‘Comment is Free’ contributor claims International Solidarity Movement is “non-violent”.

Radical Chic: ISM members pose with Palestinian terrorists

For much of the Guardian-style far-left media, commentaries – and indeed often straight news reports – serve largely to buttress preconceived ideologically determined conclusions, and often have only a tangential relationship with facts or journalistic context.  

In such a propagandistic paradigm, there is no objective truth as such, only a greater ‘narrative truth’. 

Ami Kaufman’s Aug. 29 ‘Comment is Free’ piece, “For many Israelis, Rachel Corrie was a nuisance“, represents an exquisite example of this phenomenon.

The polemical objective which the +972 founder wanted to achieve was quite predictable: contextualizing Corrie’s death, in 2003, as part of a larger pattern of Israeli intolerance towards political dissent.

Thus, the strap line:

“Since Rachel Corrie’s death, the Israeli establishment has been losing patience with activists of any kind”

In the essay, Kaufman writes:

“The Israeli establishment has less and less patience for activists of any kind of late. As part of the recent government offensive on human rights in Israel, freedom of expression has been hit hard.”

Kaufman, like Chris McGreal and the author(s) of the official Guardian editorial on Corrie’s death, doesn’t even attempt to rationally refute the Israeli court’s decision, question the judge’s reasoning or dispute the evidence or testimony presented at trial.

No, for Kaufman, Israel’s guilt was a foregone conclusion – and the judge’s decision thus represented a “slippery slope” towards the abrogation of civil rights in Israel.

But, Kaufman’s polemic becomes especially risible in his assertion about International Solidarity Movement.

“Corrie, bulldozed to death by a massive D9 Caterpillar on 16 March 2003, was part of an activist group called ISM – International Solidarity Movement. This is a group of international activists who advocate nonviolent demonstrations in the West Bank (and Gaza back then, before the disengagement in 2005) in solidarity with Palestinians opposing the occupation.

A nonviolent movement, you say?

Well, isn’t that what Israelis were always looking for? For their enemies to abandon terror, suicide bombings and rockets and to go down the route of Gandhi?” [Emphasis added]

Of course, the suggestion that ISM is non-violent is beyond parody.

The ISM’s website states that it recognizes “the Palestinian right to resist Israeli violence and occupation via legitimate armed struggle.” [emphasis added]

As I wrote previously, ISM’s activities have included “serving as human shields for terrorist operatives wanted by the Israeli security forces”, and “provid[ing] Palestinian terrorist operatives…with financial, logistic and moral support”.

Paul Larudee, the Northern California head of the ISM, has said that his group “…recognize[s] that violence is necessary and it is permissible for oppressed and occupied people to use armed resistance and we recognize their right to do so.”

Similarly, in a 2002 article, ISM co-founders Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf wrote, “The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics, both non-violent and violent,” adding that “[i]n actuality, nonviolence is not enough…Yes, people will get killed and injured.”

ISM activist Susan Barclay admitted that she worked with representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists originating from UK who had attacked the Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv, in 2003, murdering three people.  The Mike’s Place bombers had, according to an Israeli report, ”forg[ed] links with…members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)”.  

Also, senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Shadi Sukiya was arrested while he was hiding in ISM’s Jenin office and being assisted by two ISM activists.

Just because individual ISM members may not personally fire the weapons which kill and maim Israelis, an organization which aids and abets the Islamist terror groups, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, that intentionally murder innocent Jews is – by definition – a reactionary, anti-peace, pro-violence movement.

No amount of sophistry or doublespeak can obfuscate this painfully obvious fact.

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    • are you a functional illiterate? the ism has advocated armed “resistance” and has given aide and comfort to terrorists

      they are a terrorist org by definition of the usa state dept, germany, france and britain and should be labeled as such

      • Supporting the rights of people to fight against oppression does not make you violent, which is the rather silly claim being made. Would you describe as ‘violent’ a group that defended the right of Jews on the Warszaw Ghetto to fight back against the Nazis?

          • “Yes, if they supported suicide terror against civilians.”

            Violence is only violence if targeted at civilians (by other people)? …This is just getting more hyperbolic with every post.

            Not sure what your link is supposed to prove and it’s supporting text isn’t even written in the roman alphabet.

            • Hallo grumpy. I think you may find that violence is terrorism when directed at civilians
              A less than Grumpy Brit..

              • Well thank you Captain Obvious.

                That is not what is at question here. The question is whether it is correct to refer to people as violent when they have not committed any violent acts. Personally I think it is ludicrous hyperbole.

