Celebrating three years of CiF Watch

CiF Watch is three years old today and though it is hard to believe that the past year has sped by so fast, it is time to take a look at what we have been doing over the past 12 months. 

Our main mission of monitoring the Guardian covered subjects as diverse as Harriet Sherwood’s promotion of the Islamic Jihad ‘baker’ Khader Adnan and other hunger-strikers, the Guardian’s one-sided approach to the detention of Raed Salah in the UK, the Palestinian Authority’s bid for UN recognition and the release of Gilad Shalit in return for over a thousand Palestinian prisoners. 

We took on the Guardian on the subject of Deborah Orr’s infamous ‘chosen people’ trope and introduced our readers to the idiosyncrasies of the Guardian ‘Style Guide’. 

In trying to broaden our remit to providing useful information in order to enable our readers to comment more effectively at the Guardian or elsewhere – as readers requested this time last year – we have tackled the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, the ‘Durban III’ conference, another flotilla and ‘flytilla’ and of course the ever-present Iranian issue.  

We have also provided information on breaking security events – all too often under-reported or ignored by the Guardian – as well as a monthly overview of Guardian coverage of events in Israel. In contrast, our weekly ‘postcard from Israel’, which began in February, tries to show something of Israel beyond the prism of the conflict. 

Our biggest and most intense project of the year was undoubtedly the separate website we established in order to provide advance information about the Global March to Jerusalem

In November of last year Adam took part in the ‘Big Tent for Zionism’ conference in Manchester.

Thanks to you, our readers, we maintain a steady position in the upper portion of the Technocrati  ‘Top 100’ ratings for blogs on world politics.  

So, please raise a glass to the coming year and let us know in the comments what you would like to see on CiF Watch during our fourth year. 

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  1. Hear Hear, and warm felicitations to you!
    Needless to say, over the years, you’ve created a voluminous record of the Guardian’s anti-Israel bias, that delves too frequently, into anti-Semitic tropes.
    Furthermore, the information you had provided about the infamous GMJ(and its offshoots) served poignantly, to inform people of its malign nature.
    Ms. Sela’s exposes on the PSC, as a coven of anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denying activities, unmasked that organization, and others of its ilk, for what they really are.
    In short, we’re beholden!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. “Thanks to you, our readers, we maintain a steady position in the upper portion of the Technocrati ’Top 100′ ratings for blogs on world politics. ”

    In which you are listed as one of the top 10 fallers.

    Not that it matters. At number 9, worryingly, is Pam Geller’s anti-Islam hate site – so perhaps not a great metric given that it is often cited in connection with the increased anti-Muslim violence in the US, with a recent spate of 8 attacks in 11 days on Muslim places of worship in the US.

    • “with a recent spate of 8 attacks in 11 days on Muslim places of worship in the US”

      We can file that under “What CiFWatch won’t cover”

      • Can you read the portion that says:
        “Monitoring and Combating anti-Semitism and the assault on Israel’s legitimacy…”?
        If you don’t like the editorial line, you’re welcome to start your own blog, and cover whatever you like in it.
        Note that the name “Mondoweiss” for it, is already taken.

      • is Pam Geller’s anti-Islam hate site – so perhaps not a great metric given that it is often cited in connection with the increased anti-Muslim violence in the US, with a recent spate of 8 attacks in 11 days on Muslim places of worship in the US.

        And The Guardian allowing it’s clown Berchmans, and other hate sated anti Israel commenters to call Israel ‘(Muslim) Baby Killers’ (with no context), wouldn’t have any effect on anti Semitic attacks on Jews as Jews in the UK or other places in the world either I suppose.

  3. Kol Hakavod to you for your tireless struggle against the Gradian and its follower legions of obsessive, would-be annihilators of Israel and Jews generally. Perhaps you could extend your remit to the Independent which is tirelessly attempting to wrestle the coveted title of ‘Top Israel Hater’ from the aforesaid rag.

  4. Congratulations to Adam and all who work so hard at CiF Watch.
    My sympathies at having to tolerate the torrent of garbage, and nonsense spewed out by the attention seekers e.g. ‘Avram’ , Nat/Avi etc. who take up space and waste time by regurgitating the works of Victor Kattan and his anti-semitic ilk.

  5. As the author of the very first article on CiF Watch – “Lies, Big Lies and Comment is Free” – I am delighted that we have grown and flourished. Long may that continue.

    Congratulations to Adam for his sterling work and to the other contributors

    • I second those comments and sentiments. While in my view the blog does not always hit the high standards it sets itself (who does, right?), I am a big supporter of the mission of CifWatch, and am grateful in particular for the impressive research that goes into many of the articles and investigations which help to arm me and its other readers with knowledge with which to fight the good fight elsewhere.

  6. Its hard to believe its three years and hundreds of articles.

    Unfortunately, the Guardian continues with its crusade against Israel, today highlighting Israel’s so-called “interference in Palestinian affairs” by proposing that the Palestinian Authority actually have an election to choose a new President (gasp!). Hanan Ashrawi called the “interference” (suggestion?) “arrogant” and “racist”.

