What would it take to make you as happy as this woman?

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Please spend two minutes and 46 seconds in watching the edited extract of a television  interview with the woman who planned and executed a massacre of innocent civilians, most of them children, eleven years ago.

Following the killings, she went to her place of work which happens to have been a television studio, and calmly read the evening news bulletin, starting with a report of the massacre that she herself had perpetrated some hours earlier.

After an intense criminal investigation, she was arrested less than two months later and charged with the murders of fifteen people, along with a host of other felonies.

She was convicted and sentenced to sixteen terms of life imprisonment. But as a result of a controversial and cynical political deal, she was freed (not pardoned) in October 2011 and released to the land of her birth where she has become a major celebrity. Her recent wedding to her cousin, another unjustly freed murderer, received live television coverage and extensive media attention. Not only a celebrity but a hero.

Watch how the woman’s face radiates the joy that comes from recounting how the death toll grew steadily in the hour or so that she spent fleeing the scene via public transport, unhindered by the police. Absorb the message of how members of the public, unaware the murderer was seated beside them, expressed happiness at the deaths of anonymous children. 

Imagine the feelings of the families of the innocents murdered by a person like this as they see her achievements celebrated and honored, as they listen to the prideful boasting of an unrepentant killer whose only regret is that she did not manage to kill more. She has confessed over and again since being allowed out of captivity. There can be absolutely no doubt that her deeds are an inspiration to countless others seeking the glory and vindication that her society has delivered to her.

The video, which went to air in July and has just been translated and edited by MEMRI, is here

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Ahlam Tamimi, a very happy person, lives in complete and unfettered freedom in the Kingdom of Jordan from where she has traveled several times in the ten months since her release to such places as Tunisia, Lebanon and Qatar to give public speeches. She hosts a television program of her own that is broadcast by satellite throughout the Arabic-speaking world. She married her cousin in June. 

Among the fifteen people murdered by her on August 9, 2001 is our daughter Malki who was fifteen years old. A sixteenth victim, the young mother of a two-year old child, has remained in a vegetative state since being injured in the attack.

What should a civilized society do in the wake of this woman’s story?[UPDATE: Please read our follow-up post: “21-Aug-12: What might civilized people be thinking when sociopaths like Tamimi bask in adulation?

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  1. How are we expected to react? I am not shocked that such an animal exists – she, like so many others, is the product of her death cult – but I am delighted that you have posted this, because it evidences the sociopathic lack of empathy or remorse, the skewed emotions, and the complete bastardisation of morality which emanates from Islamist terror. This specimen actually enjoyed what she did – she was probably taught from childhood to hate Jews which made her objectification of her victims more easy – and she, like the similarly sociopathic Samir Kuntar (until he almost got lynched recently), laps up the questionable fame it brought her.

    It also gives the lie that these people are in any way ready to accept a Jewish state, let alone make peace with it.

    I can sympathise with Frimet and Arnold Roth’s anger that such an animal could be freed and is capitalising on the infamy of her evil.

    This wretch is walking, living, smiling, evidence of the need for the mandatory death sentence in Israel for every person found guilty of murder of innocents in terror attacks, and for those who plan them or cause them to happen. Tamimi should have been executed.

    Such people cannot be reasoned with or made concessions to as one might to anyone else. They lack even basic human decency and any leniency is taken advantage of and used to their ends.

    • One can only hope that the Mossad has its plans for her, as it did for those responsible for the Munich Massacre.

    • But there are aspects of this that we ordinary people *can* address. Like for instance asking how the Kingdom of Jordan, with whom the US, the UK and Israel have diplomatic relations, can keep on providing her with a platform and tacit if not explicit approval for what she says and does. Her welcome to the kingdom last October was held inside the Family Court in Amman, just as an instance. Her many interviews and speeches are done under the auspices of national-level organizations and trade unions. Is anyone in Jordan being challenged about the kingdom’s tolerance of this one-person factory for the production of hatred and incitement to new murders? The video evidence provided by her speeches is voluminous. Israel would be buried by criticism and fury if it were doing what Jordan does (or failing to do what Jordan fails to do). What can we do to put some heat on this respected member state of the family of nations?

    • Thanks for the link. There were two comments to the story, which makes it seem as if she is a victim of cruel and unusual punishment: The writer and these two are almost as bad as the woman herself, certain lacking in any moral compass whatsoever. The comments are as incredible as the article itself.