                • Well then Hitler was the supreme pacifist, as long as he didn’t do anything with his own hands.

                  • There is a certain irony to the thought that a genocidal warmongering maniac cannot be described as ‘violent’, however violent is indeed the characteristic at question here.

                    The article writer disputes the claim that ISM is ‘non-violent’, but whatever their opinions on the rights of others to respond to oppression with violence I have not been presented with any evidence whatsoever that anyone acting as a representative of ISM has ever committed acts of violence which have been sanctioned by said organisation.

    • One may disapprove of ISM’s ideology, but they ARE non-violent.

      The same cannot be said of the Israeli army, whose latest major gig in Gaza caused the death of 1,400 Palestinians, half of them civilians and 300 of them CHILDREN.

      • “Ben”/”Nat”… is that you again?!
        Why do you keep changing monikers?
        What was wrong with your previous ones?
        Exposed too soon, eh? 😉

    • This photo does not represent ISM members.

      It represents Israeli settlers as they prepare to go and attack Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

    • The whole world is talking about how the Government of Israel organized a “trial” to whitewash the soldier responsible for the death of a 23 year old American girl.

      The whole world heard the judge say that the soldier could not have seen the girl even though she was wearing an orange, fluorescent, high visibility jacket.

      The whole world saw that the Israeli army is responsible for the death of a young American girl who was only trying to prevent the illegal demolition of a Palestinian doctor’s house.

      There’s nothing CIF Watch loonies can do against the truth.

      • You are doing again, you are indulging in wild generalisations. Let’s face it “the whole world” has more to worry about than a very unfortunate and equally silly young woman who, having taken quite seriously apparently the ISM leadership’s conclusion that their cause needed “martyrs”, took leave of her senses and hid herself in front of an oncoming bulldozer.

        As well you know, Corrie had a choice NOT to do what she did. She caused her own death and the ISM fed and is still feeding on the publicity.

        So give over do

        • Canabilizing the dead. Very noble of ism, the Arabs also like to do that. Meanwhile Assads children are committing mass slaughter in the tens of thousands. The great humanists on the far Left are eerily silent. The silence of death.

      • Now calm down and try to read this, admittedly long, post and take it in:

        “.. We’re all shocked by the horrifying pictures of Corrie lying on the ground, broken and bleeding. But has anyone ever asked what kind of ghoul would snap pictures rather than rush to her aid or run to get help?

        “Numerous pictures of Corrie standing defiantly in front of an Israeli bulldozer appeared in the media, but upon investigation it transpired that not a single one was from the incident that killed her. Some were taken hours before the fatal incident with a different bulldozer; others were sloppy photoshopped forgeries. Why were there photos after she was injured and not before?

        “Corrie was not the only member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was nearly crushed beneath the bulldozer’s maw that day. Indeed, at least two – “Will and Jenny” – were pulled away by their colleagues at the last second. (Why wasn’t Corrie? See below for possible answers)

        “Immediately after Corrie’s death, several leaders of ISM were interviewed. They didn’t express horror or even sorrow. They spoke of peace soldiers’ sacrifices in battle and the PR benefits of an American woman dying at hands of Israel’s army.

        “The ghoulish photographer was an ISM member who went by the name of “Joe Smith.” His real name: Joseph Carr, a self-proclaimed anarchist who apparently used aliases to travel in and out of Israel and anti-American hotspots like Fallujah, Iraq. His March 17 affidavit immediately after Corrie’s death suggests a narcissist who speaks more about his trauma than Corrie’s death, and an agitprop specialist who had all of the press contacts and numbers readily at hand to launch a press campaign just 30 minutes after her death. Here is an excerpt, as the affidavit appeared on Electronic Intifada:

        ” ‘ I was doing interviews non-stop starting 30 min. after her death, all the way until midnight, and then starting again at 6am and continuing all day today. I literally would never hang up the phone, just switch to an incoming call on call waiting. When I did finally get a second to breathe, I’d have like 30 missed calls.

        ‘ Anyway, it was a bit therapeutic I think, telling the story over and over, and interviews make me feel [as if I was doing something] important [in the aftermath]. All this thing is a media event now, so we must continue a campaign as hard as possible before the new and bigger tragedy, the Iraq war, begins. The few hours I had off last night between midnight and 4am, was spent organizing today’s events, press conferences, live TV/radio interviews, a demonstration and the beginnings of the traditional Palestinian 3-day ceremony…

        ‘ (By the way, I took the pictures you may have seen of her, standing with the megaphone in front of the bulldozer, and the ones of her friends helping her.)..

