Will the Guardian report rockets fired by Gaza terrorists which destroyed a house in Israel?

The life of Pini Azoulay, of the southern Israeli town of Netivot, 14 km from the Gaza border, was saved when, having awoken (at around 2AM this morning) to the sound of the air raid siren, he ran towards the bathroom which was protected by a concrete ceiling.

The explosion caused by the grad rocket caused severe damage to the house.

Home in Netivot destroyed, this morning, by Palestinian rocket fire

A second rocket landed in an open area in Beersheba, prompting the city’s mayor, Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, to cancel school for more than 40,000 children.

The rocket attacks on Israel today by Palestinians in Gaza resulted in seven injuries; three were hurt while running to bomb shelters after hearing the sirens, while another four suffered shock.

No terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, but reports suggest that terrorists associated with the Global Jihad network were to blame.

So far in 2012, more than 455 rockets fired from Gaza have hit Israel.

This constant barrage of Palestinian terror attacks (by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, Global Jihadists, and others) has been characterized – when reported at all – by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, as “sporadic“.

The blog ‘This Ongoing War does a stellar job reporting the details of this grossly under-reported campaign of terror against Israeli civilians.   

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  1. Another IDF operation is needed in Gaza to remind Hamas there is a price-tag for terrorizing innocent civilians.

    • Andy, are you referring to Israel’s operation Cast Lead, which caused the death of 1,400 Palestinians, half of them civilians- including 300 children – and of 13 Israelis, three of them civilians?

        • Daniel, the way in which you rejoice at the death of 300 innocent CHILDREN makes me want to throw up.

          You violate every Jewish teaching. Shame on you.

        • Daniel, you joy at the death of children and civilians is doing great disservice to CIF Watch. I’m surprised they haven’t banned you yet.

          • Nat – you (again) deliberately distort others’ posts to make a spurious accusation. I don’t see any joy over the death of innocents in Daniel’s post. He is merely expressing a view (with which you are free to disagree and which, by the way, I don’t support) that military action against Gaza is the best way to counteract the constant rocket attacks on Israel’s southern communities.

            Sadly, it is inevitable that in war, innocents (including children)will die, which is horrible. That does not necessarily make all military action an evil thing, though, nor those that propose it evil people.

            • Did you see Daniel’s previous praise of Caterpillar vehicles? Was that just glorification of modern technology?

              I am in general saddened by your apologetics for Daniel’s anti-Arab racism.

              • No, pretz, I didn’t see that. Just the post saying that, after 8,000 rockets, there should be “no more Mr Nice Guy”.

                I think I have been pretty consistent on here in that I will vehemently disagree with racist comments, but also with those who exaggerate/twist others’ words (whether I agree with them or not). That is all I have done here.

                I am, hoever, not afraid to acknowledge when someone makes a good point (or a valid argument) even though I may disagree with them fundamentally on other issues. I have even agreed (on occasion) with Nat, Avram etc, so I can certainly agree with Daniel when he makes a reasonable point.

                • Oh please. You have seen clear-cut racist comments by Daniel before.

                  Why are otherwise reasonable posters like your good self reluctant to categorically condemn the likes of Daniel?

                  • As I say, I have never condoned racist comments, whether they are by Daniel or anyone else, but I don’t subscribe to the opinion that someone must be either a) an abomination whose every word must be wrong or b) a hero whose every post should be recommended to the hilt.

                    I will NOT apologise for retaining an open mind and considering a person’s opinions on the basis of those opinions, and not on the basis of whether they are considered to be a “good guy” or a “bad guy”.

                    Having said that, context does of course count. As I have posted before, “All Jews should leave Germany and go and live in Israel” sounds very different if said by a German neo-nazi than if said by an Israeli minister.

                • What’s your problem? Scared that you might upset the bigots here and thereby besmirch your good name in certain circles??

                  • Ha! My “good name in certain circles”! Nobody here knows who I am! Why would I care what anyone here thinks of me?

                  • I’m a “Blockwart”?

                    @ all CiFW posters: can we please have categorical condemnation of Daniel for this outrageous slur?

                    It’d be nice to see you guys showing your true colours before this idiot is banned once and for all.

                    Come on. Do the right thing.

                  • @ Daniel
                    I picture you standing in front of my door as the Blockwart and telling all who walk past who lives ‘there’.

                    You are one sick fuck.

                  • Oh dear. Very unpleasant indeed and totally reprehensible from Daniel. Sorry if I encouraged this at all, Pretz!

                  • “Der schlimmste Feind im Land, ist und bleibt der Denunziant.”

                    Indeed. And it’s amoral scum like you who’d be the first to betray people.

                  • @ Daniel, please be moderate.
                    Pretzel can be annoying but this is no excuse to depict him as “Blockwart”. Write “idiot” or something else, pretzel is really anything but a Nazi.
                    Concerning Avram, Nat and so on, I`m not so confident.

                  • @ Daniel, on second thought, I recommand to renounce the denunciation of pretzel.
                    It should be beneath you, and certainly is beneath him.

              • The d9 is a very useful weapon for the IDF. It might not go down well in Gutmensch country, but then again they don’t have to live with 8000 missiles.

        • Daniel, can you please let us know how many Israelis were injured or killed by these “8000 missiles”?

          Just curious.

          • Nat,
            It is obvious for the majority of people. But let me spell it out for you.
            After 15554 unguided missiles which make life hell for hundreds of thousands of people I welcome any IDF action in Aza. That 300 kids died during Cast Lead is terrible, but the people gave the Islamofacists and absolute majority and so they sanctioned a course of war with Israel ( war clearly being spelled out in the Hamas charta ). As any rational person on the planet knows , when you pick a fight with Israel you have a very high chance of being beaten on the battle field. When the Palestian electorate love life more than death we will come to an understanding. Until then I will delight in the superiority of the IDF and it’s world class arsenal and the men and women who make this arsenal work. As a side note, you should be happy the Palestians are not fighting the USA. The USA does not go into battle with kit gloves ( see Faludja ). The IDF’s kill ratio of one terrorist for every civilian is unprecedented in the history of urban combat. Any other army would simply flatten Aza. So count your blessings. For alternatives in urban combat I would encourage research on Grozny, Aleppo and Syria in general and of course Lebanon as a whole.

          • You don’t believe in the “8000 missiles?” Since you put quotes around them and all, I’m sure that was meant to be a facetious acceptance of the fact that, on average, more than 3 projectiles a day have been shot into Israel.

            I guess it’s only a missile if someone dies? How is illegally shooting projectiles into Israeli territory an action of peace? Finally, could you post your address so I can show up at your home with my egg launcher?

            You’re far from a peace lover, Gnat. You’re just pathetic.

  2. Why should Al Guardian report war crimes again international law when committed by Palestinians?
    This is a no-go for the editors protecting the supposed innocence of those like their own.

    • I look forward to the day when the Groan’s hack in Israel has a really close call with a missile from Aza. Hopefully a good photograph will be taken of the horror in that persons face as the shrapnel misses them by inches. Could be a game changer.

  3. Only a massive attack resulting in numerous deaths would be reported by the Guardian, and then only because major news organizations elsewhere would have reported it, so they would do it to “go along.”

  4. If a Palestinian trips over a flagstone on the Tel Aviv sea front, Harriet will be racing to the scene from the comforts of her air-conditioned bubble in Jerusalem to inform the world that the flagstones on Tel Aviv pavements are actually Jewish religious settlers from the West Bank who were waiting to ambush a Palestinian.

  5. To those commenting in this thread for whom it applies: If you don’t cease in engaging unhinged Nazi references when critiquing other commenters you will be banned.