CiF moderators delete comments noting Guardian’s moral hypocrisy over Trevino Tweet

H/T Margie

The following CiF comment, beneath the line of a post by Guardian Readers’ Editor Chris Elliott’s on the Trevino affair, pointed out the hypocrisy of the outrage over Trevino’s one Tweet, in the context of the Guardian’s licensing of racist extremists who advocate terror. (See AKUS’s take on Elliott’s defense, here)

The comment was deleted by ‘Comment is Free’ moderators, so ‘Henrybrav’ posted it again. It was then deleted without a trace, and ‘Henrybrav‘ informed us that he was put on pre-moderation.

Then, ‘Henrybrav’ re-registered as ‘Bravhenry’ and re-posted the same comment, including text informing readers that he (‘Henrybrav’) had been put on pre-moderation, and that he did not expect his comment (as ‘Bravhenry’) to stay up for long. He also suggested that other commenters should ask the same question.

That comment was quickly deleted, and ‘Bravhenry’ was banned completely.

As you may recall, our August 21st post pointed out that off-topic and quite vicious ad hominem attacks against Josh Trevino (accusing him of advocating murder) beneath the line of his inaugural post at CiF, by the likes of Ali Abunimah and Ben White, were not deleted by CiF moderators.

So, it seems that it is okay for CiF commenters to impute the absolute worst motives to pro-Israel commentators, but forbidden to point out the moral hypocrisy of Guardian editors – which – in its most egregious manifestation – includes legitimizing the voices of Islamist terror.

The Trevino episode continues to demonstrate the Guardian’s true illiberal nature – as well as the boundless hubris and hypocrisy exhibited by their editors.

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  1. And the usual anti-zionist commenters showing up BTL to give a round of applause to the hypocritical purging of Trevino. Mind you, none of them had any radequate reply to the questions posed by Henrybrav or SheketVShalva about the Guardian’s giving a platform to Hamas and co. These readers thus practically admitted to their pseudomoral double standards in matters concerning Israel.

  2. I also had a comment “deleted” by the genius Guardian hallway monitors, citing their “standards”. My post was critical of their self-hating jerk Greenslade and his both dishonest and it turns out, plagiarized piece which carried the usual hyperconcern for murderous terrorists but none for their victims esp. if they’re Israeli.
    Striking that my post which contained no obscenities or ad hominem bashing but just made clear how dishonest and shoddy Greenslade’s piece was nonetheless somehow violated the Guardian’s “community standards”.
    Yet the most vile racist antiSemitic crap from some of their regular is blithely accepted (and acceptable) to them. What a bunch of pathetic excuses for “journalism” the Guardian and its editors have deteriorated into.

    It indeed is amazing to see how twisted and hateful the Guardian’s bigoted editorial agenda continue to be, and even seems to be becoming more dishonest and biased.Their narrative is so distorted and irrational that i honestly have come to believe that they’re sucking off Arab oil money to prop up their failing enterprise. Really is hard to believe that any so-called “journalists”, with even a modicum of intelligence or fairness, could otherwise publish such transparently dishonest biased antiSemitic rubbish so regularly.

  3. Guardian always delete my comments and often ban my account it appears you have to agree with everything the article says.