    So much more arrogant and racist than, say, Britain “interfering” in Libya by causing the sodomizing and death of its leader which the Guardian so cheerfully supported!!

    So I think CiFWatch will still have as long a time ahead of it as it takes for the Guardian to sink into bankruptcy and finally disappear.

    • Actually, I believe that the best way to encourage Palestinians to do anything positive is by paradoxical instruction, ie by insisting that they actually do the OPPOSITE of what we want them to do:

      For example, those of us who are parents have often been faced with a child who refuses to eat its dinner. The least helpful reaction is to cajole or threaten or bribe that child. Far better is to say the equivalent, of, “You sure? OK, I’ll throw it in the bin” – and do so. The child’s reaction will be wails of outrage that it is hungry and it wanted its dinner all along.

      By the same token, Israel should have made statements in strong opposition to the Palestinians wanting to hold elections.

      • Perhaps if you tell them to resist occupation and demand self determination they will just lie down and shut up.

        • Or we could “love bomb” you in posts, couldn’t we, Avram. I’ll bet you wouldn’t be able to cope with that 🙂

          That’d be one way to get shut of you.

      • Good idea, Mitnaged!

        Bibi should say that under no circumstances will he ever agree to negotiate …..

        • Actually, the likes of Abbas would benefit from something like, “OK. Declare your state then. See if we care….” or something like that.

    • Hamas is three Years behind the Aza election. That looks like a classic case of the fascists shafting democracy to further the inevitable caliphate. And to hold an election on time is ‘racist’? Did I miss a meeting? Was this decided in some cave near Bora Bora? Did the 300000 murdered Darfurians ask for elections? Or was their genocide racist? or part of arab colonialism ?
      Role over baby! Your in bed with Assange, and this is your lucky day. Trust me.

  7. Congratulations on what you’ve achieved so far and best wishes for more success.
    Sadly, because for years it was the newspaper of choice for well-meaning Jewish liberals, many continue to subscribe and (because they also depend on the BBC) hear only an incomplete and unsavory account of Israel. Mind you, there are regularly nice heimish podcasts and articles of Jewish interest…
    I wish there was a way we could make Guardian readers aware of what their paper – probably intentionally – doesn’t cover. For instance, I was eager to see The Guardian’s response to the Levy Report. Although I checked the website for several days there was no mention of it. (I don’t know about the print edition – or about whether it’s been discussed more recently.)

  8. Mazal tov to all of you on the team. It’s hard to believe 3 years have gone by already. I remember when you started the blog, I had such a sense of relief that finally someone was going to tackle the Guardian in an organized fashion, and not just with letters to the editor which were largely ignored.

    I also want to thank you for giving me a platform here for my own guest posts, and also for inspiring me with my own blog and also for being an invaluable resource for countering anti-Israel media bias.

    May you go from strength to strength!
    שתלכו מחיל אל חיל!

  9. A sincere thanks, and Kol Hakavod!, to all the CiF Watchers who make this site what it is. Our blog truly is a team effort.

  10. Well done and Happy Anniversary! What did we do before CiF besides plutz? Go from strength to strength and thank you.

    • Fritz,
      You, Roy and Commentary 101 and many others enrich the discourse to a large degree. Your links prove and make substantial points. You prove that humanism and rational discourse will always win the day. As Israel has enriched my life tremendously so you all have added only good things.

  11. Dear Adam,
    You fill a dire void and serve a laudable cause. Anti semitism is on the rise not only in the UK. You educate and inform. And bring dirt bags like ‘Avram’ to light proving our struggle every day.

    Congratulations and bless you and your wife.

  12. Congratulations for bearing witness to the Guardian’s descent into darkness. And congratulations for a lively discourse that has been both informative and entertaining.

  13. CiF Watch does a great job giving the Guardian and it’s supporters and posters heart burn,at the beginning they ignored CiF Watch,now they take notice,and keep referring to Cif Watch… …….Cheers…………

  14. Congratulations to Cifwatch and Adam and the great team. Thanks for your brilliant achievements.

    Let us hope that we don’t have to wait another three years for the Guardian’s demise and thus Cifwatch to have have become redundant.

    • Yes. That is a possibility.

      But other targets will beckon then. The Huffington Post. But they use pre moderation so they would be difficult. But still. Posing a ‘measured response’ as Adam does so well on Guardian piss articles would eat away at the perception that The HuffPost is ‘fair and balanced’. (Which I assume it claims as all radical left media claim. Mind you, right wing media claim it too. I have oft heard ‘Fox News claiming that they give ‘both sides’. The bottom side and the back side.)

      MSNBC doesn’t make that claim but pushes a political agenda with no apologies.

      And, the BBC must not be ignored. CiFWatch, even with a new name, would have lots of prominent targets to ‘deal with’.

      And, after The Guardian disappears, new radical delusional left wing sites will emerge from the primeval bog but they will not have the prestige of a previously proud organ of the rational left to corrupt.

  15. I wish to complain. Since I discovered CifWatch, my performance at work has suffered terribly, as I get caught up in reading, researching and commenting on all your interesting and engaging articles. on behalf of my bosses, please stop publishing this blog immediately!