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    • You probably know that the German New Year’s greeting “‘nen Guten Rutsch” is apparently derived from Rosh Hashanah!

      • Amazing!

        This year is T.Sh.A.G. (which means 5773).

        The acronym can be translated to:


        Which mean – Hand peace upon the Goyim (non Jews).

        Of course it could mean something entirely different.


        Which means – Smack down the Neuclear (plants).

  1. Oh, those gorgeous Israeli girl singers of the sixtie like Naomi Shemer, Esther Ofarim and Duvidl’s favourite of all, Daliah Lavi singing Dona Dona. Daliah, at 69, after a modelling and film acting career, is still going strong, singing in German, Hebrew, Yiddish and English, but can also throw in a few other languages for good measure.

    Here is Daliah singing a Hebrew classic, “Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)”. Happy New Year:

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