Former Guardian darling George Galloway “haqs” the Arabs a ‘chainik’

A guest post by AKUS

Arabic: “haq” – the truth (according to British MP George Galloway)

Yiddish: “Hack mir nisht kein chainik” – a polite way of saying “Don’t BS me.”

Well, I never thought that I’d find myself agreeing with the former darling of the Guardian, closet Muslim convert George Galloway.  But in the end, the things some of us have kept on saying for years about the lack of Arab support for the Palestinians and the use made of them as a political tool to defame Israel  have come out into the open from that unlikely source.

For decades we evil Zionists have been pointing out that the Arabs’ love for Palestinians seems to grind to a halt at the borders of Gaza and in the hills of the West Bank of the Jordan. As long as they stay there, or in their townships as UNRWA refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, or as menial laborers in the Gulf States, subject to expulsion at a moment’s notice, support is strong. But to expect the Arab states to do anything meaningful is a waste of time  – for example, to grant the sons, daughters, grandsons and daughters, and great-grandsons and daughters of the original 1948 refugees citizenship or “human rights”.

In his own inimitable way, British MP George Galloway, decided it was time to “haq” about everyone who is against the Syrian regime … and, of course, the world’s greatest sufferers – Palestinians.

MEMRI: British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

Naturally, as usual, what’s happening in Syria is diverted to be all, all, all about Israel, the evil West,  and the Palestinians ….

You’ll look in vain for the Guardian showing this clip of Galloway lambasting Arabs for not supporting Palestine (or Assad).  MEMRI ‘s reports must not be allowed to conflict with the pristine ignorance about the Middle East of the average Guardian reader. George is now an non-person at the Guardian for his bizarre defense of Juliane Assange – over his indictment for rape – and his support for Assad when the Guardian has decided to support the equally murderous, and jihadi-infiltrated, rebels.

One Arab got tired of Galloway’s claims that he and his other Palestinian supporters are stooges of the Saudis, Qatar, the USA, Britain, Israel, etc., etc.,  regarding Syria and Palestine and the accusation that they are not on the side of “haq”.  He walked out.

Of course, Galloway is in this case correct, even if for all the wrong reasons (he wants the evil-doers he names to “reform” themselves and help destroy Israel instead of ignoring the Palestinians’ “plight”). So rather than walking out, the correct answer to Galloway should have been: “‘Haq’ mir nisht kein chainik – stop the BS – you couldn’t care less about the Syrians or Palestinians as long as they get together to destroy Israel and you get votes in Bradford. You use  the word ‘haq’ in the same way as the Soviets used the word ‘pravda’!”

The use of occasional words in Arabic is an interesting trend among those seeking to get “in” with Muslims for political purposes. Anti-Israeli activists like Galloway and Lauren Booth, who converted to Islam, are sprinkling their English with a few words of Arabic to boost their street cred. I doubt that Galloway or Booth could ask the average Palestinian the time of day in Arabic, but he’s all for “haq” and she’s all for “bismillah”.

If you haven’t seen the Booth clip that this is taken from it’s worth watching:

Unlike Jews who toss in a few words of the mamaloschen they heard from their grandparents, these phonies are desperately playing catch-up with the in-group they are trying to join.  I hope Galloway and Booth keep “haqing” away at the Middle East – they certainly make people think twice about the causes they espouse and the truth behind their diatribes.

See also the 2010 CiF Watch video, ‘The lies of Lauren Booth’:

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  1. galloway is representative of all that is wrong about the brit political system, in 06, before congress, he made no bones about the fact that he is open to taking monies from murderous regimes, “for the greater good”. when he attacked congress for doing the same, it was pointed out to him that most congress persons will and have returned monies to those whose positions they disagree with

    he was on the iraqi and iranian payrolls and now he is on the syrian payroll

    he doesnt care about the palis…he uses them to get contributions

    he doesnt care about arabs….he is a con man, engaged in a great long con

    jew hate sells in europe

    • If you were to list British Politicians and ask which one of them represented what is wrong with British politics, GG wouldn’t be even close to the top. He’s a complete anomaly within the system.

      • GG takes the biscuit in every regard. The man’s ego is on par with any Arab despot. His public rimming of saddam and his son (udai ?) are legendary, please see YouTube . Him working for Press TV along with Livingstone are unprecedented in the British political landscape. GG’s wording when holding his Fuehrer speeches in Assad’s Syria (20000 dead and counting ) were another low. That was the second time this bastard flew to Arab dictatorships to laud them infront of large audiences and TV cameras. This man will only get elected in constituencies which are dominated by the UKs Islamist hordes.
        As to him being a ‘closet Muslim’, I tend to agree. He refuses to state anything to the contrary has married Muslim women and is on the payroll of various Islamist and Muslim actors. That the UK’s Muslim sub proletariat vote this man into parliament is hardly surprising. He’d most likely catch an egg anywhere else.

        • The very idea of a secret muslim is ridiculous. You probably think there are fairies at the bottom of your garden.

