General Antisemitism

Arab clerics debate which people in the Middle East thirst human blood the most.

The volume of extreme antisemitism in the Middle East (often translated into English by Palestinian Media Watch and Middle East Media Research Institute) is staggering.

Occasionally, we post such clips in the context of ‘what the Guardian won’t report’, but we couldn’t possibly do justice to the degree and volume of anti-Jewish racism in the Arab/Muslim world.

While the following clip, of a Saudi cleric informing viewers that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake Passover Matzoh, is not at all uncommon, the video of an Egyptian cleric you’ll see following the Saudi’s antisemitic blood libel charge does seem quite unusual.  

First, the Saudi cleric, Slaman Al-Odeh.

Now, for something completely different…from Egyptian Cleric Sallah Sultan.

Did you see that?

According to Sallah Sultan, it’s the Palestinians who thirst the blood of Jews, and not (as previously believed by most of the Jew hating world) the other way around!

I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly confused.

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  1. ” …a Saudi cleric informing viewers that Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake Passover Matzoh, is not at all uncommon…” Too right.

    Duvidl asked a 96-year-old Jewish lady who was helping out in a London charity shop last week what it was like growing up in Poland.

    “Not very nice. Other children kept telling us the brown spots on our Passover Matzah was the blood of Polish children,” the lady, who spoke six languages, replied.

  2. I’m confused.
    Do the Palestinians get the promissed Virgins or don’t they?
    And who gets Virgin trains new contract?

  3. Yes, but the postmodernist and/or multicultural ideology is based on ignoring and denying anti-Semitism, especially Muslim one.
    It won`t convince these misguided and in a specific sense purposefully illiterate people, since this ongoing hate propaganda everybody can research if he/she wants to, but they simply don`t want to.
    A cognitive war we will loose due to the decline of education, call the downfall postmodernist or something else, and the hate of Israel and the minimising of anti-Semitism in the medias.
    I suppose we have to prepare for something really ugly, ask the USA for introducing some specific immigraton rules due to world-wide anti-Semitism or head to Israel.
    I hope that I`m wrong, but i doubt it.

  4. The Arab world is now completely unhinged.

    They’ve noticed – how could they not – that Islam has failed to deliver peace, prosperity, happiness or indeed any respect from others.

    As the infidels enjoy the material comforts, political freedoms, and spiritual fulfilment so lacking in the Arab world, and as infidel science explores the universe, extends human life, and introduces technological wonders, they know they are being left behind as the world moves on. They cannot of course admit that Islam is a failure, even to themselves, so they lash out at non-Muslims, who they blame for their own failings.

    They should be left to howl and froth as long as they keep themselves to themselves, but should be advised that any attempt to impose themselves on others will be met with a robust reply.

    • “Now” completely unhinged??!

      Andy, it always has, stuck as it is in the Dark Ages but believing that it would acquire the wealth and trappings of modern civilisation by magic and its allah’s will and without having to work for them!

      Add to that an unhealthy dollop of pernicious envy of the Jews who not only beat them in wars but have contributed beyond measure to the world, whose advances in science, technology, medicine, ecology etc are the envy of the world which collaborates with Israel and shares the fruits of them, and you have the noxious mix which now obtains.

      Islam teaches that Muslims are beloved of its allah and that Jews and other infidels are cursed and yet…. the Muslims are at the bottom of the heap whereas Jews and Christians are light years ahead of them! Muslims are publicly shamed by Jewish and Christian success, but what do they do about it? Instead of long term planning, and realising that peaceful collaboration with infidels will benefit them too, they take the route of pernicious envy – so jealous are they of Jewish/Christian success that not only do they want to claim it as theirs, but also they want to deprive Jews/Christians of the fruits of it.

      They are handicapped indeed because they are at the mercy of corrupt leaders and lack the internal locus of evaluation which makes for successful people in the West, to be able to reason for themselves what is best for them and go against their leaders’ plans for them if necessary.

      Islamic teaching, which forbids questioning of authority, and following the koran literally, is at the root of this.

      Muslims will never advance until they free themselves of that.