Viewer discretion advised when watching the video below)

Golan Heights. (or “Occupied Golan Heights” for the BBC and the Guardian). A hilly region on the Israel-Syria border from which, before 1967, the Syrian regime practiced its favourite sport of firing artillery shells at Israeli villages which were inside the ceasefire lines.  Since 1967 it has flourished, to the considerable economic benefit of its mixed Jewish and Druze population. However, the Syrian regime wants its shooting range back.

Above Nahal Samakh, Ramat Hagolan (Golan Heights)

H: Hamas. An erstwhile brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Its principal strategy from 2005 was to provoke Israel into attacking it in Gaza by firing thousands of missiles into southern Israel. Its plan finally bore fruit in 2009. Its few remaining members now dedicate their time to smuggling and extorting cash from the Gazan people.  

Hamas style gender equality

Hezbollah. An Islamic charitable foundation. It accepts generous donations mainly from the Syrian and Iranian governments to set up schools specialising in basic antisemitism, bomb-making and destabilization of elected governments.

Hezbollah military parade

I: International Solidarity Movement (ISM). A group of western reactionaries who travel to Israel and Palestine in the hope of provoking violence. They are dedicated to the anti-Zionist cause to the last drop of Palestinian blood.

ISM ‘activists’ posing with Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorist.

J: Jews. A devious people, descended from pigs and dogs who, although Semitic, originate from Russia and never had any connection with the Holy Land. They control the world’s finances, news organisations and all western foreign policy. In physical appearance they are squat, swarthy and hook-nosed, except when they are in Israel where they transform into ultra-white Aryans.

Jenin. Town in the West Bank where a massacre of Palestinians took place. Or, rather, it didn’t. The story was made up by Pallywood (see below) and lapped up by the Zionophobic western press.

(Image courtesy of HonestReporting)

Jerusalem: The capital of Israel

K: Knowledge-Based-Economy. The OECD (which admitted Israel as a member in 2010) recognizes knowledge (information, technology and learning), as opposed to natural resources, as the driver of productivity, development and economic growth. Israel’s economic success has largely been driven by this dynamic.

L: Land for Peace. A bad joke.

Lying. See Pallywood.

M: Mecca and Medina. The two Islamic holy sites in Arabia (only Muslims are allowed to enter the former, but that is not apartheid, honest). The Arabs only seemed to become keen on the religiosity of Jerusalem when the Jews got their hands on it in 1967.

Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptian-based but worldwide reactionary Islamist body, chief beneficiary of the recent Islamist Revolution known affectionately to some as the Arab Spring.

(Seen is this video: Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader, Yusuf Qaradawi)

N: No. The Arab world’s answer to any form of peaceful co-existence with Israel. Spelled out quite clearly in the Khartoum Agreement between Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1968: “No negotiation, no recognition, and no peace”.

O: Oslo Accords. A series of contracts in which Israel and the United States agreed to set up a Palestinian proto-state complete with parliament, judiciary, tax system, press and police force, and the Palestinian Authority agreed to accept a shed-load of money every year.

Occupation. Even though the Palestinians have their own state in Gaza and their own independent government, judiciary, education system, press and police force in most of the West Bank, they are nevertheless, some maintain, extremely Occupied.

Oppression. In the West Bank and Gaza, Oppression takes the form of waiting in queues to be searched by Israeli teenagers in uniform to check whether you are smuggling arms. In Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East Oppression takes the form of being imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered by the government for demanding basic civil rights.

Obsession: (see Reporting)

P: Palestinian Cause: The destruction of the state of Israel and the subjugation or expulsion of its Jewish population.

P: Pallywood: The Arab answer to Hollywood, the place where all your fantasies come true: the Jenin massacre, the murder of al-Durah, the bombing of the UN school in Gaza. Ah, such storytelling …

Q: Qatar. Home to the pseudo-liberal news channel, Al-Jazeera, ever replete with anti-Israel propaganda. Unfortunately not yet home to a Parliament, a constitution, any independent judiciary or basic human rights.

