Report on the terror attack near Kerem Shalom, August 5th 2012.

Earlier today, CiF Watch took part in a briefing by Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich on the subject of last night’s terror attack in the south of Israel. The details are as follows. 

At around 8 pm local time the IDF identified a group of terrorists engaged in an attack upon an Egyptian army base near Rafah. The terrorists killed around 15 Egyptian soldiers and stole two vehicles – a lorry, which they loaded with explosives, and an armoured personnel carrier. 

The terrorists then proceeded to storm the border between Egypt and Israel near the Kerem Shalom crossing. The civilian kibbutz also named Kerem Shalom is situated nearby. 

The truck self-detonated at the border in an action presumed to be an attempt to target Israeli soldiers at a nearby outpost. Due to the huge blast resulting from the large amount of explosives in the truck, some civilians in the area mistakenly reported being under rocket fire at the time.

The armoured personnel carrier crossed the border into Israel and was struck once from the air by the Israeli Air Force. As the terrorists abandoned the vehicle, they were also targeted. In all, five terrorists were killed: one who was driving the truck and four travelling in the APC. 

It is presumed that the terrorists intended to kidnap Israelis or to target a house in the area. Some ten thousand Israeli civilians live in the vicinity. The terrorists were in possession of large amounts of weapons, flak jackets and explosive belts, indicating that a lethal attack was prevented. 

Burning APC

The APC on fire after it was targeted by the Israel Air Force

(Photo credit:IDF blog)

Lt. Col. Leibovich stated that the IDF had prior intelligence on the subject of this attack which had prompted the issuing of a warning to Israelis not to enter Sinai several days beforehand. At present, the affiliation of the terrorists involved in last night’s incident is still under investigation. In the past year or so, the Sinai Peninsula has become an area of increased terrorist activity for a variety of groups, as indicated by previous attacks originating from the territory including those of August 18th  2011 and June 18th 2012

The Guardian’s version of the incident can be found here.  


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  1. Well reported Hadar. Duvidl has never read the Guardian, mentioned at the end of your report, and does not intend to begin now. Duvidl will continue to rely on CIF Watch’s excellent Israel news coverage.

  2. The byline on the front page is “Israeli border security under question following fatal attack by militants that left at least 15 guards dead”. Rather weird, isn’t it? While one can take it several ways, there does seem to be a hint of criticism against the one element that reacted properly to events last night.

  3. Typical Guardian headline:

    “Egypt-Israel border attack leaves over a dozen dead”

    No indication of who attacked who Egypt on Israel? Israel on Egypt? “Dozen dead” of who? Are we supposed to weep for the “dozen dead”?

    Not until the sub-headline do we find “gunmen”, the Guardian’s PC term for terrorists. “Terrorists” is reserved for people who murder Brits.

  4. I was listening to BBC’s pathetic, convoluted and dodgy report of this incident on Radio 4 and it gave a distinct impression that Israel had attacked and killed Egyptian soldiers. For BBC/Guardian, Hamas/Palestinians are holiest of holies and all efforts must be made to deflect any bad publicity from them.

    BTW, same as Duvid, I will not read Guardian’s version.

  5. Instead of the Guardian using Harriet Sheerwood as their correspondent in Israel,they should just quote Haaretz instead.

    Haaretz is just as biased bad and extreme as the Guardian where Israel is concerned.In fact the anti Israel posts and posters in Haaretz would give the Guardian and it’s posters a run for their money…….

  6. Islamic terrorists kill 15 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai and the Guardian is blaming Israel for this.
    Earth to Sherwood, Israel does not control the Sinai, Egypt does.
    So if terrorist attacks happen in the Sinai, its Egypts forces that have to stop them, not Israel.

  7. To think that I once passed through that very border crossing. It was “hot” back then, never mind today.