        Was Corrie some cast member for an ISM production directed by Joe Smith/Carr (who incidentally also showed up several weeks later at the scene of the shooting death of another ISM pawn in Gaza)?

        Corrie’s colleagues gave affidavits and told Newsweek’s Joshua Hammer in a 2003 Mother Jones article that two of them, Jennie and Will, also found themselves under the 50-ton behemoth and were pulled out at the last second. These bulldozers crawled at a snail’s pace of one to five kilometers per hour, certainly enough time for someone to avoid the machine if they wanted to.

        One of the ISM founders, Thom Saffold, admitted to The Washington Post the day after Corrie’s death that “it’s possible they [the protesters] were not as disciplined as we would have liked.”

        Saffold continued with astounding callousness: “But we’re like a peace army. Generals send young men and women off to operations, and some die.”

        Another of ISM’s founders, George Rishmawi, told The San Francisco Chronicle in 2004:

        ” When Palestinians get shot by Israeli soldiers, no one is interested anymore. But if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice…”

        Now all this, added to Adam Shapiro’s and Huwaida Arraf’s statement in 2002 that the ISM cause needed martyrs, would cause any intelligent, reasonable person to question the “peaceful” nature of the ISM.

        I imagine that you would consider yourself intelligent and reasonable? What stops you questioning similarly?
        So what is your problem?

      • Actually, with every post you make, you are making yourself look “loony” because it’s obvious that you have made up your mind without examining provable facts.

        You argue emotionally and in extremes, which detracts from what you say

        You are also tediously repetitive – ditto

        Nothing in any of your posts contributes to the discussion in hand.

        You belong below the line on CiF. Are you posting there too and if not why not?

      • Cipora Julia: “The whole world… against the Jews”

        Tell us something we don’t know, you sanctimonious anti-Semitic fool.

        • Oh, but hardly anti-Semitic, Groovy.
          You remember “Nat”/”Benyamin”, don’t you?
          This is the rebirth of that nuisance. Now with a brand new name attached to it. 😉
          They’ll grow tired of trolling, just like last time, I am sure.

    • Ism are political players in a war zone. Not good for whitey tighty . People get killed. There is no joker card in war.

      • Like any other army in the world, the Israeli army has a duty to protect civilians.

        Ordering a soldier to keep driving a bulldozer even though innocent civilians are all around him, and ordering him to destroy innocent civilians’s houses, has a name: war crime.

        • That’s right. And my name is Big Bird. If you enter a war zone as a idealist motherfucker, don’t be surprised when you get lunched. Screw corrie , screw her dumb parents and screw the ISM.

    • ISM has never killed anyone.

      The same cannot be said of the Israeli army, which was responsible for the death of 1,400 Palestinians during operation cast lead in 2008-2009, half of them CIVILIANS, including 300 CHILDREN.

      • Hamas said that 700-800 of its idiots we’re killed. That is a kill ratio of 1-1. No other army on the planet manages warfare like the boys and girls of the IDF. That ratio in urban combat is unprecedented in history. Had the US Marines gone into Aza many thousands would have died.
        Hamas should count its blessings that they are up against the IDF. The US would have steam roled that dump . And that would have been alright as well.

    • ISM people have never killed anyone.

      If you’re interested in people who kill, are you aware that the Israeli army caused the death of 1,400 Palestinians during its operation in Gaza in December 2008, half of them CIVILIANS, including 300 CHILDREN?

    • Levick got it wrong. This photo seems to show Israeli settlers inside one of the illegal settlements located inside the Palestinian territory in violation of international law.

      • CJ “Levick got it wrong etc”

        How old are you? How do you cope in the real world if this is what you consider to be an adult response? You do know that you have concocted a false narrative – not for the benefit of Palestinians, or any other indigenous group who might be worthy of support, but to create an illusion that what you think and do is ‘heroic’ and actually makes a difference. Unfortunately it doesn’t, it’s nothing more than a self-serving delusion, and really quite pathetic for an adult to indulge in.

    • I do see ISM members jumping for joy that their idiotic policies led to a death that led to “international condemnation” of the State of Israel. Wow, man. Congrats. Who knew a bunch of sociopaths could make such a statement?

    • This photo looks like it was taken in Migron settlement before settler youth were evacuated and repatriated back to Israel.

  1. Yes it is a bit of a barrel scraping exercise. That photo looks horribly contrived. Do we know the western looking pair were ISM. Do they have names ? I

    Do we know the other guys were terrorists. Very iffy.

    They forged links with ISM on the west bank ? Clearly if that is true ( and it is a foreign ministry report after all ) this forging was a strategy of the bombers not ISM. ( or at least there is no contrary evidence.)

