Richard Millett’s ‘Al Quds Day’ Report: Hezbollah marches through London again

Cross posted by Richard Millett

At Al Quds Day in London today.

Remember during the Olympics when Britain celebrated how multicultural we are and how we accept people of all cultures and races? Well, it seems, the party is already over.

Britain’s Jews are made to feel especially uncomfortable. Today, yet again, Hezbollah supporters marched through the streets of London for the Khomeini inspired Al Quds Day. Instead of congregating in Trafalgar Square like last year, they assembled outside the American Embassy.

Hezbollah has been involved in a worldwide campaign to murder as many Jews as possible. It started in Argentina in the early 1990s when both the Israeli consulate and a Jewish community centre were bombed by Hezbollah leaving hundreds of Jews and non-Jews dead and disabled. And recently in Bulgaria Hezbollah blew up a bus full of young Israeli tourists leaving many dead and crippled.

This is all fully in line with Hassan Nasrallah’s statements that Jews are descended from pigs and apes and if the world’s Jews gathered in Israel it would save Hezbollah the effort of going after them worldwide.

Last year Hezbollah activists held up signs proclaiming “Death to Israel”, “Israel Your Days Are Numbered” and “For there to be peace Israel must be destroyed”. Today the disingenuously named Islamic Human Rights Commission, a registered charity, was allowed to repeat the exercise.

And this year the march and rally were advertised on the back of some 400 London buses!

I wasn’t there for very long today. Once again I was quietly trying to film proceedings. No one recognised me until an anti-Ahava activist tipped off stewards from the Islamic Human Rights Commission who jostled me and complained to the police who, in turn, ushered me away.

After the assembled crowd was urged to chant “Zionism must go” and “From The River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free” I saw both Reverend Stephen Sizer and Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn address it.

Leaflets sponsored by INMINDS.co.uk were handed out. They read, inter alia, ”The world ended Nazism and Apartheid, isn’t it time to end the suffering of the Palestinians?” and “Israeli soldiers of the Givati Brigade ordered around 100 people in to the Wa’el Samouni house at gunpoint. They then bombed the house killing 29 people. They then denied emergency crews access to the house for four days, shooting at ambulance drivers if they approached the house. In case anyone mistook the intent of the Givati in this crime, they left a message on one of the remaining walls of the house, daubed in Hebrew it read ‘The Only good Arab is a Dead Arab.’”

One has to ask why does Britain rightly ban groups like Muslims Against Crusades for causing public outrage but not Hezbollah which is actively attempting to murder Jews worldwide. Are Britain’s Jews deemed so dispensable?

I think we know the answer by now.

Al Quds Day London 2012. So much for “multi-cultural Britain”.

Someone’s in love with Hezbollah.

The heavies.

Giving me the evils.

More evils.

Racism descends on a sunny London.

The Green Party?

Neturei Karta at their usual pre-Shabbat hate-fest.

“Daddy, daddy can we go to another hate-fest today?”

Neturei Karta and Hezbollah; the perfect fit?

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    • They were outside the pubs drinking. As people from the march were passing to go home some EDL shouted “Free Israel”. I don’t think the police would let them anywhere near the rally/march.

  1. Well done Richard. I hope you went in disguise (burka maybe?) or are they so thick they didn’t recognise you? Either way, well done – you really have balls to photograph that lot. Was it a big crowd btw?

    • About 400 i think but probably double that marched from Portman Square to Grosvenor Place. Harry’s Place has a good video of the march when they were confronted by some “Free Iran” activists.

      • I watched that – I couldn’t read what the Free Iran group had on their banner but it contained the word Palestine. Got me wondering if they were the enemy of our enemy or just another enemy?!

  2. How weird is that? A counter-demonstration of just one with a camera and this lot start to feel insecure about it . Perhaps they are embarrassed to see themselves being shown exhibiting anti-semitic behaviour once again. Very illuminating and well done Richard for letting us share the moment.

  3. “Neturei Karta and Hezbollah; the perfect fit?”

    Yes, masochists and sadists get on quite nicely.

  4. Truly stomach-churning and extremely worrying. What has Britain done to itself?
    You are right, Natalie, and Richard should probably be considered a “War Correspondent” by now. He’s been to enough (domestic) danger zones. I would dub him Richard Couer-de-Lion if the historic connotations weren’t so politically incorrect.
    Stay safe, Richard, and keep up the extraordinary pictorial journalism!

  5. Racism is alive and well in the streets of London. Does the nation really not care?

    A gold medal for Richard, hero of the Jews.

  6. I’ve been looking at the video’s at Israelly Cool of similar demonstrations in Canada and Australia.

    Is there any country in the ‘West’ where these Fascists and their sympathisers (useful idiots) are not allowed to abuse the rights and freedoms that were hard won by our forefathers?

    Rights and freedoms that they are abusing at our expense, and will use to deny us the same rights and freedoms if they are not stopped.

    • john in cheshire if your post is aimed at me, then Thanks but No Thanks.

      I am a Christian (Church in Wales) But I cannot forget that Christianity has a bad history and poor record when it comes to anti-semitism and Fascism.

  7. Where were the British and European Jews in all this….Some of these Jews were wearing Kaffiahs,but where were the rest….

    Even the Iranians stood up,a few EDL members were there too ……..But no Jews…….

  8. I want to thank you Richard for reports such as yours. Stephen Sizer has just threatened Libel action for a report I published on the Christians for Zion Web site http://www.christiansforzion.com in which I claim that Stephen Sizer aligned himself to Hezbollah at this event. Of course his threat is unreal but it shows the value of your evidence and those like you.
    Thank you again Richard
    Michael Fryer
    Director of Christains for Zion UK