Guardian’s beacon of Islamist justice – the crescent moon shines bright on ‘Comment is Free’

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The Guardian’s cartoon, 29 August 2012, Nick Hayes

You’d be forgiven for glossing over The Guardian’s daily cartoon. We usually do.

Today however, something caught our eye.

In the cartoon by Nick Hayes, The Guardian illustrates its interpretation of yesterday’s Israeli court verdict that ruled that Rachel Corrie’s death in 2003 was accidental.

The image, as you can see below, shows a bulldozer with the Israeli flag across its blade, pushing up the earth and in its wake, scooping up and supposedly uprooting or destroying Lady Justice’.

The Guardian, of course, is entitled to its view that Rachel Corrie, defender of terrorists, was Lady Justice in disguise. We would expect no less of their crass and nuance-deficient analysis on the matter.

But what stands out to us is the beacon of light shining through the stormy clouds behind the scene.

The star and crescent is the internationally recognised symbol of Islam, seen in the flags of nations such as Pakistan and Azerbaijan. You know, those guiding lights of human rights, transparency and democracy.

The Islamist party in Gaza, which, to use Guardianista’s language, ‘rejects Israeli occupation and fights for a free Palestine’, is none other than the internationally recognised terrorist organisation, Hamas.

The crescent therefore, taken in context, is an effective endorsement of a terrorist entity; of Hamas.

Nick Hayes and The Guardian may well believe that the Islamist outfit guilty of endless terrorist atrocities, endangering the lives of Palestinians, the relentless murder of Israeli citizens, the subjugation of the Gazan population under an effective dictatorship (when were the next elections due, again?) is a shining beacon of hope casting a light on Lady Justice and the Israeli oppressors – but we implore the common reader to see past this subliminal and disgraceful narrative.

Whatever readers think of Rachel Corrie’s death and of the ongoing Middle East conflict, it is certainly another step to legitimise a terrorist outfit like Hamas. It is a discredit, even to the likes of The Guardian, that this cartoon ever made it past the editors at Comment is Free.

Let’s see what some Guardian commenters said:

“Not too sure about the crescent shining rays of light at this moment in time.” – showmaster

“The reasoning behind the presence of the crescent moon is fairly obvious” –cmnimo

“Though Palestine is benighted and Justice is toppled, the crescent moon of Islam shines like a beacon through the Israeli smokescreen. Not exactly subtle.” –peterNW1

It’s also interesting and distressing to note that when Anders Behring Breivik was sentenced, The Guardian did not run any form of cartoon on the much commented upon injustice (short length) of his sentence.

It’s safe to assume they also did no such thing for the Itamar massacres and never have we seen them do anything of the sort illustrating rocket fire from Gaza landing in Israeli towns. You get the picture.

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  1. Nick Hayes doesn’t like to talk about victims of Palestinian Islamo Nazis.
    Shaked Avraham, a 7 month old baby shot in her swing by a Palestinian gunman.

    The Cohen family of Kfar Darom – a bomb attack on a school bus full of children. 3 children have legs blown off.

    Shalev Shabbat Egosi, the deliberate burning of a 2 year old child.

    Gal Eisenmann, a 5 year old girl killed in a Palestinian homicide bomber.

    Sinai Keinan, a 14 month old killed in a suicide bombing of civilians.

    Avia Malka, 9 months old, killed by Palestinians at a wedding.

    Shoshana Nathanson, 5 months old, horribly injured in a Palestinian suicide attack on children on a bus. Her 3 year old sister Tehilla Nathanson was murdered.

    Noam and Matan Ohayon, two baby boys shot by a brave young Palestinian Islamofascist as they cowered in their bedroom with their mother.

    Shalhevet Pass, a 10 month old deliberately shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist.

    The Shabo family of Itamar – the killing of a mother and her 3 boys in their house.

    Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old shot by brave Islamic fascist heroes as she cowered in her bedroom with her baby brothers.

    Yehuda Shoham, a 5 month old stoned to death.

    How long can the left suport these Arab killers.
    Never forget.
    Dolphinarium disco massacre, 2001
    Sbarro pizzeria massacre, 2001
    Passover suicide bombing, 2002
    Matza restaurant massacre, 2002
    Jerusalem bus 20 massacre, 2002
    Jerusalem bus 2 massacre, 2003
    Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, 2003
    Jerusalem bus 19 massacre, 2004
    Mercaz HaRav school massacre, 2008

    • I love it when you use the term ” Palestinian islamo nazi”, because it shows how much you’ve lost it.

      Please, will you also pray for the souls of the 300 innocent Palestinian children who were killed during Israel’s operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009?

      All children are innocent, no matter their nationality or religion, pal.

    • Ed Frias does not like to talk about victims of the Israeli army.

      300 innocent Palestinian CHILDREN were killed by Israeli forces during their 20-day operation on Gaza in December 2008.