    Barclay ” worked ” with ” blah blah

    She makes it perfectly clear that it was in the context of organising a non violent March.

    There may be a great many things ISM can be criticised for, I don’t know that much about them, but please don’t egg the case. You really need to do better Adam.

    • Well commentary it would take a whole month of intensive work to do justice to that spoof. I will content myself with my favourite bit. The guy flies to Israel to infiltrate ISM and as he is walking out of Ben Gurion he is immediately recruited by them. How fortuitous is that ? I wonder why it has never happened to me.

      It does however remind me of the time M16 asked me to go to Moscow to infiltrate the KGB. Througout the flight I fretted about how I was going to do it. I needn’t have worried. As luck would have it as I was leaving the airport this KGB bloke strolled up and recruited me.

    • Funny. I thought suing the State of Israel for negligence over the negligence of the actions of an anti-Israel provocateur was scraping the barrel. Alas, I know not of what I speak. Only you, Rich, can be an authority on scraping the barrel. In that regard, you and the ISM are masters.

  2. Hum well I don’t have time at present to read all that thoroughly but a quick skim read caused a lot of eye brow raising. I will read it properly later.

    There is so much misleading hysteria on here you will understand if people are a bit what shall we call it……

    • It’s not “hysteria”, to expose those which assume the guise of “Humanitarians” solely for the vilification of Israel.
      I am sure, with all our differences, you understand that.

      • I didn’t say everything on here was hysteria but there is a preponderance of it so everything that is published needs, at least initially , to be treated with extreme caution. Like I said I will read it more thoroughly later.

      • It’s much more complex than that, Commentary101, and I am gathering material for a paper on what motivates these idiots to continue to be idiots.

        Far from wanting to help the Palestinians, they seem to need them to be victims. Very sick.

        • Well, you are of course correct.
          But there really aren’t any “genuine” pro-Pal. movements.
          Most never touch on the plight of the Pals. outside of Israeli control.
          The recent “land-tilla” was a case in point; the activists were exposed to Jordanian apartheid policies against the Palestinians. But glossed over it, and cavalierly marched on to protest against Israel.

          • I agree Commentary, which is probably one of the principal reasons that the Palestinian sense of victimhood, having been reinforced, has taken root, and is the main reason why they are stuck in wanting to destroy their Jewish neighbour rather than engaged in thinking about how to build their state.

            And the activists in the latest shambles were firmly defending against the cognitive dissonance caused by witnessing Jordanian apartheid by denying that it was happening.

            That, if nothing else, points up that this isn’t about campaigning for a Palestinian state but about their own hatred of, and wanting to destroy the Jewish one

        • Only demented idiots would think that Israel intended to slaughter the Palestinians, bit like the demented idiots that believe, or write as if they believe, that Antony Loewenstein wants to kill 6 million Jews.

          However I live in hope one day some ” from the river to the sea Israel ” merchant will tell me what the fate and status of the non Jews in what is now the West Bank will be.

        • “I am gathering material for a paper”

          Your topic is an area of great interest to me, Mitnaged. Hopefully, you will let us know if and when you write it.

          I notice from reports of the most recent PSC demo (Scottish division!) that, yet again, there has been an extraordinary exhibition of anger and intimidation/accusation of others – far more than is warrented by the nature of their cause. It’s an anger that seems absent from any discourse relating to any other current event – Syria for example.

    • Another one with delusions of grandeur!

      He assumes that the majority of people share his skewed opinions.

      Your post makes you look as though all that information caused you some discomfort. “I’ll read it later…” is a very transparent and lame excuse.

      Never on CiF Watch have articles deliberately attempted to mislead. I can’t speak for the Avram equivalents below the line here, but the authors of the articles research them well.

      If you feel misled, then it’s probably because of the good old cognitive dissonance that Mitnaged writes about. If that is the case it’s good that you are capable of feeling it.

      • snigger it is a very long piece. Why is I will read more thoroughly later either lame or an excuse ? Some of us need to take time out to go to the loo. Iwill read it in the morning and respond.

    • To guys like you it is quite normal to denounce Jews as hysterical, after so much murdered Jews by terror. You are supporter?

  3. It should be no problem arresting ism people. Then deport them. End of story. Jumping these fools at the next demonstration should not be an issue. Drive them to the border crossing in a d9.

  4. The ISM was actively involved in shielding Ararat during the siege of his compound. Like Corrie they chose a spot in armed conflict shielding the enemy. All else follows……

  5. anothergrumpybrit, what opression?
    Everything Israel does is to stop the mass murdering Palestinians from carrying out their cruel atrocities.
    The Pals who reject all offers of peace, then respond by blowing up Israeli civilians and you take the Arabs side.
    You must be a sick idiot.