      1 Karin Ryan on October 29, 2011 said:

      Wonderful, Jim. We must help tell the stories of the “un-people” so we can re-establish the universality of human rights. This is beautifully done here.
      2 Patricia Pynchon on October 31, 2011 said:

      It is wonderful to see the photos of what actually happened. How sadistic are the Israelis for separating the couple.
      Strange that the world allows this criminal Occupation to continue. How do he Israelis get away with pushing people off their land, with no compensation.? Is the world mad? Has it no moral principles? I am amazed that this criminal behavior has persisted for so many years. Let us hope the other prisoners will be freed too. The whole situation is an unbeelievable monstrosity.

    • Dexter, thanks for pointing us to Wall’s paean to the murderer. For future reference, and admitting my thin theological awareness, what exactly is it about this James Wall and his worship at the altar of dead Jewish children that qualifies him as a Christian?

        • Thanks to Dexter drawing our attention to what James M. Wall published on his blog last October when we were terribly distracted with trying to endure the Shalit transaction and the unjust freeing of 1,027 terrorists.

          My wife and I blog at thisongoingwar.blogspot.com and have just posted our thoughts there under the title “Theology and sociopaths” It’s at http://thisongoingwar.blogspot.co.il/2012/08/23-aug-12-theology-and-sociopaths.html

          I hope we can count on the help of CIFwatch readers to get the article circulating. We feel people can learn something about Methodist ministers who want us to have a better, more sympathetic understanding of sociopathic child killers.

  2. I am sick of arguing about Islam with people.

    Now I just ask one question; what is there in it that is good.

    This woman proves, conclusively, that there is nothing in Islam but death and hatred and endless emnity.

    • I once asked someone on CiF who said that he was tired of people complaining about Islam because it has lots of good things to name 10 good things about Islam..

      He never replied …..

  3. What a sick bitch Ahlam Tamimi is. If I was a Christian, I could comfort myself by the thought that this vile excuse for a human being would languish in hell-fire for eternity.

    As it is I can only hope that life sends her and her family as much suffering as she has inflicted on others.

  4. Put the blame squarely where it belongs,on the Israeli government that released her.She should have been executed.The people who released her are just as sick as she is………..

  5. She is married to her cousin…..to gather they will pop out more little brain damaged Martyrs into their sick world………..

  6. There is no end to the depravity of these people,and the Western world is in love with them entertains them encourages them and hosts them…….

  7. When will she be going to the EU/UK. on a speaking tour……..The Guardian most probably would love to sponsor that tour…..GHOULS…..

  8. This posting captures in a nutshell what Israel and Jews are facing. No, most Palestinians will not commit the depraved acts that this POS did, nor anything close to it. However, as the Roths point out, there hasn’t been one piece in Arabic, anywhere, that questions her actions. A culture that revels in killing innocent children. This POS (I can’t even utter her name) better watch her step. If she even attempts one action, even minor, the Mossad will be on her in a flash.

  9. Please accept my condolences.

    Concerning Jordan nothing can help, in fact we must worry how long the Royal fences against the anti-Semitic masses will withstand.

    Not to speak of civilised standards in Islamic countries.

    It is a bit off-topic but illustrates the standards even of so called western educated or orientated Arabs, for example the April 6th Youth movement in Egypt, much admired by western medias.

    A comment full of anti-Imperialist conspiracy thinking which centers around Israel

    Under these circumstances how can we expect civilised standards of them?

    • I offer a serious response: unless we are prepared to apply lower standards to the Jordanians (and if we do, then why?), we must do what we can to call them to account. When their king or prime minister turn up at international gatherings, they expect and receive the kind of treatment appropriate to representatives of a government in good standing. They are not Somalia. So let’s make demands of them. If they choose to allow – even to encourage – manifestations of terrorism and racial hatred, then why should they receive treatment better than that given to the representatives of other failed states? Ahlam Tamimi is their acid test. Giving them an exemption is a decision we can take, but it would be shame and a mistake.

      • I understand and appreciate your point, but lower standards are constantly applied concerning such countries. Otherwise it would end diplomatic and economic relations with lot of countries worldwide, shifting into more chaous as we already experience.
        Concerning Jordan weighing the advantages and disadvantages of pressure, it is not a cynical ploy of official Israel to refrain, but real politics bearing in mind the whole frame of securing Israel and to keep up relations, restricted as they are, with an Arab country.
        On the other side the government should support every private initiative going public and adress the world medias to hold countries accountable to standard they usually pay lip service.
        Politics is a cruel business and when it comes to Israel, especially.