      All children have the right to live, no matter their nationality or religion, pal.

      • Cipora you should blame Hamas terrorists who turned those children’s neighborhoods and homes into ammunition dumps not the IDF. And 300 children did not die in Gaza. According to Btselem and the IDF 89 children. Even Hamas now admits most of the people who died were combatants. I wish nice,concerned humanitarians like you would show as much concern for the children who are being murdered all the time in Syria.

    Murder at a kibbutz
    Jeff Jacoby
    November 14, 2002

    HIS NAME, IT TURNS OUT, is Sirhan Sirhan. Unlike his more famous namesake, who is serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison in California, this Sirhan Sirhan is reportedly a member of the Tanzim, the armed wing of al-Fatah, Yasser Arafat’s faction of the PLO. On Sunday, he entered Kibbutz Metzer in northern Israel and murdered five people.

    He began by shooting Tirtza Damari, who was out for a walk with her boyfriend. Then he killed Yitzhak Drori, the head of the kibbutz secretariat, who had heard the gunshots and rushed over to help. Next he kicked in the door of the Ohayon home, where 34-year-old Revital Ohayon had been reading a bedtime story to her sons Noam, 4, and Matan, 5. He killed her first, riddling her body with bullets as she tried desperately to block the doorway to the children’s bedroom. Then he fired at Noam and Matan, shooting them dead as they cowered in their beds. Matan died with the two pacifiers he liked to take to bed, one to suck on, one to hold. Sirhan escaped into the night.

    Before security officials identified Sirhan and the Tanzim as the killers, another terror group rushed to take credit for the slaughter. “In response to the continued Zionist aggression against our people,” the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade — another al-Fatah subgroup — said in a statement, “one of our martyrs raided the settlement of Metzer. Five Zionists were killed and several wounded by the bullets of the Brigades. We pledge that there will be more martyrdom attacks until the defeat of the occupation forces.”

    It was the usual Palestinian boilerplate, routinely trotted out by those who see heroism in the murder of children. Meanwhile, the official Voice of Palestine Radio aired a report hailing the “operation” in Kibbutz Metzer, which it described as “a colony north of Tulkarm,” an Arab city on the West Bank.

    But Metzer isn’t a “colony” or a “settlement,” and it isn’t in the West Bank. Nor is it populated by hawkish Israeli hardliners. Founded nearly 50 years ago by left-wing immigrants from Argentina, Metzer is located inside Israel proper. It is as well known for its dovish politics as for its friendly ties with neighboring Arabs, many of whom streamed into the kibbutz on Monday to offer condolences. In recent months, Metzer residents had even lobbied against a proposed government security fence out of concern that it would cut through olive groves owned by the nearby Arab village of Qafin.

    Some of Metzer’s doves are trying to convince themselves that their kibbutz was targeted because of its politics. “It was a planned and deliberate attack on the idea of peace,” said Dov Avital, a longtime resident, “because that is what Metzer stands for.”

    It might be comforting to think so. But the raw truth is that the massacre in Metzer was an attack not on the idea of peace, but on the idea of Israel.

    It was no accident that the terrorists’ statement identified Metzer as a “settlement.” To Fatah and the Tanzim, to Arafat and Hamas, every Jewish community in Israel is a “settlement,” not just those located in the territories Israel seized in self-defense during the 1967 Six Day War. When the Palestine Liberation Organization was founded in 1964, it was not in order to create a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, which were then occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively. The PLO’s mission, then as now, was to “liberate” all of Israel, expel the Jews, and replace it with a new Arab state called Palestine.

    It is one of the abiding myths of the Arab-Israel conflict that a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza is the key to peace. But if that were true, peace would have broken out in 2000, when former Prime Minster Ehud Barak proposed a sovereign Palestinian state comprising all of Gaza, virtually all of the West Bank, and half of Jerusalem. Arafat responded to Barak’s offer by launching a new war of terrorism and bloodshed.

    The only surprise is that anyone continues to be surprised. The al-Fatah constitution has long declared that “this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated.” The Arabs have never made a secret of their aspiration.

    A poll on one of the al-Fatah web sites,, asks visitors whether they favor “martyrdom attacks” — that is, terror attacks — (a) within Israel proper, (b) within the 1967 territories only, (c) within both, or (d) not at all. As of midday Wednesday, 6.9 percent of respondents had chosen (a), 12.5 percent (b), and 69.1 percent (c). Only 11.6 percent favored an end to anti-Israel terrorism altogether. (Translation courtesy of the Israel Resource News Agency.)

    It has never been about the 1967 territories. From the maps on its walls to the textbooks in its schools to the broadcasts on its airwaves, the Palestinian Authority, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, has always made clear that it craves much more. Arafat’s war is not for a state in which Arabs can live beside their Jewish neighbors. It is for their Jewish neighbors’ state. For all of it — including Kibbutz Metzer.