    7 Votes

    Supporting the rights of people to fight against oppression does not make you violent, which is the rather silly claim being made. Would you describe as ‘violent’ a group that defended the right of Jews on the Warszaw Ghetto to fight back against the Nazis?

    • It is in your manifesto that tarring all the Jewish people with the same brush is antisemitism – one of the things you oppose.

      I would broadly agree with this, however it seems to me you are very quick to hypocritically tar all Palestinians with the brush ‘terrorist’ and use this to justify their collective punishment.

      Now I do not doubt for a minute that Hamas and Hezbollah, in common with many contemporary or historic groups of ‘freedom fighters’ and many ‘nationalist’ movements have a leadership rife with corruption who double up as extortionists, murderers and gangsters. Many, if not all, of them also propagate vile, hate filled and frequently racist propaganda against their opponents, promote and organise acts that are illegal under international law and that are rightly classed as terrorism. Nor have I any doubt that they abuse their power financially.

      But Hamas’ criminal carelessness with human lives does not justify the IDF responding in kind as though all Palestinians are culpable for terrorism.

      Nor does it legitimise any claim that those who would defend the rights of a people who are faced with such careless violence to defend themselves are themselves ‘violent’ – which is the sort of ludicrous hyperbole this site purports to oppose.

      I am not on ‘the Arab’s side’ (more hints of hypocritical racism there), I am on the side that is fed up with human beings killing each other.

      • fed up
        What`s up with rockets and mortars of Hmas, Islamic Djihad, PFLP and so on, launched out of civilian areas, aimed at civilian areas, a double crime against public international law? What`s up witht the snippers behind stone-throwing chidrens?
        The use of human shields and children is a tactical norm of the Palestinian militant organisations, from Fatah to Hamas. Besides the anti-Semitic indoctrination of the children.
        If you can prevent those terrorist organisatiosn of instrumentalizing children and launching rockets from civilian areas the idf won`t be in a situation where it would endanger the life of children.
        So step forward and do something about that. If not, shut up.

      • As a matter of interest, are there any Palestinians who speak out against the PA’s and Hamas’ attitude towards Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims in Gaza or the West Bank?

        No? Why not?

        You see, I have great difficulty taking any leap of faith demanded of me about people who teach their children to hate me and want to kill me, who willingly allow Islamists to mess with the heads of their children so as to ensure their hatred of me is transmitted down the generations.

        The IDF is hardly culpable if Hamas chooses to embed itself among women and children and store ordnance in mosques, schools and private houses, against international law.

        And why aren’t you holding Hamas and the PA to as high a standard as you insist the IDF adheres to?

        I don’t know or care whether you are on the “Arab side” but you have to admit that your post above smacks of partisanship, even reverse racism, perhaps because you doubt that Palestinians can ever measure up to the same moral standards as its Israeli/Jewish enemy

    • Supporting the rights of people to fight against oppression does not make you violent, which is the rather silly claim being made. Would you describe as ‘violent’ a group that defended the right of Jews on the Warszaw Ghetto to fight back against the Nazis?

      I’m horrified at the looney left hate Israel squad’s comparisons.

      The NAZIS intended the slaughter of all the Jews of Europe in the ‘Final Solution’.

      Are you suggesting that Israel intends to slaughter the Palestinians. IF so, they are making a very bad job of it because since 1948, Palestinians have increased at least 5 fold in number. (Perhaps Assad should give the Israelis a lesson in slaughter).

      • I used the word ‘oppressed’ because I meant ‘oppressed’. Please do not be intellectually dishonest and claim I have to mean ‘exterminated’.

        Yet more absurd hyperbole, something that seems to be astonishingly prevalent round here.

        ‘loony left hate israel’…

        I have criticised the actions of the IDF and condemned the actions of Hamas. What basis do you have for the implication that I hate israel’?

  6. Cipora Julia,
    Nine times more Jewish civilians have been murdered by Palestinians in the West Bank than Palestinians murdered by Jews in the West Bank.
    During the past 11 years, out of 50 Arabs killed by Jewish civilians, 27 were self-evident cases of self-defense against armed Palestinian assailants

    By contrast, the 215 Jews murdered in the West Bank (254 if Gaza is included) involved almost without exception clear-cut circumstances in which Palestinian assailants targeted their victims, often in home invasions involving the slaughter of entire families like the Fogel Massacre, Shefi family massacre, gang assaults on hikers or attacks on civilian vehicles. Other sources, like the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the United Nations (OCHA) confirm the relatively few murders committed by Jews and the much higher number of lethal assaults by Palestinian Arabs.

