Israel’s Paralympic Team in London.

(With thanks to BFIWD)

On Sunday, the Israeli Paralympic team arrived at Heathrow Airport for the London Paralympic Games and members of ‘British Friends of Israel War Disabled’ were there to give them a great welcome. BFIWD will also be on hand to help the athletes throughout the games. 

Head over to the BFIWD site for more great photographs and a video of the welcome ceremony at the Paralympic Village.

Good luck, Team Israel! 

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  1. I don’t know if this link will play if you live outside the UK.

    It is a short newsclip about the man regarded as the founder of the Paralympics, and indeed Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Dr. Sir Ludwig Guttmann. A refugee from the Nazis who played a vital role and left a wonderful legacy in the treatment of disabled people.

  2. Pure trolling. Nothing short. Totally irrelevant to the story. Please do not bother responding to this troll.

    • The troll calls itself ‘Sanity’. Haha. Psychopathic antisemites are fond of oxymoronic usernames. It’s a bit like a Palestinian supporter calling himself a ‘peace activist’.

        • Sadly, effendi supporters are generally hate-filled, frothing liars. Thankfully not all Palestinian Arabs wish to be slaves of the effendis any more – they prefer Jewish rule, despite all its faults. How perplexing!

          • This is a disgusting occupation-promoting, ethnic superiority rant. Levick, you’re serious about stopping racism,are you? Well, delete D Callen’s comment, otherwise we know what you’re really about, anti-racism ain’t it.

            • Interesting, Insanity, but Sencar up above talked about who he couldn’t tell if any of the Israelis photographed were Arab Israelis. Apparently because Arab Israelis look different than lock and stock Israelis, correct? And that’s not racist?

              Fool. There’s a reason you only have the respect of sociopaths across the planet… and it’s not because you’re fun to hang around. Those other racists gravitate towards you because you insist to be a victim of the Universal Joo.

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              • “Sencar up above talked about who he couldn’t tell if any of the Israelis photographed were Arab Israelis”

                Actually I was talking about the source of the athletes’ names, not their appearance. It’s hardly racist to note that some names are likely to be Jewish and others Arab.

                  • I have read a few of your contributions, Fritz, but have yet to see one that goes beyond meaningless slogans. I f you are going to post, why not do a little research and add something sensible to the conversation? There are many ultra-Zionists here. Some of them do some work; others, like your good self, just mouth platitudes and abuse.

            • Away and boil yer heid 🙂 after you’ve done that, go and check the public opinion polls – they are widely available on the internet

        • I have yet to hear a Palestinian peace activist respond to any of the 3 peace deals Israel has offered Palestinian leadership since 2000 except to cry and complain about how Israel will still exist as a Jewish state. So to answer your question, No. Palestinian peace activists are not interested in peace; they are interested in bashing anything pro-Israel. This includes world history of nation building states and politicians who support Western advances all over the world.

          In fact, rather than call yourselves peace activists, you should be more honest and call yourselves ignorant bigots.

          • lol, Israel had not once offered a single concession, not once offered the Palestinians their legal entitlements, not one steered clear of demanding humiliating concessions from the Palestinians.

            What’s the Israeli position on the Saudi plan? The plan that gives everything the Israelis *claim* to have offered the Palestinians at Camp David? That’s right, we don’t talk about the Saudi Plan. It even drops the right of return in favour of a “just settlement”.

            We saw in the release of the Palestine papers the depths of the humiliating concessions the Palestinians were offering – all rejected by Israel of course as not meeting their demands.

            • Moron. There is 97% of what the Palestinian leadership wants in terms of land with the additional 3% to be made up in land swaps. Olmert went so far as to offer East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

              Response? Other than crickets is denial!

              Stay insignificant, Avram.

    • Fortunately Levick the brave chose to delete the comment! Like the commitment to free speech on this website. First Amendment, yah!

      Levick, what a guy!

      • It is commonly accepted (even in the good ol’ US of A) that free speech is not an unqualified right. There are limits. Given that your deleted post was entirely off-topic and irrelevant, why should it have been left here? There are plenty of threads on this site where you can engage in a long and bitter argument, but this thread is not the place for it.

  3. Fitting that a Jewish man would found the Paralympics. The regular Olympics are a homage to the “Greek” (Nazi) concept of morality: the strongest and most beautiful are the best. The moral of the Paralympics on the other hand is that even the “invalid” have value – that which looks broken can also be made good..

  4. Thanks Hadar.

    If any Brits fancy getting involved with helping Israeli war disabled, either hosting the guys or helping fund raise (or both), please get in touch.

      • Thanks for that. I’m no expert on names but they look pretty jewish to me. Perhaps it coild have something to do with the notorious under-funding of Arab schools and sports facilities. Or maybe there is just a touch of racism in the selection process.

        • “I’m no expert on names but they look pretty jewish to me.”

          No you’re not. Look again.

          And do you have any sort of ‘proof’ regarding ‘racism in the selection process’? Or do you just enjoy chucking around unfounded and ridiculous allegations?

          Now, can you tell us how many red-haired lesbians of Huguenot descent there are on the British Paralympic team? ‘Cos if there aren’t any, it MUST be racism/homophobia/gingerism – mustn’t it?

        • Well considering Arab Israelis represent Israel in international football, I don’t see why there should be a problem having Arabs in the Paralympic squad, do you? Having had a quick look through the names there, I’d say at least one of the guys is arab – which no doubt means you’ll be rooting for them now, no? :o)

  5. In response to sencar, every group of Israel war disabled we bring over has at least one Druze or Bedouin soldier and a carer, and they are always treated by the entire group as an integral part of that group – i.e., 100% Israeli.

    • Thus far, I seem to be the only one who has recalled how Israel saved the 1968 paralympics by taking them over from Mexico City when it pulled out for some undocumented reason.