    Following the murderous terrorist attack on Kibbutz Metzer in 2002, the PLO cold-bloodedly stated on its official website, “We will continue to strike in any place, targeting their children as well.” Five innocent Israelis, including a mother and her two little boys, were butchered in that attack, all of them, Fatah said, “Zionist colonizers” killed in a “qualitative operation in the settlement of Metzer.”

    Here’s how the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida headlined its coverage: “Five Israelis killed in an attack on the settlement Metzer.” The report continued, “A Palestinian infiltrated the settlement Metzer and opened fire on the settlers.” It is not well known that the Palestinian press frequently refers to towns in Israel, such as Holon and Kiryat Shmona, as “settlements.” Besides implying that all of Israel is an illegitimate colonial outpost, such references clearly are brought to justify the killings and distinguish them from terrorism
    After the Tel Aviv massacre on January 12th 2003, where 2 Palestinian homicide bombers massacred 23 Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv. The PLO web site posted a statement — celebrating the attacks: “With faith in the calling of holy jihad,” it said, “two suicide attackers . . . succeeded this evening to infiltrate the Zionist roadblocks and to enter the heart of Tel Aviv and carried out two consecutive suicide attacks… These suicide attacks caused a large number of fatalities and casualties in the center of the Zionist occupation of our land. We swear before our people that additional suicide operations will occur.” That is a view with which much of Arab opinion concurs., for example, datelined its story on the Tel Aviv attack “Palestine-Israel,” and reported that the bombings had killed “23 Israeli settlers.”


  4. I would really like to know what the image of Hamas is in the minds of Rusbridger & Co. that they praise & protect it.

    Hamas are self-declared genocidal antisemites. But heaven forbid that you should say it btl in cif. They are homophobic probably homocidal. (my spell checker told me homicidal but we knew that already)

    The equality their women have is in terrorism as human bombs where they perform as filthily as the men. Their children’s education is geared towards worship of the terrorists and hatred of Israel and all Jews

    I don’t think that the Guardian is actively antisemitic so what can it be except a sort of obstinate leftish lunacy?

    • I doubt that they have an image of Hamas other than an overblown, fairy-tale one. What concern me is their image of the Jew (oops, sorry, I meant “Zionist”) which they imbue with every bestial attribute but which they deny even to themselves. That is very sick indeed

      And I disagree with you that the G isn’t actively antisemitic – as I said above, its obsessive focus on Israel’s misdeeds cannot be explained in any other way – but it cannot recognise itself as being so, because it is in deep denial

  5. The guardian did in fact comment upon the length of Breivik’s sentence: pointing out that he will probably never get out of prison due to the way Norwegian law reflects upon the level of public risk before releasing prisoners.

    “How long can the left suport these Arab killers.”

    If you mean, how long will we condemn the IDF for killing 10 Palestinians in retribution for every Israeli killed by Hamas/Hezbollah/insert name of psycho group here.. then the answer is forever. The IDF do not get carte blanche to blow up Palestinian civilians just because a bunch of lunatic gansters commit acts of terrorism.

    • What do you think of the fact that said lunatic gangsters use Palestinian civilians as human shields?

  6. very simple. Israel is bulldozing ‘Guardian Justice’ which as you can see is blind.
    To the facts.

  7. When it comes to islam Al-Guardian is like the three monkeys Hear no evil,See no evil, Do no evil And if you try and point out the errors of Al-Guardian your posts are deleted

  8. OT but I have just had an amazing experience!

    I have just heard Israeli entrepreneurship and research into environmentally friendly electric cars praised on the BBC!!

    • Yes – I too heard this – knock me down with a feather etc. A report about an Israeli invention/method which makes the use of electric cars feasible.

      What to do what to do….. ?

      In this case, the irresistable SWP line: israel/evil/colony/delenda est and so on collides with the immoveable force: what can we do to about carbon/death of the planet/running out of oil and so on. Well, blow me down, they reported ‘favourably’ about Israel…

  9. I don’t wish to be pedantic (or not too much) with the Guardian’s alleged cartoonist, Nick Hayes, but the personification of Justice does not wear a blindfold and holds an upright sword not a point-down one. Also he shows no driver in the bulldozer but if there were, then clearly in this depiction he could not see St. Rachel so perhaps he covertly agrees with the Israel court’s findings!

  10. Maybe we should have a whip round and buy rushbridger and the comment is free moderators a subscription to MEMRI tv an afteroon watching the rantings of the islamic nutjobs on MEMRI tv if any of the ones that i have watched is anything to by might waken Al-Guardian up to the reality of what Al-Guardian likes to defend but on the other hand given what passes for reality in the Guardian’s fantasy world Al -Guardian would say MEMRI tv thats faked up by MI6/CIA/MOSSAD in studeos in London/Washington/Tel-Aviv to descredit islam