    • Arabs killing Jews because they are Jews is appalling.

      The opposite situation of Jews killing Arabs because they are Arabs is appalling too. My tax money pays for the education of Jewish Youth in Israel and them killing an Arab because he is an Arab appalls me so much more.

      • A US politician posing with militants who have committed acts of terror?

        Some might say that sends the wrong signal.

        • “Militants”, Meitner?

          You actually don’t know the difference between soldiers of a bona fide army and terrorists now?

          Time for you to leave. You are becoming boring.

        • Avram says, A US politician posing with militants who have committed acts of terror?
          Here’s what it says.
          NY State Senator David Storobin posing with IDF gun and uniform during a visit to Israel.

          If stopping Palestinian mass murderers from murdering Israeli civilians is a war crime, then i’m a war criminal.
          This is the same Avram thats an apologist for Hamas crimes against humanity against Israeli civilians

  7. And to those who deride pretty much any act of resistance against the settler colonial regime – what kind of resistance IS acceptable?

    Violent resistance? Denounced, and we steal more land and expand our colonies.

    Non-violent resistance? Denounced, and we steal more land and expand our colonies.

    Political resistance? Denounced, and we steal more land and expand our colonies.

    • When have the “Palestinians” and their Arab crankers up every employed non-violent resistance? If they have it’s probably belied by their behaviour.

      Give links.

      Or shut up.

      As I said you are becoming boring.

    • The ‘steal more land’ gambit needs to be justified. Bring me facts and figures. You won’t because you can’t.

      As for resistance: discussion will do. You know, negotiation, finding a formula for peace, fixing borders and signing a document that will end ‘the occupation’.

      One would wonder why our pro-Pal pals don’t insist on it too if it weren’t so obvious that peace with Israel is the last thing the Palestinians want. They would lose all their credibility with their Arab brothers and they would have acknowledged Israel’s permanence.

    • I must be an Israel firster because I’m always responding to dimlit bulbs like Avram who have their G-d given right to always upon always whine, bitch, and complain about the State of Israel.

      I’d suggest you look up the term Projection but something tells me that definition will fly over your head.

  8. Avram Meitner, you have repeatedly run Israel-bashing pieces, because Israel has the nerve to try to protect its children and other civilians from the Palestinian terrorists who blow up buses, disco’s, shopping centers and otherwise carry out mass atrocities.

    The so called “suffering of the Palestinian people”. They chose the path they are on when they launched their terrorist campaign in 2000. They must walk down that path.
    3 times in the last 12 years Israel offered the Pals a state, even though no state called Palestine existed in history.
    Israel`s hands are clean. All it has done it protect its people from the
    Pal murderers who hide in amongst their own civilian population.

    Avram believes the world should support the Pals who build bomb factories inside apartment buildings, or strap bomb belts to retarded and disturbed teens, or make promises of 72 virgins to repressed adolecents, bomb supermarkets, or blow up school children while they are watching a play.

    The routine mass-murders and crimes committed by the Palestinians only decreased significantly when Israel goes in Judea and Samaria and started destroying the houses of suicide bombers and of terrorists operatives, and killing the terrorist leaders.
    Proving that these are effective steps.

    One only needs to ask, which side blows up buses full of children and which side targets ringleaders and masterminds?

    • I condemn all acts of terrorism. Whether committed by Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, Russians etc. Can you say the same?

      Israel is not the gatekeeper to Palestinian self determination. Palestinian statehood is not Israel’s to grant. Whilst you may feel it is appropriate for them to beg for scraps from the master’s table whilst the Most Moral Army In The World™ has a boot on their throat, I don’t. Nor do a great many people in this world.

      Children are a particularly precious thing. And I agree that the slaughter of children is the height of barbarism. For those interested in remembering some of the children that have been slaughtered in the conflict:

      • Haven’t noticed you doing so here Meitner and particularly not the latest shelling of southern Israel? More lies from you?

        Palestinian statehood is not Israel’s to grant, yet Abu Bluff said that he would declare it. Realism seems not to be his strong point either, does it?

        Thank heavens the notion was vetoed there’d be another failed Islamist state which drained the coffers of the rest of the world.

        Children are a particularly precious thing, eh?

        Well I hope that we will hear from you condemning the Palestinian Arab habit of consigning their children to Islamists who teach them to want to die and that death by killing Jews is glorious.