        For example I consider the attack on the Syrian reactor the most important nail in the Baath coffin, because Syria didn`t respond.
        So the inner foes ot the regime strengthened and the regime lost credibility of being in the forefront of combatting “zionism”, a crucial source of political legitimation in Arab countries.
        So if Israel calls upon Jordan to treat the woman accordingly instead of letting her appear as murderous tv-star and Jordan would follow the appeal, the credentials of the Royals and moderates in the already deep divided society would be even more spoiled as they are since the treaty with Israel. The political legitimacy in Jordan is already shaky.

        And I suppose that most countries of the West apply similar considerations.

        The problem is many folded, f.e. institutions which could publicly pressurize like the UN, the medias in the west and many human rights NGOs do nothing ot that, but are preoccupied with imagined misdeeds of Israel. Instead of pressing for civilised and accountable standards for countries like Jorda they propagate hypocritical standards

        • Lower standards have been the case for many years as a result of European racism (looking at other cultures as children, stupid, or savages).
          Nowadays this is not the case (still find residues of it) but what replaced it is even worse.
          When Arab leaders are being pushed to answer for some behaviour they often duck the questions by saying this is a cultural thing.
          Often the questions are not being asked because of fear of offending anyone.

          This in efect is giving a green light to such behaviour in the eyes of many Arab and Muslim journalists and is the main reason why no one in main stream media outlets is seriously covering the Anti Semitism in the Arab and Muslim world these days.

        • Adding:
          I know these observations carry nothing of a consolation, only decency and modesty on the Arab side would do, but there we are again, at the question of standards. We must not let ourselves be fooled by tales of western media and politicians, or western standards of behaviour, on the Arab street every killed Jew is feated, on Arab media welcomed, whatever the circumstances are, terror or not. And they don`t call it terror anyway. And that`s why more or less the whole of Islamic and Arab governments is given exemption on standards of conduct, on decent representation, it is vox populi.
          And we will see if and how the Arab spring will develop some, but I doubt it as the given links illustrate.

  10. No doubt BBC/Guardian’s woman of the century…please vote generously…I can very well see this woman going on lecture tours of British universities, schools and colleges and lauded by trade unions, actors and teachers. She to me epitomises 21st century European values.

  11. Mitnaged , first up on the comment thread pretty much sums it up .
    I cannot bring myself to view her videos .
    I would be contributing to her pride ,joy infamy and her revelling in her notoriety . I will not give her that theoretical satisfaction . I don’t need to view to be aware of her ideology and hate.
    I have difficulty reconciling why she still walks the earth , why she is enjoying her life in Jordan and will no doubt go on to spawn a new generation of cut throats .
    The immediate aftermath of Munich was a visceral demonstration to the Arab world that Jewish blood comes at a high price .
    Nothing has changed except a willingness within Israels higher echelons to maintain this edict .
    May it be that common sense prevails and that the qualities that marked out the leadership of the early years of Israel be a reminder and guidance to this generation of politicians and commanders .

  12. Her attitude through out the interview reminds me of the way the Hitler youth behaved and spoke after killing Jews.

    It’s that shine in the eyes and the brain washed attitude.

    What would make me happy?

    Possibly seeing my children succeed in life.

    Any one who shouts Alla W’Akbar after killing someone or while someone they love dies must be insane or has a very sick notion of justice.

    Sadly most of the coverage of the Arab world and the Arab Spring shows just that.

    And if Avrumale is listening can he please highlight to us his thoughts of this interview?

  13. Those that support and revere wretches like Tamimi will be unleashing their own brand of hatred against Israels Bat Sheva dance troupe in Edinburgh next weekend .
    A small group of us will be flying in to show our support and to distribute leaflets .
    Napiers Scottish psc and the psc movement aids and abets the sickness of Tamimi . More so the movement is a repository for antisemites who are able to mask their underlying motives beneath the cover of anti Zionism .
    Tamimi , Napier , bds . It’s one and the same !

  14. Arnold Roth thank you for all you do.
    I know how devastated you are over the loss of your daughter.
    These Islamo Nazis like Ahlam Tamimi have no conscience.

  15. Dexter, James Wall is the equivalent of David Duke.
    Look at his site, not one word about 20,000 Syrians killing each other in the last year.
    He’s obsessed with Israel surrendering to Islamo fascism.

  16. Arnold Roth dont worry, when this Islamo Naz, Ahlam Tamimi leaves this earth, she’s going straight to hell.

  17. Arnold Roth dont worry, when this Islamo Nazi, Ahlam Tamimi leaves this earth, she’s going straight to hell.