R: Reporting. In 2010, the year before the Arab uprising, when trouble was obviously brewing, the BBC’s coverage of Israel was more than twice that of all Arab countries combined. Jeremy Bowen, its Middle East editor devoted 95% of his stories to Israel. The Guardian was worse still, with three times as many stories on Israel as on the entire Arab world. Whilst the Brotherhood was preparing to march on Tahir Square, whilst the Syrians were about to plunge into their bloodbath, whilst the Libyans were – literally – getting ready to bugger Gaddafi, Jeremy and Harriet were downing their martinis around a swimming pool in Tel Aviv, penning their heart-wrenching tales of vandalised olive trees and of brutal Israeli chicken farms.

S: Syria. A country whose ultra-brutal regime was much adored and applauded by many in the West for its implacable opposition to Israel and to peace. Currently in a state of civil war between the bad guys and the even worse guys. It is not yet clear which side is which.

Bashar Assad: Seen here when he was more in Vogue

T: Two-state solution. The original UN plan for the region, whereby the mandate was to be divided into two autonomous states, the state of Palestine with a mainly Arab population and the state of Israel with a principally Jewish population. All sides still agree with the two-state plan, though the Arab side would like one small alteration: the state of Palestine with a mainly Arab population and the state of Israel with a mainly Arab population.

Temple Mount, Jerusalem. The holiest site of Judaism where only Muslims are permitted to worship. Proof if any were needed of the apartheid nature of the Jewish State.

U: University. Israel has the highest number of university degrees per capita in the world.

Y: Yasser Arafat. The father of modern terrorism.

Z: Zionist. A person who believes in the wacky idea that Jews have some kind of right to self-determination in their historic homeland. Not to be confused with anti-Zionist, someone who denies that Jews have any such right, generally motivated by racist or political bias, or both.

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  1. Excellent job, Geary, and I am sure it will be posted on bulletin boards at Gurdian HQ to enforce the code.

    I noticed a major stylistic error in Harriet’s report on the massive attack on the Egyptians and attempt to infiltrate Israel yesterday. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/aug/05/attack-across-egypt-israel-border)

    She wrote “gunmen killed about 15 Egyptian border guards and hijacked armoured vehicles to launch an attack across the Israeli border.”

    Proper style is:

    “15 Egyptian border guards killed and armoured vehicles hihacked”

    which leaves open the possibility that it was Israelis or Martians who did it.

    But all is not lost – the ever-alert anti-Israeli faction at the Guardian (is there any other?) made sure that a blunder like this by their idiot-in-chief reporter from the ME does not re-occur and the style guide is rigorously implemented.

    Thus, under the headline on her latest report on lax border controls by Egypt along their border with Israel, the sub-editors correctly blamed Israel for the success of the jihadis in killing Egyptians:


    “Israeli border security under question following fatal gun attack by militants that left at least 15 guards dead”

    even though the words “by militants” should, following the style guide, properly be left out so that alternatives to “militants” could be proposed by people like Berchmans and KrustytheKlown – if the G. ever dares open one of Harriet’s idiotic columns to comments.

    Thus, it should read, without the reference to “militants”:

    “Israeli border security under question following fatal gun attack that left at least 15 guards dead”

    This would have made it clear that quite likely it was Islamaphobic Israelis who killed the 15 border guards as they sat down for dinner to break the fast on Ramadan.

    • which leaves open the possibility that it was Israelis or Martians who did it.

      Oh please. That is ridiculous.

  2. You mention that “some” say the Palestinian territories are occupied. I’m sure you’re aware that those “some” are comprised of the United Nations and pretty much the entire international community?

    You also mentioned that Palestine can’t be occupied because Palestinians enjoy all the constituent parts of an independent state. So I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the recent World Bank report on the Palestinian economy, which stated that Israel’s “apparatus of control” in the West Bank has “become more sophisticated and effective in its ability to interfere in and affect every aspect of Palestinian life, including job opportunities, work, and earnings … (turning) the West Bank into a fragmented set of social and economic islands or enclaves cut off from one another.” The International Monetary Fund and the European Union have recently made similar observations.

    Doesn’t that sound like occupation to you?

      • Of course, AKUS, but that’d be too easy wouldn’t it, and too much like hard work.

        Their prophet dictated war without end, their stupid leaders follow his dictats, and no-one in the Arab world has the sense to realise that lasting and trustworthy peace would benefit them all, not only Palestinians.