            • So you refuse to condemn any actions of the IDF and make the breathtakingly inane and dishonest evasion that condemning any and all Palestinians who endanger the lives of children unnecessarily is.. what… not precise enough?


                • Afraid of what?

                  I fail to see how condemning any and all Palestinians that deliberately endanger children is inadequate, but since you insist so absurdly on me being specific, how about I start with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

                  Now, are you prepared to be critical of the IDF for acts that endanger Palestinian children?

                  • Sure I´m prepared as long as you condemn Hamas and islamic Djihad for using children as war tools.

                    • Interestingly you shy away from concretly condemning, from naming and defining the actions, condemning the misdeeds those Palestinian brought on their children purposfully.
                      So your lip service is not paying.
                      Nobody believes in your sincerity.

                    • Shy away…?

                      I have condemned all palestinians, any and all palestinians, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and you are still trying to accuse me of equivocating? Your crass idiocy is astonishing.

                      I hereby, concretely, without reservation and without any intended equivocation whatsofuckingever condemn any and all Palestinians or organisations of palestinians who needlessly endanger the lives of Palestinian children “using children as war tools'” or any similar wording this fuckwit cares to offer up, including specifically Hamas and Palestinain Islamic Jihad.

                      Your turn you pathetic, evasive twat.

                    • Thanks a lot.
                      I regret all actions of the IDF endangering the life of children due to their use as war tools of Palestinian terrorists and ask the IDF to take all precautions to avoid such situations.

                  • So you equally condemn the Palestinian parents who willingly consign their children to the Hamas death machine and the Palestinian teachers who inculcate that hatred, as well as the governments which make that “a good thing”?

                    Can you confirm that, unequivocally, without excusing these parents’ or teachers’ actions in any way?

      • And I am sure, convinced in fact, that you have other links to Israeli/Jewish children who were killed by Palestinian ‘freedom fighting’ too.

        You expose yourself as the radical left wing type who sees only negativity relating to the ‘Zionist entity’ but, somehow, don’t see the huge negativities in Palestinian behaviour and if they are pointed out, mutter something about ‘victims’, ‘occupation’ and Donald Duck. You never refer to their basic problem which is clearly Islam and the awful value system that generates violent societies, anti-pluralism and deeply ingrained inequality.

  9. Avram, Israel existed 15 centuries before Mohammad was born.
    As Golda Meir brilliantly said, there is no such thing as the “Palestinian” people. They are nothing more than a mixed multitude of unwanted Arabs from every Arab country. Arab expansioninsm is their historic trait. What started as a bunch of tribes out of Arabian peninsula had occupied the whole Middle East and North Africa in the 7th century and forced everyone to convert to Islam. They just can’t live with a fact that anyone would resist their satanic verses religion.

    • “Israel existed 15 centuries before Mohammad was born.”

      As did Canaan before it, and many different entities since.

      “As Golda Meir brilliantly said, there is no such thing as the “Palestinian” people.”

      Oh my gosh that is SO clever. Of course, there was no such thing as the “Jewish People™” before the 19th century either. The point you’re fundamentally missing is that is doesn’t matter. Each Palestinian person has the right to self determination. Even if you call them “Martians”, it is still no less true.

      “They are nothing more than a mixed multitude of unwanted Arabs”

      Congratulations, mendacious dehumanising comments, racism as defined by CiFWatch. Naturally it won’t be deleted, as anti-Arab racism is just fine here.

      Imagine the wails of anti-Semitism if someone had described Jews as “a mixed multitude of unwanted Europeans” – yes that sounds racist doesn’t it.

      Pssst – Ken, your knuckles are dragging!

  10. Avram, what do you think Israel should have done seeing there civilians are being blown to bits by Palestinian suicide bombers who are deliberately targeting Holocaust survivors at Passover Seders, teenagers in pizza parlours, buses, disco’s, cafe’s and restaurants?

    This is not looking good for the fascist Hamas supporter Avram, who opposed Israel going after the murderers in Jenin in 02

    Nazis, Arabs planned Final Solution for pre-state Israel
    Stan Goodenough, April 10th, 2006

    Nazi Germans responding to the pleas of Palestinian Arabs planned to open up a “branch” of the Holocaust in the Land of Israel and exterminate the half-a-million Jews then living in the land in line with Adolph Hitler’s plan to rid mankind of its “Jewish problem.”

    Avram would probably call Hajj Amin Al Husseini a moderate and then say, i condemn all killing.

    Monday, November 25, 2002
    The Hamas advocates Killing Jews, simply for being Jews

    IDF Spoksperson 24 November 2002

    The Iz-Adin Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas, published
    (23 November 2002) a bulletin on their official website, advocating the
    murder of Jews simply for the fact of that they are Jews.

