Did the Guardian forget that Nazareth is in Israel?

The Guardian’s  created a data blog titled ‘Anti-Islam film protests – every verified incident‘, Sept. 19.

The graphics detail the 30 protests which have occurred across the world since Sept. 11, and include a map or photo, the city and country, along with a brief description of the protest.

Here’s an example:

Three protest locations stand out, as they don’t list the country.

One such city, listed without noting the country where it’s located, is Jerusalem, which is not surprising given the Guardian’s past problems identifying this city as Israeli.

The disputed Kashmir Valley (administered by India) also does not include the country where it resides.

However, the failure of the Guardian to list the country for the following city is truly baffling, as its status is not, and has never been, in dispute. 

Nazareth, as everybody knows, is located in the Galilee, north of the West Bank and well inside the Green Line.  It’s future status has never been in doubt.

A simple editor’s mistake, you say?

If this error didn’t appear in the Guardian, that would indeed be our assumption, too.

You may want to Tweet the author, Ami Sedghi, and alert her about the curious omission.

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    • “Ami Sedghi is a data researcher for the Guardian”. Good lord – how does someone like that get a job? Or perhaps no-one else would take her?


      19 September 2012 5:37PM

      Thank you @newtroll, Australia has been added. The other suggestions are being verified.

      She “verified” that Nazareth is in Israel and “corrected” a “technical error”.

      It is amazing how frequently they make “technical errors” about Israel – for example, when compiling a list of Nobel Prize winners.

      How dumb and pig-ignorant these people at the Guardian are, or how contemptuous they are about their readership, whom they assume know even less than they do. It is really shocking to see their stupidity in action.

      Sedghi seems to have been unable to “verify” or correct a “technical error” that leaves Jerusalem nowhere in pursuit of the Guardians on-going attempt to move it into “Palestine”.

      In addition, a comment remains, presumably indicating that for “technical reasons” the idiot who put that map together thought Nazareth was Israel’s largest City. its not even its largest Arab city – Umm El Fahm is, and I did not read anything about riots in that predominantly Muslim town, while Arab Nazareth is largely Christian and any riots there were probably part and parcel of the ongoing attempts by Muslims to force Arab Christians out of the ME:


      19 September 2012 3:14PM

      September 15, 2012
      Nazareth, Israel

      100 people demonstrated peacefully in Nazareth, Israel’s largest city

      must be a mistake

    • Nazareth is in Israel indeed.

      However the Guardian could never have located “Jerusalem” in Israel since only West Jerusalem is in Israel. East Jerusalem is in the Palestinian territory.

    • Adam writes that Nazareth is an Israeli city since it’s located “well inside the Green Line”

      Therefore Adam has just officially acknowledged that Ariel, Ma’ale Adunim, Pisgaat Zeev… are located inside the Palestinian territory since they are located well outside the Green Line.

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