        Masochists, certainly. Stupid? That as well. Pernicious envious of Israel’s successes, defintitely. The dots are all there for lifting themselves out of their sorry state but the Palestinians can’t or won’t join them up. Besides which they would stand to lose billions in aid if peace broke out. They’d have to work to build a state rather than whinge about Jews.

        • Their prophet dictated war without end, their stupid leaders follow his dictats … Masochists, certainly. Stupid? That as well.

          Let’s leave out the bigotry, please.

          Anyone might think this site has less to do with alleged anti-Semitism than outright Israeli nationalism.

      • They could solve their problem immediately by making peace with Israel.

        Israel continues to build Jew-only settlements in the West Bank and is interested in a 2-state-solution?

        AKUS – you don’t want to even see a Palestinian state, do you?

    • EVERYONE says that the Palestinian territory is occupied by Israel, save for right-wing politicians in Israel.

      • Oh Nat, Avi, Benyamin et.al you really like to open your mouth and jam both feet in don’t you.
        “EVERYONE says that the Palestinian territory is occupied by Israel, save for right-wing politicians in Israel.”

        I’m not a right-wing politician in Israel and I do not say that! Therefore your use of the word EVERYONE is either a deliberate lie or born out of ignorance, or both.

  3. Another style blunder for Sherwood. Gleefully reporting on Israel lack of medals at the Olympics, and trying to tie it in to Israel’s success at beating off attacks on its legitimacy and citizens, the strap line reads:


    “Israel is used to punch above its weight on the international arena – but not at the Olympics”

    Umm …

    Perhaps should read:

    “Israel is used to punching above its weight on the international arena – but not at the Olympics”

    But then, the Guardian does punch at about its weight internationally.


  4. Well written and conceived, Geary.

    It certainly got “real”zionist in a knicker-twist

    Has anyone sent it to CiF?

  5. Photo of Arafat above – now there’s something to frighten the children with on Hallowe’en….

  6. “the state of Palestine with a mainly Arab population and the state of Israel with a mainly Arab population.”

    Shouldn’t the first one say “exclusively Arab”?

  7. Akus, Abbas and the other head thugs of these so-called “palestinian” Arabs have no real intention or motivation for creating, developing or maintaining a state. They are welfare queens who make a fortune in easy handouts from the EU, UN and USA. Why should they exert any energy to become independent and lose all this easy cash?
    The PA knows by having a conflict its a goldmine for them.

    • I agree . There is no other reasonable explanation for their refusal to say “Yes” whenever they have been offer4d an agreement.

      • I agree with you AKUS, but if they are pushed they might argue that the main driver for their intransigence is the koranic injunction to murder infidel Jews and get back what is now Israel, presumably so that they can turn it into a desert again.

  8. I loved this entire piece but the listing for Syria was the most trenchant one. Isn’t that the central tragedy of the Middle East, that the “bad guys” are terrible and the “good guys” are often just as bad, as bad, or even worse? It reminds me of Roger Ebert’s comment about SYRIANA where he asks, what if there are NO good guys because they don’t suit up to play in this game (and for the record, Mr. Ebert’s Middle East views are reactionary piffle, but when he’s writing on almost any subject in non-emotional terms he’s very incisive)?

      • Mr. Cox interesting that someone such as yourself who has a pre-set agenda finds ‘racist’ views fascinating. Perhaps that is why Friends Meeting house in Euston Road regularly allows its premises to be hired by racists and anti-semites.
        From your own blog;
        “I’m a British freelance journalist spending three months in Hebron, West Bank, working with EAPPI as a human rights monitor and ecumenical accompanier – which means, in English, that I spend time with vulnerable Palestinian families, and work with Palestinian and Israeli groups struggling non-violently against the occupation.

        Back home I write for the Guardian, the Observer, the Times Literary Supplement among other publications. I’m also online editor of the Arab-Israeli Book Review, a literary blog about the Middle East.”

        • Could you give me an example of a racist or antisemitic individual or group that has spoken at Friends House?

          • “Could you give me an example of a racist or antisemitic individual or group that has spoken at Friends House?”

            Is that a serious question?

            Are you really that ignorant about some of the individuals and groups that have spoken at and used Friends House?