    The bulletin was published to commemerate the anniversary of the death of
    Imad Akal, a senior Hamas official, killed in the Gaza Strip on November 24,
    1993. The bulletin quotes Akal as saying: “We will knock on the doors of
    Heaven with the skulls of the Jews”. The bulletin depicts an axe shattering
    the word “Al-Yahud” (Jews) and splintering the skulls of Jews. The words
    Al-Qassam are engraved on the axe.

    Its amazing that Avram Meiter can support these Terrortinian Islamo fascists.

    Killing Jews is no longer a sport for the Jew haters.
    Now that Jews and Israel can defend themselves, the Falks of the world are outraged Israel defends itself against Islamo fascists.

  13. You can be sure that American Intelligence knows everything there is to know about ISM. Any organization that was anything like what it described in this article would be shut down in American in a New York minute and its leaders would be in Gitmo.

    • Sure it would…
      Just like Ata managed to thrive so well in the US bringing down the towers.
      Or was that an inside job?

      There are many things American intel don’t know.
      I don’t think America knows itself anymore…

  14. As God is my witness I really did try to avoid this conclusion, but, well, so be it. What the world needs is a Cifwatchwatch.. Sigh, so many nut job blog spots, so little time.

  15. In a very strict and narrow sense the ISM is non-violent since none of its members have committed vioent acts (at least none that I know of). However, the point of identifying who they really are was to illustrate their direct connection with terrorists (and violence). Criminal law is well established with the idea that those who harbor or aid criminals who have committed violent acts are themselves subject to criminal prosecution.

    It’s not simply a matter of ISM members expressing verbal support for Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. They’ve clearly given direct aid to terrorists, as in the case of the “Mike’s Place” attack. So, anyone with half a brain understands that ISM is implicated in a broader sense.

  16. Follow the money:

    +972 Magazine – authorized $10,000 in 2011 (and $60,000 in 2012, according to +972)

    +972 is a blog with a narrow spectrum of contributors from the fringe of Israeli discourse. NIF funding for +972 originates with its “Social Justice Fund” (formerly known as the Ford Israel Fund, in partnership with the Ford Foundation) [2]. Justification for support of an English language publication targeting an international audience that promotes vitriolic anti-Israel rhetoric is entirely inconsistent with the stated aims of this funding mechanism: “Supporting activities designed to get the peace process back on track, advance unresolved final status issues; promote broad public discussion and constituencies within Israel for these options; and enhance Israeli’s [sic] knowledge of Palestinian society.”
    On its website, NIF claims that it funds this site because of its “progressive view of domestic issues and Israel’s foreign relations”; in an email to NGO Monitor, NIF stated that “+972 obviously fulfills the criteria of promoting broad public discussion and constituencies.”
    On August 19, 2012, +972 posted a report by former NIF grantee Coalition of Women for Peace, calling for a boycott of the Israeli cosmetics company Ahava. Originally published in April 2012, the report explains that “Who Profits,” a project of Coalition of Women for Peace, was “Initiated with relation to the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel.” [3]
    +972 published a cartoon (“The hater in the sky,” Eli Valley, May 14, 2012) depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping President Barack Obama and eating his limbs.
    A number of +972’s bloggers have invoked the immoral and false “apartheid” analogy. In a February 2012 interview in The Nation, Noam Sheizaf, +972’s editor-in-chief, referred to Jerusalem as an “apartheid city.”

    • Sheizaf is loopy , read what yossi gurvitz has to say. Now that guy is out there. A true communist with intimate knowledge of the Syrian communist party. Some of his posts are so crass that even his co conspirators have distanced themselves. He had a rough time growing up as a hasid and now hates Judaism. A shrink may be a better option for him me thinks.
      I read 972 intensely for about one year. They kind of kept it together at the beginning and then went ape shit. Now they are simply a radical outfit with very few ideas. The fact that they get massive funding from the German Heinrich Boell foundation I find very problematic since it clearly is an anti Zionist website. I find very little in that blog which is mainstream or anywhere near an acceptable Israeli consensus. It is on the far left wing fringe and many of its bloggers work with pro pal outfits. It is no surprise they have to rely on foreign funding. It is English only and is hysterically anti Israel. Very strange.

  17. mr kaufman’s so-called independent blog does not allow free speech this is an email I received from him:
    ami kaufman
    8:22 PM (4 hours ago)

    to me
    i have two kids, you fucking asshole. now get the fuck off my channel.