          • Well it’s hardly a secret, since it’s in the torygraph and many know about it here.
            GG and secret? We’re it culturally acceptable to walk around with ones penis hanging out of your fly GG would be leading from the front. That man’s crass narcissism, as that of Avram Meitner, are self evident.
            GG’s penchant for the company of mass murderer’s and the global Islamist mob makes him a Muslim in nearly every aspect already. It’s not just his faux accent, but also his choice of words and flowery dictionary when speaking to Arab nationalists which are cause for concern. The man effectively goes native when in theatre.
            I encourage the viewing of his speeches in Syria on YouTube.
            I don’t know what it is that keeps narcissists running to the Left?

  2. Now there you go you see. You can’t just make your case. You have to get straight on to your hysterical foot. Why do you have to say ” closet muslim convert ” ? You have no reason to think that. It just makes people ( other than fellow hysterics )think that they won’t bother reading the rest if that is the level it is going to be at.

    Unless of course you are happy to just preach to the choir o))

  3. All that land the arabs have and all that money the arabs got from oil and gas and they couldnt do anything for their palestinian brothers but it makes a high profile target to bash Israel and those of us Jew and non-Jew who believe in Israel’s legitimate right to exsist as a viable country. Anyone who thinks that Those of the likes of Galloway and the loony tunes running around the Arab-islamic world will be satisfied with the demise of Israel should think again its only one further step on islam’s quest for the global islamic caliphate nightmare where islam is inflicted on the rest of humanity weither or not the rest of humanity wants to sink in the sewer of islam and where there is no right to freedom of speech, freedon of thought, freedom of religion, freedom of education for your wives, mothers sisters daughters, freedom to read what books you want etc etc, If we ever get the nightmare of the global islamic caliphate any other non-muslims besides me up for moving to Mars??

    • Oh Joginder, really?

      If you’re going to launch into racist attacks on that many people, you’re supposed to sugar coat your racism, or at least dress it up so the people on this site can run with it.

      • Wants up Avram found someone who’s not interested in buying the damaged goods that is islam i think you will find that i am not the only one and as for so-called racism if i had a pound for every time i have been called osama bin laiden [Beard and Turban in my case equals Sikh not muslim] I could fund my dream holiday Route 66 on my own Harley Davidon motorcycle it all just bounces of me And you should go and read up on Sikh history weve had to take the muslim moguls on for our right to exsist as a people and religion So why dont you go back to Al-Guardian and coment is free where the debates are more suitable to people of your intelectual standards

    • That there is no Arab university or world class hospital to speak of after winning the lottery every 15 minutes for the last 70 years says more about Arab Muslim culture than anything else.
      Plenty of muppets will volunteer for jihad, but to free 50% of their own people is of no interest. How GG can kvetch on about western behaviour and not see what goes on in his adopted culture boggles the mind. Then again he always runs in the biggest dumps in the UK, so I guess he feels at home in a sub standard environment.

  4. Lauren’s blond hair and her prominent behind will go far in the Arab world.
    To which I say ‘Good luck Lauren.’

  5. This is excellent, AKUS, although I question the wisdom of giving yet more publicity to the egregious Galloway – perhaps his paper-thin, ever-hungry ego might explode from the attention though.

    The “poor Palestinians” are doomed indeed if they have to rely on such a one to prosecute their cause and he is sadly typical of those who would use the Palestinian “misery” (mostly of their own making and due to their leaders’ intransigence) to try to feather his own political nest.

    Rich A, Galloway IS a “closet Muslim convert” Unlike the challenged Lauren Booth we heard about it in a less attention-seeking way, didn’t we? He probably converted in order to throw in his lot with his Muslim electorate – it wouldn’t be beyond such a narcissist.

    • Well, you have a point. But I think it is interesting when someone like this reveals what we all know to be true – that the other Arabs only care about the Palestinians when it suits their political purposes. I imagine he gets all the publicity he wants anyway from his eager camp followers.

      They are not as naive as the Europeans.

  6. Galloway is being clever about his conversion. He keeps his Muslim voters guessing, many (all) vote for him thinking he is one of them, while the non-Muslim voters to whom his rhetoric sounds appealing also vote for him, thinking he is one of them! Personally I think being a Muslim politician is a distinct advantage in the West now. You would get all the sympathy, attention, free passes from the press and adulation from the voting public – both Muslim and Christian. As a Jews would love you, you’d get your pockets filled by Arabs and become an unelected spokesperson for the ever increasing Muslim voice on the BBC. Win, win situation…come on George spill the beans…

  7. The really hilarious thing about Galloway’s performance on the video is his fake Arabic accent. Almost pissed myself when I heard it.

    • I always try and put on a Israeli one but I am terrible at accents. I seem to look Israeli though, going by the reactions of the Egyptian secret police.

    • Never Mind the hijab Any san e person would abandon islam why do you think islam has the death penalty for apostates if islam didnt have the death penalty for apostates muslims would be leaving islam in their 1000’s daily