            Mr. Cox there have been too many examples to list. If you are a journalist you should be well aware of the many protests that have been made about some of the groups and speakers at Friends House. If you are unaware, as your question implies, then I suggest you use your ‘journalistic’ skills to research the matter as you are in for a rude awakening.

            • I’m perfectly capable of using the internet, yes, but I asked because I’m interested to learn more about your particular conceptions of racism and anti-semitism – so I wondered if you could provide some examples?

              • “I’m perfectly capable of using the internet, yes,” Good, glad to hear that your time at University, at my expense as a UK taxpayer, wasn’t completely wasted.
                “I asked because I’m interested to learn more about your particular conceptions of racism and anti-semitism – so I wondered if you could provide some examples?” My conception of racism is the same as used by the Crown Prosecution Service. My conception of anti-semitism is the
                same as the EUMC definition, a link to which is at the top of the page.

                Now a question for you Mr. Cox. Are you denying that the Friends Meeting House in Euston Road has been used by racist and/or anti-semitic groups or individuals?

                • Good, glad to hear that your time at University, at my expense as a UK taxpayer, wasn’t completely wasted.

                  Should I in turn be glad about having paid for the “education” of people like Gerald?

      • “Genuinely fascinated by the amount of racism on display here, guys”

        Would you care to substantiate this libel, Cox?

        Facts which you personally find unpalatable do not necessarily constitute “racism”, though I do realise that the R-accusation is never far away from the lips of people like you.

        For real race hate, look to the attitudes of some of the types you work with.

        • Happy to. The CiF Watch notes on defining Antisemitism state that the EUMC views “mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing” allegations about Jews as Antisemitic – and, therefore, racist. I agree with that a hundred percent.

          But here’s the problem. Numerous comments on this blog make “mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing” allegations about Palestinians. I’ll cite three examples: ‘head thugs of these so-called ‘palestinian’ Arabs’; ‘Aid junkies’; and the suggestion that the term ‘massacre’ should be defined as ‘any battle the Arabs lose’.

          The first two comments allege that all Palestinians are characterised by certain negative traits, such as violence, laziness, etc. (Isn’t that a little demonizing? A little mendacious?)

          Meanwhile, the third – and most outrageous – comment makes humour out of the killing of 800 Palestinian refugees, including woman, children and babies, in the Lebanese refugee camps of Sabre and Shatila in 1982. (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3284679,00.html)

          Isn’t that rather dehumanizing?

          As someone who believes racism should be challenged wherever it is found, I think this website would command more respect and reach a wider audience if, instead of indulging in such vitriol, it started promoting peaceful voices that are genuinely interested in accepting ‘the other’. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out the work of Rabbis for Human Rights, Ta’ayush, Machsom Watch, etc.

          Good luck and best wishes,

          • Interesting, a worthy stance against Racism…
            Your own EAPPI endorsed Sabeel, a known anti-Semitic group.
            Your EAPPI supports sheikh Taysir Tamimi, proponent of such “peaceful” ideas, as Israel spreading AIDS among Pals., slaughtering women and children indiscriminately, to the extent that the Catholic Pope had to leave a conference with him.
            The EAPPI supports Attallah Hannah, who endorsed Suicide bombings against Israeli civilians, women and children.
            Let’s drop the act shall we?-You and your cohort are anti-Semites, and want Israel destroyed.
            Forgive us therefore, if we, Jews, Israelis, don’t bow to your dictates, and willingly tender ourselves as offal.
            (And the less said about your replacement theology, clearly abridging all Christian theological principles-all for the sake of your blind hatred toward Jews-the better)

            • Christ alive (ahem) – replacement theology? Scary stuff.

              Sorry if I’ve missed something – but does chrisjamescox adhere to the above?

              • Pretzelberg – apparently I do, despite having said nothing whatsoever on the matter. Still, why let a lack of facts/evidence stand in the way of a good allegation, right?!

                • Mr. Cox, what about Taysir Tamimi?
                  Or Attalah Hannah?
                  Your silence on these documented “allegations” is deafening.
                  Don’t be coy… Terrorism is a badge of honour in your org. 😉

                  • Can you just back up that claim about chrisjamescox being into replacement theology and issuing “dictates” to Jews?

                  • Oh please, why should I respond to such claims when they are followed up with the ludicrous statement, “You and your cohort are anti-Semites, and want Israel destroyed”?! (which would be news to my Jewish and Israeli friends.) I mean, come on, if that’s your idea of a reasonable debating style then it’s pointless us continuing this exchange…

                    • Ha! That’s the typical response of an outed scoundrel(“Jewish and Israeli friends”)…
                      Still Mr. Cox:
                      Taysir Tamimi?
                      Attalah Hannah?
                      “Jewish power/money” at the CoE Synod?
                      Sounds like someone’s deflecting, for fear of being fully exposed…
                      What about EAPPI’s own, truly sinister invocation of Jewish theology?(Not to mention patently false, and why would, other than for the odd stab against Jews, an Anglican institution dissect the beliefs(and erroneously, at that) of other faiths?):

                      “Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox Jews study only the Talmud, because it immerses them in the ancient debates among rabbis as to how Jews are to read and interpret the Torah. These Jews argue there is no need to read the Torah on its own[utterly, completely false – C.101], because it is all in the Talmud. Moreover, how could one properly understand the Torah without the benefit of the commentaries of the rabbis? In Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox yeshivas (seminaries) the Prophets are largely ignored[-Nonsense, shows flagrant slander C.101].
                      It is hardly surprising, therefore, that texts emphasizing “the chosen people”[No anti-Semitism there, right? 😉 C.101] are at the heart of the Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox understanding of God’s commandments. This is why, for these Jews, the idea of giving up land for peace contradicts their basic Jewish identity.[?? -C.101]”

                      Sure, you’re not anti-Semites… 😐 Just dogmatic abusers of Jewish lore and theology(to which, by the way, you have no claim).
                      How EVER did we make that mistake? 😉

                    • @ Commentary101
                      I repeat: can you support the claim that chrisjamescox is a champion of replacement theology and issues “dictates” to Jews?

                    • @Pretzel,
                      Whether he does so personally?- I don’t know.
                      But he’s certainly part of an organization that demonizes Jews, and lionises anti-Semites.(Evidence for which, you can see, above).
                      Did every member of the Communist party support the Stalinist purges?-Of course not; that doesn’t excuse their culpability in the matter(“All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing“).
                      If he truly had been an irenic messenger of peace and anti-racism, he would first have tended to his own lot, his own organization, rather than cast aspersions on this site, or anyone else.
                      What was there about “Casting the first stone”?- Maybe Mr. Cox, and the EAPPI could benefit from reading the Gospel one more time.

                    • @ Commentary101

                      OK. So you have no evidence that chrisjamescox is a) a champion of replacement theology or b) issues “dictates” to Jews

                      Both are pretty serious charges. You might want to retract them.

                    • If you would permit me, Pretzel, I wish to wait for Cox’s response on Sabeel, Tamimi, Hannah, “Jewish Power”, the Talmud, inter alia.
                      That, if anything, would shed light on his actual stances in this case.
                      If he repudiates them(and his organization’s position re Israel and the Jews, as you have seen yourself), I will issue an unmitigated apology; certainly.

                    • @ Commentary101

                      My query is genuine. What has chrisjamescox said to prompt your accusations in the first place?
                      Just curious.

                    • Mr. Cox, Pretzel, said this: ““Genuinely fascinated by the amount of racism on display here, guys”
                      I charge that we none of us are racists…
                      And hence I wished to point out that his affiliation, and occupation(no pun intended), is guilty of far more egregious bias and discrimination than anyone here…
                      Surely you would agree with me, on that? 🙂

                    • @ Commentary101

                      I charge that we none of us are racists…

                      With all respect you must be joking. This website has plenty of anti-Arab prejudice BTL. And recently there was huge support for anti-goy comments aimed at yours truly.

                      That aside: I’m still wondering what it was that chrisjamescox said to warrant accusations of being a champion of replacement theology and issuing “dictates” to Jews.

                    • @ Commentary101

                      Please just answer my questions re. replacement theology and “dictates” to Jews.

                    • You know, it is not inconceivable to suspect, that if I person is a member of an organization, that promotes the above, he subscribes to its tenants; isn’t it?
                      (A Communists preaches Marx, an Aryan Nation-er inculcates White Supremacism).
                      That’s what I base my views of Mr. Cox on.
                      I think, if Mr. Cox actually shows up to rebut, you’ll find that I am not mistaken.

                    • @ Commentary101

                      chrisjamescox is a memer of the EAPPI?

                      Said organisation preaches replacement theology?

  9. An utterly childish article.

    Just one example:

    Syria. A country whose ultra-brutal regime was much adored and applauded by many in the West for its implacable opposition to Israel and to peace.

    Adored and applauded by … exactly what tiny fraction of people in the West?

      • I get it. So anybody interested in Middle East studies – which includes Israel, of course – is pro-Assad??


        • What a bizarre reply when keeping in mind that these studies preach that Israel is the devil.
          In this sense Israel is included.
          If it is that what you get …

      • The wiki article on Landis only says he was friendly with Imad Moustapha (Syrian ambassador to US). That does not equate to being an apologist for the Syrian regime. In fact, here’s a post on Landis’ blog from 2006:

        Pro-Democracy Students Held at Sidnaya Prison

        “This report was just sent to me by a young human rights activist in Syria. It speaks for itself.”

        Also, he probably would not post an article on a banned book if he supported the regime before 2011.

        • If you like you can get much more information on him and his twenty years of defending the Baath regime.

          • This has to be something on his blog and/or published and readily available, not some vague wikipedia entry, you understand.

              • So in other words, you have nothing and Joshua Landis never defended the Ba’ath party. I took 5 minutes to look at random blog posts of his before 2011. If you’re too lazy to do that much research, your assertions can’t be taken seriously.

                  • I’m not even sure what you’re trying to do here. You have not posted any evidence that Landis defended the Syrian regime before 2011; instead you offer two recent blog posts. The first one links to a post on Landis’ blog from last year where he remarks, “The government is cracking down on the people of Deraa. The gloves are off. 15 killed.” The second link quotes Landis thus, “Bashar al-Assad “is living in this little world [where] everyone else is an extremist,” Landis said. Assad is a “loser” and “will never be able to put Syria back together again.””

                    How that constitutes defending the regime I don’t know. And they post-date the start of the uprising as well. It’s your job to back up your own assertions, not mine. Put up or shut up.

                    • You are so silly. A few posts ago it was, “his twenty years of defending the Baath regime.” and “Landis was known as stern defender of the Syrian regime, he changed sides only 2011.” Now it’s, “Landis and his connection to the Baath regime.”

                      There should be a written record of him defending the Syrian regime, the Ba’ath party or the Assads before 2011. Some writing by him along those lines has to be found, not a picture of him with a Syrian ambassador, whom he fell out with to boot.

                      If you can’t find anything, you can’t prove anything, least of all that ME studies are friendly with ME dictatorships.

                    • A nutter who defends Landis `s friendly and familiar connections to the Baath regime, being invited to Syria, to Syrian embassies and his stern defending of this dicatatorship.
                      Baby, you are somehow familiarly or friendly connected with Landis.

    • “A country whose ultra-brutal regime was much adored and applauded by many in the West for its implacable opposition to Israel and to peace.”

      This is an attempt to equate opposition to Israel with support for Arab dictatorships. The real support for Assad came from somewhere else, namely, US officialdom.


      “DAMASCUS, SYRIA — When Syria joined its old foe, the United States, in going to war against Iraq, the public here was shocked and outraged. (…) Although serious concerns about Syria`s record on terrorism and human rights continue to trouble the relationship with Washington, Assad finds himself courted by the Bush administration. (…) The U.S. and Syria have consulted closely on implementation of a 1989 agreement among Arab states aimed at ending the Lebanese civil war and restoring normality there.”

      • Sure, the USA nurtured the Baath regime, not the moolah regime.
        You are a bit out of touch with reality, least to say, baby.

        • The US sold weapons to Iran during the war with Iraq (That’s the “moolah regime”, right?). Maybe it’s time you realized USFP is about a few major industries and not fighting abstract evils.

            • Then maybe you’d like to tell me what the reality is. You know, there is a defense industry and some people profit off the arms trade. There is that.